Monday, March 26, 2018

Kim Yo-Jong Her Birth Order Unmasks Her


It was the Olympics in South Korea of 2018 that the world got 
their first good look at the younger sister of Kim Jong-Un, the 
dictator of North Korea. This was the first time that a member 
of the ruling Kim dynasty had visited South Korea since the 
Korean War. Although the US media fawned over her 
appearance it is her birth order that will unmask her. It will 
answer why her brother selected her to represent the country 
and play a part in his regime. She is currently the Director of 
the Propaganda and Agitation Department of the Worker’s 
Party of Korea.

Kim Yo-Jong is the daughter of him Jong-il (Blog 3-1-11)
and his wife Ko Yong-Hui, born September 26, 1987.  She and 
her brother Kim Jong-Un (Blog 4-15-13 ) have the same father 
and mother. She and her brother were both in Switzerland at 
the same time studying together from 1996-2000. Their time 
together in a foreign country surly helped their relationship as 
they had to depend on each other.

Her Double Birth Order                                                                                   
In order to get a Double birth order the interval between 
siblings or groups of sibling must be four or more years.   
Kim Yo-Jong has a Five/Only birth order. Looking at her 
siblings show us how this was calculated.

#1 Kim Jong Nam  1971  Mother Mistress Song Hye Rim
#2 Kim Sol Song   1974   Mother Kim Young Suk
                   10 Year Gap
#3/1 Kim Joung Chal  1981  Mother Ko Young Hui
#4/2 Kim Jong-Un   1983  Current dictator
                  4 Year Gap
#5/0 Kim Yo-Jong  1987  (A five is a 2nd level #1)

Birth Order Characteristics of the 5/0
As the fifth child, she starts the birth order series again, 
having characteristics of a firstborn.  This second group 
of birth orders has more muted personality traits then their 
counterparts in the first group.  If the firstborn wants to 
be in charge, the fifth born will not charge right in and 
take over.  They would be content to wait for an opening 
and then an invitation. Her Only birth order will give her 
great strength to carry out any task without needing 
approval.  This is the adult in the room and she would be 
strong but not impulsive.

Characteristics of Kim Jong-Un 2/4 Double Birth Order
The #2 birth order is often referred to as the “middle” child 
as he seems to want to go his own way. This child does not 
want to be told what to do and appears stubborn. This was 
the birth order that Kim Jong-Un shared with his father Kim 
Jong-il and why he was picked to succeed him. This birth 
order number is very competitive and they want to control
their own space.  In his case the country of North Korea. 
They can appear to be a rebel but can cover up this personality 
trait with an outgoing personality.  The four birth order is the 
real baby in the family and their life is centered around fun.  
They are outspoken like a child and appear to be very 
self-centered and their own cheerleader.

 Kim Yo-Jong and Kim Jong-Un
Her brother is lucky to have his sister by his side.  She would 
be the voice of reason and not be impulsive.  He on the other 
hand with his Two/Four double birth order will be much more 
volatile than Kim Yo-Jong.

Future Negotiations with President Donald Trump
President Trump shares the #4 birth order with Kim Jong-Un.  
They both have Double birth orders as Trump is a #1/4 and 
Kim a #2/4.  This childlike impulsive #4 birth order will give 
the two of them a starting point of agreement but Trump’s #1 
birth order will try to overpower Kim’s #2.  This is where we
should hope his sister Kim Yo-Jong influences her brother to 
be reasonable which she could do.  Only time will tell.

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