Sunday, November 21, 2010

Who is Sarah Palin and Why is she so Darn Happy?

Sarah Palin

Order of Birth
It’s time we had a look at Sarah Palin from the perspective of Birth Order.
Sarah Louise Palin was the third child born into the Palin Family. Her brother
Chuck Jr. is the first born and only boy in the family. He now teaches school following
in the footsteps of his father who was both a science teacher and track coach. The second
born was Heather who is working in advertising. Sarah is next and last is Molly who
is a dental hygienist. All the children were less than 2 years apart.

Third Born Characteristics
As a third born Sarah shares many of the traits that make this birth order position so unique. This position does not get into the sibling rivalry that occurs between number one and number two. She is the peace maker in the family and has an instinctive ability to work with large groups of people on a personal level. She can grow up listening to a different drummer than the two older siblings. Seeing the big picture and the human condition is a high priority for this birth order. Nature, music, art and above all a deep religious faith are all part of the third born persona. Laughing on the outside but crying on the inside is the byline for the 3rd born. They display a protective shield to cover their real feelings. In her case it’s her smile and happy attitude which she uses to deflect any criticism. Her series on “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” is just where this number 3 would want prefer to be, deep in the wilds of her state, Alaska.

Why the Critics’ Don’t Get it
Not often does a third born show up in the political arena. They see life so differently from the first borns that crave power and authority over others. They don’t take things personally like the stubborn second borns that will not give in to the firstborns just on
principle. The third born really believes deep in their soul that they can change the world for the better no matter which side of the political spectrum they are on. Their stubborn attitude is not a personal thing. The media has very little experience with number threes and therefore does not understand their altruistic motives.

A Run for the Presidency?
Everyone is speculating if Sarah is going to make a run for President. After she and
John McCain III (a second born) ran in the last election as the maverick couple, everyone has been guessing. We have to go back to 1980 to find a lower birth order that won the presidency over a candidate with a higher birth order. It was the election of Ronald Reagan a second born, beating Jimmy Carter a firstborn. In 1984 Reagan did it again beating Walter Mondale an only/two double birth order. What makes Palin’s bid even more of a long shot is that she is a third born.

Third Born Presidents
Most of our population consists of only, firstborn and second borns. These top three birth orders have trouble trusting in a lower birth order like a number three unless they are special. We have had third born Presidents so it is not out of the question. Our last third born was Dwight Eisenhower the third of six boys. He always appeared upbeat, loved golf and was a painter, all third born traits. (It didn’t hurt that he also was a General during WWII). Our 25th President Theodore Roosevelt Jr., a third born with two older sisters was very much the conservationist and is given credit for establishing our National Park system. A third born we can’t forget was Thomas Jefferson, the oldest son with two older sisters. The author of the Declaration of Independence and our 3rd president. You can’t ignore his vision for the greater good of the people. He died a very poor man as money and power were not his goal. If the country really wants a visionary then they have it in Sarah Palin. It is up to the people to decide if they share her vision

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Royal Wedding for Prince William and Kate Middleton

There was a little lighter news today with the announcement that Prince William
and Kate Middleton will marry next spring or summer. Their eight year relationship
started their first year in college. Prince William is the firstborn and the British press
use to refer to him and his brother Harry as the heir and the spare.Kate is also the
firstborn with a sister Pippa a few years younger and brother James four years
 younger than Pippa.

Kate sounds like a very high achieving firstborn called an A-grade student and
excelled in both hockey and tennis. Being both the student and athlete didn’t give
 sister Pippa much of a chance to “dethrone” her. With these two firstborns getting
together you see one type of “Love at first sight” as they both share a number one
birth order.  They both see a mirror image of themselves. The problem here is that
they both will have a problem admitting to each other that they made a mistake.
They also may both want to lead so someone is going to find themselves number two.
This may be easier for the Royals as one can be King and the other Queen.

This marriage may be one of equals not like the marriage of Charles and Diana.
This was a difficult marriage that we all saw fall apart in the public media. Charles
a firstborn married Diana a 3/1 double birth order. She had two sisters more than
4 years older then herself and her younger brother. This created a family within a
family and another type of Double birth order. Diana had two very distinct
personalities both a sensitive caring number three and a want to be in charge number
one. If you look back on her life you will see these two sides to her personality.

The most interesting side of the William and Kate union will be her little brother
James. He carries the Double birth order of a Three/Only. I predict a lot of drama
here that the Royals will be trying to tone down and cover up. Already he is being
investigated by the Financial Services Authority into an investment company where
he works. His previous experience was running a cake making company.He now is
development manager for a company that buys rain forest land for clients who in return
receive carbon credits to trade on the global market. The future headlines will be
interesting for the future King of England’s brother-in–law.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Charles Rangel his Double Birth Order and why he won’t Step Down

Serving his 20th term in the House of Representatives (was just reelected) he is the fourth-
longest serving Democrat in the House. Chairman of numerous powerful committees he
exerts a lot of power. He now faces 13 counts of charges that he violated House rules.

He dropped out of school in 1947, sold shoes and drifted about until he enlisted in
the U.S.Army. It was in the army, stationed in Korea, that he showed his inner strength.
During the battle of Kunu-ri despite shrapnel wounds, he led 40 of his comrades for
three days behind enemy lines rather than surrender. After the army he went back to school and in record time completed a four year degree. In 1960 he obtained his Law Degree from St. John’s University.

Just who is Charles B. Rangel? Born June 11th 1930 in New York City to Blanche Mary
Wharton, she eloped with his father a Puerto Rican immigrant who was working as a
handyman for the Wharton family. Three years later when she was 19 years old Charles
older brother Ralph was born. It was seven years later that Charles was born but by then
his eldest brother had been taken to live with relatives and was rarely around. Frances his
sister was born three years later but would also be raised by relatives. The probable
reason for the children leaving the house was that his father was abusive and left the
family when Charles was six years old. Charles was very close to his mother.

.Finding his “Real” birth order takes a little detective work. With a brother 7yrs older
Charles was second born but raised as an only child. This would make him a two/only
Double birth order. With the birth of his sister he became a 2/1 Double birth order as he
was then the oldest in this second family. His sister was three years younger. After she
left to live with relatives he was back to being a two/only for the rest of his formative
years. The two/only birth order wants to be in total control of his life and doesn’t want
anyone to tell him what to do. He will not give up easily and as a two/only he has a sense
that he is a Prince and is not subject to the rules. This is probably the reason that his
conduct has been under investigation for over two years. This ordeal is not easy for him
for this birth order does like others seeing the personal side of their life. Time will give
us the final answer but you can count on him to not go quietly.

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Congressman Paul Ryan

                                                       Congressman Paul Ryan

One of the rising stars of the Republican Party is Paul Ryan from Wisconsin.
He made an historical television appearance when he and other Republicans were invited
to the White House for a discussion on the Health Care Bill. Ryan came prepared
with the 2000 plus pages of the bill and notes about many of it’s polices. The interesting
exchange between himself and the President fell just slightly short of confrontation.
If we look at his birth order we find he is a Four/Only. The youngest, of his three
older siblings is five years older them himself. His father died when he was 16 years
old and he was the last one living at home with his mother. As he said, “It was just the
two of us, since my siblings were off in college.” As the fourth born he was the true
baby in the family but since he spent so many years home alone with his mother
he added the power of the Only child to his birth order.
He realized early in life that you have to work for whatever you want. As the baby in the
family this is a very unusual position for the fourth born with no older siblings to help
him. All the added power and characteristics of the Only child was a great benefit.
.He is well liked and that goes along with his fourth born characteristics but he can also
be in your face having no fear of those older or those in power. This is what he gets from
the Only side of his Double Birth Order. Look for further confrontations as he can make
those in power very uncomfortable. He may be one of the younger congressmen but
don’t be fooled by his age. We should be seeing a lot more of him in the future.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

How do you get a Double Birth Order?

It seems that I need to back up a little and explain just exactly how one gets a Double Birth order and just how it affects their birth order number.

If there are four years between siblings both above them and below them, these people
carry the Only birth order along with their number of birth. The addition of the Only
birth order adds power to their own birth order and increases all its characteristics.

If a First born thinks they are always right, then a One/Only really knows he is right and
doesn’t feel he has to defend his position as he knows he is right. If a second born does
not want to be told what to do, then a Two /Only is an immovable object. As we go down the birth order line the Only birth order characteristics are farther apart from that of
the lower birth order numbers.and the “two” personalities of the person become more
evident to those around them.

Why does this Double birth order phenomenon occur? This child is raised like an Only child when the four year separation occurs. They get a lot of parenting and gain lots
of self confidence, just like an Only child can be a miniature adult these Double birth orders also have little fear of adults and authority figures.

These are the typical four birth orders that can pick up the Only to make them a Double Birth Order.

1/0 4yr 2/0 4yr 3/0 4yr 4/0

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Why President Obama will not admit a mistake and change course.

Will President Obama admit he made a mistake? After the crushing defeat of the
Democrats in the mid-term election many have made the case that it was Obama’s
Health Care Plan they the public was against that made for their defeat. Why is it then
that President Obama and many of the other Democrats are not counting it as an influence on the election. That’s an easy question to answer. A very strong First born trait is the inability to admit they are wrong. This trait goes to their very core as they have always been expected to be perfect. If they admit they are wrong they feel a little less sure of themselves and feel defeated. This is something they cannot let happen. If
he uses the excuse that it was all about jobs and not health care then George Bush was at
fault not him. Have we seen him use this excuse before? Being a Double Birth order as a One/Only this makes the trait even stronger. This is why any apology he has will not sound sincere as he takes everything very personally.

Will he change course because of the election and poll results. Not a chance, as it would mean he was wrong. He can never be wrong. Why then did former President Clinton change course after his first two years as President? Bill Clinton is also a Double Birth order as an Only /One not a One/Only. The distinction is there are only 5 years between President Obama and his younger sister, but 10 years between Bill Clinton and his brother. This makes Clinton more of an Only than a number One. Only children can see the whole picture better and have a strong belief in themselves so making a mistake does not shake them to the core as it does with as number One. An Only really believes in his
excuses but a number one just uses them for defense.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pelosi & Boehner House Speakers

Much is going on in the world of politics after the mid-term elections.
 Speaker Pelosi will be stepping down from the Speakers post and will
most likely be followed by John Boehner. You might think that these
two people have nothing in common but let’s take a look at their birth

 Nancy Pelosi
 Nancy Pelosi was the youngest of six children in her family. Although
I have been unable to find all their dates of birth with a family that size
I would guess they were all just a few years apart. This makes Nancy a
second level #2 birth order. The traits of this birth order shows someone
that does not like to be told what to do. When confronted they will not
back down but would be a master at getting others to support their position.
Support is the word as a number two is not likely to tell someone but
convince them of their position. Guess we could see that in the passing
of the Obama health care plan.

John Boehner
John Boehner is a second born with an older brother. An athlete playing
football he comes from a family of twelve and really had to try harder to
get where he is today. Like Nancy Pelosi he will not be one to back down
on his agenda and will convince his colleagues into supporting his position.
We have changed parties but not the intensity of the political process.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Double BirthOrder

Now that the mid-term election is over don't look for President Obama to change direction.  He has a double
birth order of a 1/0 (One/only) just like George Bush and people with this double birth order are very strong
and do not change their views easily. The mid-term elections showed the poeple didn't like the views of this
One/Only anymore than the last President. One a liberal and the other a conservatve but both with One/Only birth orders.

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