Monday, November 15, 2010

Charles Rangel his Double Birth Order and why he won’t Step Down

Serving his 20th term in the House of Representatives (was just reelected) he is the fourth-
longest serving Democrat in the House. Chairman of numerous powerful committees he
exerts a lot of power. He now faces 13 counts of charges that he violated House rules.

He dropped out of school in 1947, sold shoes and drifted about until he enlisted in
the U.S.Army. It was in the army, stationed in Korea, that he showed his inner strength.
During the battle of Kunu-ri despite shrapnel wounds, he led 40 of his comrades for
three days behind enemy lines rather than surrender. After the army he went back to school and in record time completed a four year degree. In 1960 he obtained his Law Degree from St. John’s University.

Just who is Charles B. Rangel? Born June 11th 1930 in New York City to Blanche Mary
Wharton, she eloped with his father a Puerto Rican immigrant who was working as a
handyman for the Wharton family. Three years later when she was 19 years old Charles
older brother Ralph was born. It was seven years later that Charles was born but by then
his eldest brother had been taken to live with relatives and was rarely around. Frances his
sister was born three years later but would also be raised by relatives. The probable
reason for the children leaving the house was that his father was abusive and left the
family when Charles was six years old. Charles was very close to his mother.

.Finding his “Real” birth order takes a little detective work. With a brother 7yrs older
Charles was second born but raised as an only child. This would make him a two/only
Double birth order. With the birth of his sister he became a 2/1 Double birth order as he
was then the oldest in this second family. His sister was three years younger. After she
left to live with relatives he was back to being a two/only for the rest of his formative
years. The two/only birth order wants to be in total control of his life and doesn’t want
anyone to tell him what to do. He will not give up easily and as a two/only he has a sense
that he is a Prince and is not subject to the rules. This is probably the reason that his
conduct has been under investigation for over two years. This ordeal is not easy for him
for this birth order does like others seeing the personal side of their life. Time will give
us the final answer but you can count on him to not go quietly.

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Congressman Paul Ryan

                                                       Congressman Paul Ryan

One of the rising stars of the Republican Party is Paul Ryan from Wisconsin.
He made an historical television appearance when he and other Republicans were invited
to the White House for a discussion on the Health Care Bill. Ryan came prepared
with the 2000 plus pages of the bill and notes about many of it’s polices. The interesting
exchange between himself and the President fell just slightly short of confrontation.
If we look at his birth order we find he is a Four/Only. The youngest, of his three
older siblings is five years older them himself. His father died when he was 16 years
old and he was the last one living at home with his mother. As he said, “It was just the
two of us, since my siblings were off in college.” As the fourth born he was the true
baby in the family but since he spent so many years home alone with his mother
he added the power of the Only child to his birth order.
He realized early in life that you have to work for whatever you want. As the baby in the
family this is a very unusual position for the fourth born with no older siblings to help
him. All the added power and characteristics of the Only child was a great benefit.
.He is well liked and that goes along with his fourth born characteristics but he can also
be in your face having no fear of those older or those in power. This is what he gets from
the Only side of his Double Birth Order. Look for further confrontations as he can make
those in power very uncomfortable. He may be one of the younger congressmen but
don’t be fooled by his age. We should be seeing a lot more of him in the future.

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