Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hillary Clinton: Unmasking Her Personality with Birth Order

One of the unique tools that Birth Order gives us is the ability to unmask someone’s personality.  Every birth order has a set of characteristics that are molded by their interactions, usually with other siblings. Unique to the firstborn is their interaction with parents. They usually imitate many traits of the most powerful parent. Each birth order can develop both positive and negative personality traits.
Hillary is the firstborn in her family followed by her brother Hugh Jr. 3yrs younger and her brother Tony 6yrs later. Firstborns hold themselves up to a very high standard as their parents see them as an extension of themselves, and the firstborn does not want to disappoint them.  Control of others is the central feature either by power over others or showing them kindness and service to make them dependent, thereby control by the firstborn. They also feel they should not make any mistakes. In politics it may mean they will take both sides of an issue, one will be right.
Hillary’s Parents
Her father Hugh Rodham was a small textile supply owner. He was a son of Welsh immigrants a sullen, tight-fisted, contrarian.  He would often exaggerate about his own accomplishments. Appearances were important and he always drove a new Lincoln or Cadillac. Hillary was his princess. He encouraged her to play baseball, football and basketball. She in turn tried to bring home good grades.  Carl Bernstein’s, 2007 A Woman In Charge, describes him as a sour, unfulfilled man who was relentless in demeaning sarcasm and the family silently accepted his humiliation and the verbal abuse of their mother. He was the power in the family that Hillary would have tried to emulate. Hugh had great difficulty in expressing pride or affection. Hillary’s mother, Dorothy, was constantly belittled by Hugh. Jerry Oppenheimer in his book on the Clintons written over a decade ago described Dorothy as a person that wasn’t happy unless she was mad at someone. She was Hugh’s secretary for five years before she agreed to marry him. A person to hold grudges, was greedy and used anti-Semitic slurs. Her youngest son Tony said she hated housework and cooking, she took every opportunity to go out to dinner. Hillary would certainly have picked up some of these traits as well as those of her father.
The Family
The Rodham’s as a family were a little bit of an odd duck in their suburban neighborhood.  Because of Hugh’s personality they rarely interacted with their neighbors. No one in the family could measure up in the eyes of Hugh but Hillary got a pass as Daddy’s favorite.  He did instill a sense of family in them but they were secretive and close knit. Hugh, the former drill instructor, ran the family like a boot camp.  Challenging them at every opportunity preparing them for life.  He trusted no one and felt there should be no restrictions on how far Hillary could rise, even though she was a woman.  In spite of Hugh’s bulling the family did develop a closeness.  To this day they all look out for and help each other.  The entire family accompanied Bill and Hillary to Acapulco on their honeymoon.  Later they moved to Arkansas to be closer to Hillary and their first grandchild. The younger boys Hugh Jr. and Tony have never really gotten their lives together. The early pressure by their father surely took its toll.
Hillary Unmasked
We can now see why Hillary has difficulty portraying sweetness and warmth. She got little of this as a child.  Her mimicking the personality traits of her father and some of her mother’s shows her to be a survivor.  Her parents prepared her well as she has been the wife of a President, US Senator and Secretary of State. Now she is running for President of the USA. She can handle the worst of the critics but does not trust anyone outside her inner circle. She would love to have control over the media and her message. Money is her measure of self-worth and power and she has shown that she and Bill are very good at increasing their net worth. She was raised as a fighter and this is why it is not easy for her to show a tender emotional side in order to connect with the public.  She is more than up to the challenge of a Presidential campaign.  

Update 9-13-17
Hillary has come out with her latest book  What Happened . It shows her birth order again as the #1 that can't stand to admit she failed to accomplish her goal.  To a firstborn it strikes to their very core. She needs to read this blog and let her know its ok to fail sometimes.

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