Saturday, April 19, 2014

Putin and Obama a matter of Birth Order?

Making the headlines this year has been the Soviet
President Vladimir Putin.  Is it his desire to annex more
of the Ukraine and restore the territory lost to the Soviet
Union after the collapse of Communism in 1991?
Can we predict the response by President Barak 
Obama to Putin’s actions? Who has the stronger 
personality? How these two men operate is a 
function of their birth orders. Those of you that have 
been reading this blog understand the difference 
between the various types of Double Birth orders. 
For those who don’t here is a brief review.

Double Birth Orders
Double Birth orders occur when there is a gap in sibling
births of at least 4 years.  The greater the gap, the more
the person acts like an Only birth order and less like his
ordinal number at birth.  The addition of the Only birth
order amplifies, intensifies, and magnifies all the
personality characteristics of their ordinal birth number.

Finding the True Birth Order
Just knowing your number in the line of children at
birth is not enough to find your birth order. Spacing 
of siblings, the death of older siblings and living
arrangements are just a few factors you must consider
to find your “True” or functional birth order.

Who is Vladimir Putin
Born October 7, 1952 the third birth to his father
Vladimir (1911-1999) who served in the submarine
fleet and later the NKVD or secret police and his
mother Maria (1911-1998) a factory worker.  His
older brothers were born in the 30’s, 15 to 20
years before young Vladimir.  His first brother
died within a few months of birth but the next
brother died from diphtheria maybe during the
siege of Leningrad in WWII.  Much of Putin’s family
history has been erased or is unavailable.  His years
in the KGB or secret service may be the reason.
This death of his older brothers and the stress
on the family during the almost 3 years of the siege
must have been overwhelming. Over 641,000
people starved to death while Hitler’s Army
surrounded the town. Vladimir was born 8 years
after the siege when his mother was 41yrs old.  This
child would be treasured and given everything they
wanted. He may have been raised as a spoiled Only
child. The information about him being a bully and  
a troublesome student fits with this assessment.
Team sports would not hold much interest to an
Only child. The sport of Judo took his interest and
his coach Anatoly Rakhin trained him for 15yrs.  

Putin an Only/Three Birth Order  
Because of the 15 to 20 year age difference between
Putin and his deceased two older brothers make him
a Only/Three Double birth order.  95% an Only and 5%
a Three. This person feels that he deserves things. 
Maybe that is why when his parents won a car in a
lottery while Putin was in college, they gave him the car.
This made him the only student at Leningrad University
who owned his own car. This Only/Three would see the
world revolving around him not others. Only’s like to
make their own rules. His handpicked President Dmitry
Medvedev had the legislature increase the term of
President from 4 to 6 yrs before Putin ran for a second
term as President. Only’s are the adult in the room
and show little fear of others.  His Three characteristics
make him feel like he understands people. He worked
in the KGB section on human relations.  He really thinks
he knows how people react. There is a certain level of
“look at me” with this double birth order and it may
explain why we have seen him in videos always with
an athletic macho scenario.

 Obama The One/Only
This double birth order occurs when after the firstborn
there is a gap of four or more years until the next 
sibling. This is the case for Barack Obama, who has 
a half-sister five years younger. This would give him 
a 50% Only and 50% One Double birth order. People 
with this double birth order have great difficulty 
admitting they are wrong. That’s the One side telling 
them they have to be right all the time.  Because of 
this trait they may postpone making a firm decision 
just in case it may be wrong. Some say his leadership 
style is “Leading from behind”. The Only side of this 
birth order gives him the power to hold fast to his 
position and finds it extremely difficult to ever admit 
a mistake. This double birth order can be a leader if 
they can get over the difficulty of trying not to be 
perfect and accept making an error a time or two.

Who is Stronger and the Obama Response
The answer to our question is that Putin is stronger
than Obama. 95% Only to 50% Only. Putin is not afraid
to make a mistake whereas Obama can be paralyzed
with inaction.  Look to the future with Putin doing all he
can to gain back territory that was lost after the collapse
of the USSR. Only’s don’t like to share and he watched
as a KGB officer the brake up of the USSR.  He may
want his country “whole” again. He will also confuse
the message using the Three characteristics of his birth
order to manipulate where he can’t win by force.

 If you would like find out the birth order of other leaders
and those that carry the 3/0 or 0/3 birth orders look no
further than my book: Life’s Fingerprint: How Birth 
Order Affects Your Path Throughout Life by Dr. Robert 
V.V. Hurst.