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Unmasking Benjamin Netanyahu a look at his Birth Order

Benjamin Netanyahu has moved center stage in the world as 
Israel fights the terrorist group Hamas that threatens to destroy 
Israel.The first Israeli Prime Minister to be born in Israel he 
has held this position three times, in1996, 2009, and 2013. How does his  personality affect the decisions he has to make for his country and himself? Understanding his birth order is the key.  
Growing up Netanyahu
The Netanyahu family has deep roots in Israel, his Grandfather 
was a Zionist activist and his mother was born in a part of 
Palestine that would eventually become Israel. Benjamin was 
born in 1949 the second of three boys.  Older brother Yonatan, 
1946 was killed in 1976 in Uganda during Operation Entebbe.  
His youngest brother Iddo born in 1952 is a radiologist and 
writer. All the boys spent their early years in Israel but lived 
in the United States from 1956-58 and 1963-67 when their 
father worked at Cornell as a history professor. Benjamin 
graduated from Cheltenham High School in Philadelphia.   
All the brothers served in the Sayeret Matkal a special forces
unit of the Israeli army.

Changing Birth Orders from # 2 to # 1
Born the second of two boys he has all the characteristics of a
second born. They have an outgoing personality, very 
competitive and they want to control their own space.  This 
is the trait of “don’t tell me what to do” that gives #2 the 
stubborn label. He can appear charming until someone pushes 
that button and then they are up against a very formidable 
opponent. Second borns are rarely world leaders as they do 
not feel the need to tell others what to do but like the behind 
the scene support role.  In his case the death of his brother 
elevated him to the firstborn position in the family. Now he 
has to act the role of leader and protector but has the second 
born trait of holding his position. Much like Ronald Reagan 
who also had an older brother. The #2 has a very clear picture 
of right and wrong and will not change sides to serve political 
ends. Bibi has a vision for Israel that he is going to defend her 
right to survive no matter the cost.

Family and Marriages
Benjamin comes from a family of all boys. Women are
difficult for him to understand as he had no sisters.
This is a blind spot for him but he remains curious. A #2
birth order will be secretive about his personal life. As
an elevated #1 and in politics he becomes a very attractive
man to many women. Bibi has been married three times.
While his first wife was pregnant he was having an affair
with his future second wife. With his third wife he had
two sons. During this marriage he confessed on television to
having an affair with his public relations adviser when
video tapes were about to be released.  All this passed and he
and repaired his marriage.  After this information emerged
of a 20 year “friendship” with a married Italian-American
woman. This is defiantly a reoccurring issue for Bibi.

Political Career
Now that we know his real birth order let’s see how it relates
to his actions as a politician. In his first term as Prime Minister
he signed the Wye River Memorandum with Yasser Arafat in
1998. He emphasized the “three no’s” No withdrawal from the
Golan Heights, no discussion of the case of Jerusalem and no
negotiations under any preconditions.  This sounds like a #2
holding his ground.  In 2003 he took the job as Finance
Minister only after he was provided with an unprecedented 
level of independence. Second borns are very good with 
money as shown by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet both #2’s.   
He could put to use his management degree he earned from 
MIT and the experience working with the Boston Consulting 
Group where he met his colleague, Mitt Romney.
Trying to get the economy back on its feet he succeeded in
passing several long-unresolved reforms, in the banking
system. He was opposed by members of both his and the
Labor Party but he stood his ground.  He threatened to resign
in 2004  unless the plan to pull out of Gaza was put to a
referendum.   It was not and he resigned August 7, 2005. 
This is the #2 seeing the issue clearly black and white and
not giving in.   

Relationships with Foreign Leaders
Most world leaders are #1 birth orders where their self
image is the most important thing.  Working with
Bibi a #2 looking like a #1 is like oil and water.
He differed with Hillary Clinton in 2009 about a 
Palestinian state which he would not endorse, she is
a #1 birth order. His relationship with her will always 
be adversarial. With President Obama he also differed 
who is a One/Only Double birth order.(This happens 
when 4yr+ separate siblings.)
Obama demanded that settlements be stopped in
Jerusalem.  The Palestinians rejected the offer as
“insignificant.” Israel then approved the construction 
of an addition of 1600 apartments directly opposing
President Obama. Don’t tell a #2 what to do! During the
2011 G-20 summit, the Russian President Sarkozy was
overheard saying to President Obama, “I cannot bear
Netanyahu, he’s a liar”. Obama replied, “You’re fed up
with him, but I have to deal with him every day.” Bibi’s
two birth orders of both acting like a #1 and responding
like a #2 has these world leaders frustrated and confused.

The Right Man for the Job
There could not be a better man for the current job of
protecting Israel from its neighbors that threaten to
wipe it off the map.  Benjamin Netanyahu has the skills
and desire to protect Israel and its citizens.  Having
to take on the role of the firstborn after his brother’s
death has been a unique tool to deal with world
leaders. Now you can understand the man and how
and why he does what he does. He has said, “Peace
is purchased from strength.  It’s not purchased from
weakness or unilateral retreats”. His #2 side will not
let him retreat!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Double Birth Order of Robin Williams

Few comedians or actors have had the impact that Robin Williams has had in his lifetime.  His acting roles have been both comedic and serious.  His humor was “off the wall” at times that only Robin could control. It was often manic and so fast that few could keep up with him. Now at age 63 he is gone.  His life has been somewhat an open book, he kept little private.  His drug and alcohol use was common knowledge. Understanding his Double birth order will give you a better insight into his personality.

 Early Years
Robin was born in Chicago July 21, 1951 to Laura McLaurin 
and Robert Williams. They moved to Bloomfield Hills 
Michigan where his father was an executive for Ford Motor 
Company. When he was 10 years old he met his two older 
brothers Todd Williams 13 yrs. older and McLaurin Smith 
4 yrs. older.  Todd was from his father’s first marriage and 
McLaurin Smith was from his mother’s first marriage. He was 
adopted by his mother’s family. Up until that time he had
no idea he had older siblings. None of the brothers lived
together but they did meet a family functions. Soon after 
that first meeting the family moved to California and 
Robin blossomed from a shy child to an outgoing high 
school student.

The Three/Only Birth Order
With the age difference between his brothers and himself Robin
now knew he was the third born but was being treated like an
Only child in his household. People who have #3 birth orders 
are very sensitive to others and the outside world. 
The phrase "Laughing on the outside crying on the
inside" is who they are. 
They can appear very shy and introspective but are really 
seeing and hearing life all around themselves.  They make 
very good actors and can be both religious and environmentally 
conscious. This sensitivity makes them vulnerable to addictions 
especially drugs and alcohol. When you add the Only 
characteristics to the #3 birth order you create an individual 
with very real conflicts.  There are two people talking to 
him. The Only child reminding him to behave and the #3 
enticing him to “give it a try”. It is the power of the Only
birth order added to the #3 birth order that gave Robin the 
power to project his brand and be successful.

Drugs and Alcohol
Throughout his life he has battled depression and substance
abuse. His three marriages and three children often found
themselves a part of his problems.  In the 70’s and 80’s it
was cocaine.  In August of 2006 he checked himself into a
substance-abuse center. He has been fighting depression
most of his adult life. In July of 2014 he entered rehab for the
second time but said it was to “fine tune his focus”. When
interviewed on Good Morning America he discussed his
addiction problem.  “It’s a little voice inside of you that says
“just one” when you can’t take just one.”  This is the
effect of his two birth orders.  The Only side says he can 
handle it, the #3 side says, “I want more.”

The High for the Three/Only
People with the Three/Only birth order want to be noticed.  
 Being on stage is a high for them and it might take the place 
of drugs and alcohol.  Maybe this is the reason Robin’s 
preforming career was so non-stop.  He shared all the 
problems in his life on stage. Was it therapy, a cry for help, 
or just another way to connect with his audience? He 
appeared shy and non-confrontational to his friends and the 
public, trying to balance his two very dissimilar birth orders 
any way he could. A tragic loss there can be no doubt.

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