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The Double Birth Order of Senator Harry Reid

The Double Birth Order of Senator Harry Reid

Senator Harry Reid is the Majority Leader in the U.S. Senate and its Speaker. As a Democrat from
Nevada, he is the first to hold such a powerful position. As Speaker he has been center stage in the news for
the past four years in a divided Congress. No legislation can be delivered to the President unless both Houses of Congress pass it. Harry has been the obstacle for the bills that came from the Republican majority in the House.  Is he faithfully doing the Presidents business or does he truly believe in the liberal agenda for which he stands?  Why is Harry such a thorn in the side of Speaker Boehner? Understanding his birth order will unmask the true Harry Reid and give us the answer.

Harry has a 3/1 Double Birth Order
Harry was the third of four boys.  His mother came into
the marriage with two boys, their father was Aldro
Toleman Garner from Utah. The family diagram
 will show you how he got his Double birth order.

Don  Reid (Garner) ½ brother       1928    1
Dale  Reid (Garner) ½ brother      1930    2
Harry  Reid (Named after father   1939   3/1
Larry   Reid                                    1940   4/2

Because of the 9 year gap between the brothers Harry
became the oldest in the second family. This gives him
characteristics of both a Firstborn and a Third born two
very different birth orders.

Balancing Two Birth Orders
For someone to understand their own single birth
order is hard enough but with two it can be very
confusing. All birth orders have both positive and
negative expressions that the person must understand.
When you have two birth orders it gives you four
different choices. The farther apart the birth order
numbers, the more conflicting the personality

Firstborns #1
Harry’s Firstborn birth order gives him the need to be
in charge. He will want to control the people around
him. The number One can be a no nonsence demanding
person even very physical in their use of power.  In
Harry’s case it can be the result of trying to hold on to the
number One position.  Harry had a younger brother Larry
and this may be where he may have used his pugilistic
talents. The other side of the number One is a person
that can also be very supportive and helpful. This is just
another way to control through kindness and self sacrifice.
Firstborns are the CEO’s of birth order, they feel they
have the right answers.

Third Borns #3
The Third birth order sees life very differently from the
Firstborn.  Many Third borns are not well grounded in
reality and can become dreamers. They see the
artistic side of things and see the bigger picture of
humanity in all its forms. They are very sensitive and
can come and go emotionally. They have a unique
ability to understand people intuitively. Harry can  
relate to poverty and the plight of the poor for that
was his start in life.  Religion is another interest of
many Third borns. Harry has said he started life without
religion but has found the Mormon Church to be very
important in his life. Third borns can be both soft
spoken or very loud and aggressive.  Both characteristics
is their way of hiding their sensitive nature. They will
do their best not to show they have been hurt by putting
up a hard shell as protection.

Searchlight Nevada- Harry’s Home town
Harry was born December 2, 1939 the third of four
boys. If there is such a thing as “dirt” poor that was
his the family. His father was a hard rock miner with just
an eighth grade education and his mother never finished
high school. He witnessed the abuse of his mother when
his father became drunk but after he turned 14 he was
big enough with the help of his younger brother Larry
to confront him. His father committed suicide at age
58 after a long bout of depression. The cabin he grew
up in had no indoor plumbing and his school had one
teacher for all eight grades. Prostitution was the leading
industry in the town and here is where his mother
worked as a washer woman to add to the family income.
Harry learned to swim at a whorehouse which had the only
swimming pool in town.  Every Thursday the manager
would let a dozen children at a time, swim in the pool.

High School Education
Harry had to leave Searchlight and go to Henderson
Nevada for his high school education. He would board
with families in town as would other children from towns
without high schools.  In high school be played baseball,
football and became an amateur boxer. He was trained
by Mike O’Callaghan, a teacher and Korean War hero
who lost a leg in the war. Later MIke would become
Governor of Nevada. He noticed that Harry had more
than a little chip on his shoulder and although he was
only 10 years older became a father figure to Harry.
This is also where he met his wife Landra Gould. They
married two years after high school but not before Harry
had a fist fight with her father as he was against the
marriage, the family was Jewish. They eloped and were
married in a Mormon Chapel.

His Career takes off like a Rocket
It was through the help of some local businessmen
that he attended college and law school. After law 
school he returned to Henderson and became city 
attorney.  Elected to the Nevada State Assembly in 
1968 at age 28, he became the youngest Lieutenant 
Governor in Nevada when he was 30 years old. He 
was working with the Governor who was his teacher 
and boxing coach in High school. It was the Governor 
that appointed him Chairman of the Nevada Gaming 
Commission in 1977, a very powerful position where 
he witnessed the power of money. He also saw how 
he could exercise the power of government over 
these same people.  He is credited with taking on the 
mob. He did this without ever going into a casino, 
taking a drink or getting killed. His only time out of 
public service were the two years he spent in
the practice of law. He was known as a consumer
advocate and the lawyer of last resort. He defended
people down on their luck with no money to pay him.
He was elected to the United States House of
Representatives in 1982. Then elected to the Senate
and that is where he is today. . He has said the
Mormon Church has been a very strong influence in his
life. (A three characteristic) As a Mormon he has achieved
the highest government position of any Mormon to ever
hold office.

Becoming Speaker
How does this soft spoken seemingly shy man get
100% of his colleges to elect him Speaker. (Third
born traits) It’s his Double birth order characteristics
that help him. He is known as intensely loyal and
trustworthy. He attends to his colleague’s needs.
(The supportive #1)He is always getting requests.
He is very unassuming but is assessing a person’s
vulnerabilities in order to have the upper hand. By
staying quiet he allows a person to express
themselves and he then figures them out, sometimes
just by observation. (The number Three skill)

Harry’s Personality Juggling Act
We can now see his actions as they relate to his
multiple birth orders. Sensitive and caring on one
hand (A 3) and ready to push through the agenda of the
President at any cost. (A 1) He says he was raised to
settle your differences physically, “I am fighting that
all the time.(A 1) I don’t want to be mean to people.”(A 3)
His personalities are his unique traits that give him the
upper hand in negotiations. He doesn’t ignore slights
he says, “I believe in vengeance” and payback has
been a factor in his career. (A 1)  He may have resented
those with money but he can use his political power
to “get even”.(A 1) At  times he loses control and that is
when he says things that seem so uncharacteristic
of a person in such a  responsible  position. (A 3) John
Boehner, his counterpart as Speaker of the House
of Representative is a number Two birth order. A
number Two birth order says, “don’t tell me what to
do”, and that is why they will never get along.

Tell me what you think. This should make for a
good discussion.

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