Tuesday, October 28, 2014

George Clooney his Birth Order and Marriages

Even George said it was not going to happen but on
September 27th 2014, he married again. His bride, Amal
Alamuddin, a human rights attorney.  Why do people fall
in love? Can we predict which marriages will last? 
These questions can be answered with a look at birth order.

Love At First Sight
There are two types of love at first sight.  The first is when
you meet someone with your same birth order. You are
so much alike. The problem with this match is that you
are so much alike you try to occupy the same space. One
of you must step aside and let the other shine. You can only
have one image in a mirror at the same time.

The more lasting love is when you meet someone that
matches a sibling in your family of the opposite gender,
and you match one of theirs. You will both understand
each other since you had a sibling with the same gender
and birth order.

George is a Second Born
George has a sister two years older than himself.  He must
have easily dethroned his older sibling Adelia Zeidler
as she did not compete with him.  She became a wife and
mother and stayed in Kentucky close to their parents. Not
close to George, she was unaware of his first marriage.
They do e-mail each other.  George was an athlete in high
school and even tried out to play professional baseball with
the Cincinnati Reds. One trait of the Second born is that they
don’t like others telling them what to do. This may be why
he has stayed unmarried without children. It may also be
why he considers himself antiestablishment and explains
the political stands he takes. He likes standing up for the
underdog by challenging  a government or an individual. 
You never have a second chance to make a good impression
with a second born. Having had a few confrontations with
directors he is now more comfortable running his own
production company. He would be attracted to a #2 like
himself but his ideal mate would be a #1 like his sister,
especially if she had a #2 younger brother.

First Marriage a Two/Only Double Birth Order
He married Talia Balsam in 1989. She has an older
half-brother Thomas Casey King 8yrs older from her
mother’s first marriage.  This gives Talia two birth
orders. She is a Second born but also has the power
of the Only birth order because of all the nurturing
she received at home while her older brother was in
school. This really “powers up” her #2 birth order.
The attraction for George was her #2 traits. She
continued her career as an actress and did not give
it up or “step out of the mirror”, neither did
George. With the added power of the Only
characteristics she was the one in charge, not
George. The marriage lasted only 4yrs.

Amal Alamuddin a Firstborn
Amal is the firstborn and has a younger sister Tala. I
don’t know Tala’s date of birth but she does have
a 12yr old daughter. I assume she is no more than
2yrs younger than Amal. This makes Amal a #1 birth
order and it does not look like she has been
dethroned by her younger sister. Like all birth orders
Firstborns have two sides.  As a #1 she can be either
domineering by  giving orders or she gets her way by
being nurturing and supportive.  Let’s hope this is her
type because George does not like to be told what
to do.

Will the Marriage Last?
With the divorce rate above 50% this is a question
to which everyone wants an answer.  It looks like
George has matched his childhood family birth order
as his sister was a #1.  Amal comes close but the #2
in her family was a girl not a boy. She will have a
harder time understanding George, especially when
he wants time with his buddies.  This match is very
close to the ideal birth order combination. It has an
excellent chance of lasting a lifetime.

For more information on Birth Orders go to
www.lifesfingerprint.com  and buy the book with
the same name by: Dr. Robert V.V. Hurst