Sunday, November 21, 2010

Who is Sarah Palin and Why is she so Darn Happy?

Sarah Palin

Order of Birth
It’s time we had a look at Sarah Palin from the perspective of Birth Order.
Sarah Louise Palin was the third child born into the Palin Family. Her brother
Chuck Jr. is the first born and only boy in the family. He now teaches school following
in the footsteps of his father who was both a science teacher and track coach. The second
born was Heather who is working in advertising. Sarah is next and last is Molly who
is a dental hygienist. All the children were less than 2 years apart.

Third Born Characteristics
As a third born Sarah shares many of the traits that make this birth order position so unique. This position does not get into the sibling rivalry that occurs between number one and number two. She is the peace maker in the family and has an instinctive ability to work with large groups of people on a personal level. She can grow up listening to a different drummer than the two older siblings. Seeing the big picture and the human condition is a high priority for this birth order. Nature, music, art and above all a deep religious faith are all part of the third born persona. Laughing on the outside but crying on the inside is the byline for the 3rd born. They display a protective shield to cover their real feelings. In her case it’s her smile and happy attitude which she uses to deflect any criticism. Her series on “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” is just where this number 3 would want prefer to be, deep in the wilds of her state, Alaska.

Why the Critics’ Don’t Get it
Not often does a third born show up in the political arena. They see life so differently from the first borns that crave power and authority over others. They don’t take things personally like the stubborn second borns that will not give in to the firstborns just on
principle. The third born really believes deep in their soul that they can change the world for the better no matter which side of the political spectrum they are on. Their stubborn attitude is not a personal thing. The media has very little experience with number threes and therefore does not understand their altruistic motives.

A Run for the Presidency?
Everyone is speculating if Sarah is going to make a run for President. After she and
John McCain III (a second born) ran in the last election as the maverick couple, everyone has been guessing. We have to go back to 1980 to find a lower birth order that won the presidency over a candidate with a higher birth order. It was the election of Ronald Reagan a second born, beating Jimmy Carter a firstborn. In 1984 Reagan did it again beating Walter Mondale an only/two double birth order. What makes Palin’s bid even more of a long shot is that she is a third born.

Third Born Presidents
Most of our population consists of only, firstborn and second borns. These top three birth orders have trouble trusting in a lower birth order like a number three unless they are special. We have had third born Presidents so it is not out of the question. Our last third born was Dwight Eisenhower the third of six boys. He always appeared upbeat, loved golf and was a painter, all third born traits. (It didn’t hurt that he also was a General during WWII). Our 25th President Theodore Roosevelt Jr., a third born with two older sisters was very much the conservationist and is given credit for establishing our National Park system. A third born we can’t forget was Thomas Jefferson, the oldest son with two older sisters. The author of the Declaration of Independence and our 3rd president. You can’t ignore his vision for the greater good of the people. He died a very poor man as money and power were not his goal. If the country really wants a visionary then they have it in Sarah Palin. It is up to the people to decide if they share her vision

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