Monday, November 8, 2010

Why President Obama will not admit a mistake and change course.

Will President Obama admit he made a mistake? After the crushing defeat of the
Democrats in the mid-term election many have made the case that it was Obama’s
Health Care Plan they the public was against that made for their defeat. Why is it then
that President Obama and many of the other Democrats are not counting it as an influence on the election. That’s an easy question to answer. A very strong First born trait is the inability to admit they are wrong. This trait goes to their very core as they have always been expected to be perfect. If they admit they are wrong they feel a little less sure of themselves and feel defeated. This is something they cannot let happen. If
he uses the excuse that it was all about jobs and not health care then George Bush was at
fault not him. Have we seen him use this excuse before? Being a Double Birth order as a One/Only this makes the trait even stronger. This is why any apology he has will not sound sincere as he takes everything very personally.

Will he change course because of the election and poll results. Not a chance, as it would mean he was wrong. He can never be wrong. Why then did former President Clinton change course after his first two years as President? Bill Clinton is also a Double Birth order as an Only /One not a One/Only. The distinction is there are only 5 years between President Obama and his younger sister, but 10 years between Bill Clinton and his brother. This makes Clinton more of an Only than a number One. Only children can see the whole picture better and have a strong belief in themselves so making a mistake does not shake them to the core as it does with as number One. An Only really believes in his
excuses but a number one just uses them for defense.

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