Thursday, November 17, 2011

Is Anyone out There?

Hello Readers,
I've been writing this blog for some time now and
have covered a range of topics.  People in the news, 
politicians and celebrities.  I have also covered the 
topics of finding your "true" birth order so you can 
follow the blogs with an understanding of double 
birth order. I have also given you information on 
finding your "soul" mate and how to make it through 
Thanksgiving and the holidays with your family.
My question to you, my readers, is where do you 
want me to go from here?  Shall I continue to cover 
people in the news or do you want a more interactive 
site where you can send in comments and questions 
about your relationships and have me give you their 
birth order implications?
With your answers let me know if you have read my 
book Life's Fingerprint: How Birth Order Affects 
Your Path Throughout Life.

Thank you I am looking forward to your comments.

Dr. Robert V.V. Hurst