Thursday, July 7, 2011

Understanding Birth Order to Find Your Perfect Match

The Goal: A Happy Marriage Forever
Talk to someone who is about to get married and although 
they think they have found that one true love the statistics 
for a long and happy marriage are not in their favor. Today 
51% of all first marriages end in divorce. A single person 
looking for a mate will ask the question, “How many frogs 
do I have to kiss before I find my Prince or Princess?” A 
lot fewer if you use birth order in your search.  Shakespeare 
coined the phase, Love is Blind, and that is the way most 
people search to find a mate, but if you understand birth 
order you will enter all relationships knowing much more 
about the other person than just their name.  

What is a Soul Mate?
How many times have you heard someone say they are 
looking for their Soul Mate? Just what is a Soul Mate?  
The classic meaning of Soul Mate came from Greek 
mythology.  The story is our ancestors had 2 heads 
and 4 arms.  They offended a god who punished them 
by splitting them in half.  This was the creation of humans.  
Now we are condemned to spend the rest of our lives 
looking for the other half, our Soul Mate. The more modern
definition from the dictionary says “One of Two persons 
compatible with each other in disposition, point of view, 
or sensitivity”. Compared to the Greeks this is a much easier 
goal to reach. Others view the term Soul Mate differently, 
if you believe in reincarnation or personal karmic growth.  
Twin Flames are two people that share the same soul, while 
other Soul Mates are people that come into your life to clear 
up karma or to finish unfinished business.  Anyway you see 
it, Soul Mates are there for a reason, birth order may be the 
tool to find yours.

Birth Orders and Love at First Sight
Type one
There appear to be two kinds of “Love at First Sight”.  The first 
is when you meet someone with you exact same birth order.  
You are now seeing yourself in their reflection.  It is another 
YOU and you understand each other so well.  The problem 
is that there can only be one image in a mirror at a time so 
someone must step out of the picture.  Of course, you can 
share and divide up the authority in the relationship. The 
recent marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton is just 
this type of “Love at First Sight” as both are first borns. At 
the wedding, or maybe before, Prince Harry and Pippa 
Middleton made a similar connection as both are second 

Type two
The second kind of “Love at First Sight” is when you meet 
someone that matches exactly by number and gender one 
of the siblings in your family. This works because you have 
had at least 16 years to understand this other birth order. 
Now when you see this birth order in another person the 
unexpected is not there. A perfect example of this type of 
love is George H.W. Bush and Barbara. Their first meeting 
was at a college dance and at least one of them knew they 
were meant for each other.  George is a number two with a 
younger sister, a number three.  Barbara is a number three 
with an older brother, a number two. Barbara loves telling 
this story to her grandchildren just to get their reactions.

Is Age Important?
The age of your partner does not seem to have the influence 
that you might think.  This may be why the May-December 
marriages, a term used to describe two people that are many 
years apart in age, are successful. Charlie Chaplin and Oona 
O’Neill were both Two/Only double birth orders.  They were 
36yrs apart in age but that didn't stop them from raising eight 
children and staying together until Charlie died at age eighty-
eight. Actress Susan Sarandon is fourteen years older than 
her companion, Tim Robbins.  He is a fourth-born with a 
sister in the number one position.  Susan is a firstborn that 
has many younger brothers one in the fourth position, 
another match.

Here are a few more examples of May December couples
Bing Crosby and Kathryn Grandstaff  30 years apart     
John Derek and Bo (Mary Collins)  30 years apart 
Rodney Dangerfield and Joan Child  31 years apart
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher 15 years apart

Can Only Children Find A Birth Order Match?
This birth order theory also works for Only children.  This is
because Onlies come in many flavors. They are the merging
of the birth orders of their parents.  The person with an Only
birth order will be attracted to a person that shares the same
birth order as one of their parents. They really have two options
one for each parent’s birth order.

Double Birth Orders and Partners
Matching double birth orders is really very tricky.  Double
birth orders occur when there are 4 or more years of spacing
between siblings or groups of siblings.  Find out more about 
this in my book, Life’s Fingerprint. Prince Charles a firstborn 
and Princess Di a Three/One birth order is the couple we all 
saw in action and if you understood birth order would know 
why this union was difficult. Princess Di was really two people, 
as a number One she wanted to be in charge. As a sensitive 
Third born she saw the suffering in the world and wanted to 
help. We saw her two personalities throughout her life and it 
made great press.  With a double birth order you get two 

Changing Birth Orders with the Death of a Sibling
When a sibling dies that is older than you, everyone in the 
family moves up in birth order. You still have your original 
birth order but you are expected to act like your new birth 
order.  This is what happened to Arnold Schwarzenegger. 
He began life as a second born with an older brother.  When 
his brother died in an auto accident Arnold moved up to the 
Only position. If we look at his life, he went from body 
builder to student to actor to Governor of California.  Was 
he just acting the part of an Only being in charge and making 
his own rules?  When he met Maria Shriver another second 
born in 1977 at a charity tennis tournament, the “love a first 
sight” may have been in play but in the 25 years of marriage 
a  different person may have emerged and the love died.

A Match for Everyone
There is a perfect match for everyone if you know your “True” 
birth order and the birth order of your chosen one. Double birth 
orders add   another element to your partner, you get two for 
the price of one, so don’t rely on just your number of birth. You 
can see all the different birth order combinations and find your 
magic number in my book, Life’s Fingerprint. Get it from my 
website and I will help you find your birth order and maybe 
your Soul Mate.