Monday, January 20, 2014

Edward Snowden: The Influence of Birth Order

 Edward Snowden: 
The Influence of Birth Order

The media has been all a buzz about the NSA, their collection
of data on all Americans and foreigners as well. The agency’s
position is that it is keeping Americans safe.  Others feel it is
an attack on the 4th and 5th Amendments and the privacy of 
our citizens. It appears it was Edward Snowden, a former 
employee of the CIA and NSA that started this discussion 
with his leaking of information he illegally took from the 
NSA.  Just who is Edward Snowden and are his actions in 
keeping with his birth order?

Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden was born June 21, 1983.  He has a sister
Joy who was born April, 2 1979, four years and two months
older than Edward.  This gives Edward a Two/Only double
birth order as he was four years apart in school from his
sister.  He will demonstrate the Two birth order 50% of the
time and the Only birth order 50%.

The Two/Only Birth Order
Just what are the traits of this birth order combination?  The
number Two birth order is the person that does not want to
be told what to do.  In fact, they are a bit secretive of their
life letting only a few trusted people in.  They see things in life
clearly as good and bad, black and white.  Once their mind is
made up they will rarely change positions.  This is the birth
order sometimes referred two as the stubborn middle child.
When you add the Only influence to this birth order you get
an immovable object.  The Only birth order, powers up this
number Two to go where others would fear to go.  They take
their mission seriously and he may have felt that the intrusion
into one’s life by the NSA was wrong.  On a personal level he
would have hated the intrusion into his personal life and
projected that feeling on to others.
Edward grew up the son of an officer in the US Coast Guard, 
his Mother a clerk in the US District Court in Maryland. His 
parents divorced and he was described by friends as a shy,
quiet, nice boy. He was always articulate even as a child, an
Only child trait. He missed several months of school due to 
illness and rather than return to school passed the test for his 
GED. This Two/Only studied the Japanese language, had a 
basic understanding of Mandarin Chinese and listed 
Buddhism as his religion.

In 2004 he enlisted in the US Army Reserve as a Special 
Forces recruit and wanted to go to Iraq to “help free people 
from oppression”. He never finished his training having 
broken both legs in training. In 2006 he joined the CIA to 
work on IT security. This took him to Geneva, Switzerland 
and Japan. He supported Ron Paul in the 2008 Presidential 
Election and held off on his leaking security information 
waiting on President Obama to make changes, they never 
came.  People at the NSA told a Forbes reporter that 
Snowden was a genius among geniuses.  He was
“principled and ultra-competent, and eccentric". He had 
unlimited access to NSA data, “because he could do things
nobody else could.”

Snowden first made contact with The Guardian newspaper in 
2012. He also contacted documentary filmmaker Laura 
Poitras to help get his story out. In May of 2013 he asked for 
temporary leave from his position in Hawaii and flew to Hong 
Kong.  The published reports told of operational details of 
global surveillance among most Western countries. This 
showed the NSA had spied on most world leaders, specifically 
German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He is now living in Russia
since leaving Hong Kong on June 23, 2013.

Snowden the Idealist
Snowden believes what he did was right and no one will 
change his mind.  This Two/Only will never give in to the 
government and make a deal to stop his disclosures.  He 
has written “ I believe in the principle declared at 
Nuremberg in 1945; “Individuals have international duties 
which transcend the national obligations of obedience. 
Therefore individual citizens have the duty to violate 
domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and 
humanity from occurring.” “people all over the world are 
coming to realize that the NSA’s surveillance programs put 
people in danger, hurt the US and its economy, and limit our 
ability to speak and think and live and be creative, to have
relationships and associate freely as well as putting people at 
risk of coming into conflict with our own government.” He 
sees himself as a crusader for liberty,he will never give in.  
This Two/Only is indeed an immovable object.

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Dr. Robert V.V. Hurst