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Donald Trump a Most Unusual Double Birth Order

Donald Trump is currently considering a run for the Presidency
in 2012. As with any candidate a look at their birth order is a
road map to understanding their personality. Donald Trump
carries a Double birth order of a Four and a One. This is a very
unusual combination for first you need at least five children in
the family, and you have to have at least a four year gap 
between child number three and child number four. You also 
need the fifth child to be born within three years of the fourth. 
This is the sibling spacing for Donald Trump.

His Siblings and birth orders

Maryanne  1937    #1
Freddy Jr.  1938    #2
Elizabeth   1942    #3/0
Donald       1946   #4/1
Robert        1948   #5/2

There are two types of Double birth orders in his family.
Elizabeth has an Only birth order along with her third number
of birth. Donald and Robert both have Double ordinal numbers,
of 4/1 and 5/2.  Understanding Double birth orders is the
Rosetta Stone of birth order theory. Using this information
along with the ordinal or number of birth really makes the
theory work.

Fourth Borns
Donald is the fourth birth in the family. Someone with only
the fourth-born birth order is the true baby in the family. They
are usually educated by their older siblings and are very 
outspoken. Having much older siblings they are not intimidated 
by older people.  They like to be taken care of as this is what 
happens in the family. Why are they so loud?  As the baby 
they need to be heard as they are overshadowed by their 
three older siblings. The fourth is very good at manipulating 
others. Their need for attention can make them the comedian 
or have a very demanding personality.

Let’s Have Fun
Having fun and playing games is a natural for the Fourth-born. 
Life should be fun.  Donald was a gifted athlete and almost 
played professional baseball. This birth order doesn’t need to 
take life too seriously as someone is always there to help 
them along. Donald’s first wife, Ivana was an Olympic skier 
which was a real challenge to test his skill as a skier. If work 
is not fun the Fourth-born won’t do it. One of his statements 
has been that the real excitement is playing the game. Most of 
his interests have been in casinos, golf courses, resort 
development and beauty pageants. He has made his work fun. 
At times the Fourth-born can appear to be brash and very 
direct when asking questions, especially to people who you 
would think need to be treated with respect. This is the baby 
of the family speaking loudly in order to be heard.

First Borns
Donald Trump is also a firstborn as he is the first in the “third” 
familybecause of the spacing between his first three siblings. 
Firstborns can have different personalities based on the 
gender of the siblings that follow them.  In Donald’s case it 
was a brother, Robert.  It has been mentioned that Robert is 
more easy going than Donald. The firstborn has a head start 
in school so the second born usually tries to out do him in 
athletics.  If we find the firstborn both a student and athlete 
then we find a real competitor. Donald was both the athlete 
and student. He was sent to Military School for behavior 
problems at age 13.  There he earned academic honors, and 
played varsity football, soccer and baseball. With firstborns 
it’s all about them, it is not hard to understand why he loves 

Born to Rule
Firstborns want to be in charge.  They like giving orders to 
others and use their money to gain power over others. This 
birth order finds it difficult to admit they are wrong. They also 
identify with the dominant parent who they want to follow and 
emulate. Donald followed his father into both real estate and 
construction.  As a child his siblings called him “The Great 
I Am”.  He was more aggressive than his other siblings. Not 
many people can be identified by only their first name.  
“The Donald” is the term his first wife used to describe him 
to the press, it is still in use today.

Combining A Four and a One
When we combine this two very different birth orders, you get a
child, the number Four and the adult, the number One. The 
One birth order powers up and intensifies the child-like 
qualities of the Fourth-born. The One has a quest for power 
over others and the number Four wants to play. This person 
can be “in your face” and will have a difficult time admitting 
they are wrong. They love to hold power over others and like 
a child they want all the attention. Work to them should be play 
and Donald loves his casinos, beauty pageants, and his TV 
show, The Apprentice.  His line “You’re Fired” is just what a 
petulant child would want to say to an adult if he had the 
power, Donald does. This combination of the Four and One 
birth orders explains why he has never respected authority.  
He is a self promoter and has been called the PT Barnum of 
real estate. Life is fun as he is “The Master of the Deal”

Donald and Walt Disney
Walt Disney like Donald Trump shares the same combination
birth order of a Four/One.

This is the spacing of Walt’s siblings:

Herbert       1888  #1
Raymond    1889  #2
Roy             1893  #3/0
   8 years
Walt            1901  #4/1
Flora           1903  #5/2

Walt is the oldest in the third family followed by a sister.
Donald was followed by a brother which can put more
pressure on him to hold his position.  Walt’s older brother
Roy being the same gender would be more of a support
than Donald’s older sister Elizabeth who is only four years
older and of the opposite gender.

A Problem of Balance
We know that Walt Disney had a problem all his life balancing
these two birth orders. Many found him difficult to understand
as he would vacillate between his two birth orders. He used
his childlike number Four birth order to imagine Disneyland
and his Firstborn strength to see it’s creation. He was also
very patriarchal toward his employees.  He was often accused
of not giving credit to his artists and writers

Casinos, Golf Courses, Beauty Pageants and Disneyland
The similarities between these two men shows them to both 
have a childlike side where they are into playing games. Their 
more serious side shows they can take care of business.  
Both have had their ups and down financially but both made 
it back to the top.

Will The Donald Run?
The overriding principle for “The Donald” is the publicity and
his desire to shake things up.  His Firstborn side says he 
knows what is best for the country.  His disrespect for 
authority is obvious and it gives him great pleasure to make 
politicians uncomfortable.  The public is much more aware of 
government today and they seem to enjoy his direct approach 
to the country’s problems. Donald wants to have fun, as long 
as the run for the White House is fun you will see him in the 
race. We have two people here, some will see him as 
thoughtful, others a loose cannon. These are just his two birth 
order personalities gaining control at different times. If he 
does become President we will get two for the price of one.  
He will be sure to confuse both our friends and enemies.  
Being President is not a lot of fun, but a lot of work.  When 
the reality hits him he will say he was in the race to bring the 
issues to the public then you will hear the words….I’m Fired!

Since this blog was first written “The Donald” has entered
the 2016 Presidential race. He has taken one step farther in
this race than the last. His birth order characteristics have not
changed. His Double birth order of a 4/1 will be in full view.
The #4 will say brash and “in your face” statements that other
candidates may think but would never say in public. His #1
birth order will not let him say he is wrong, he will never
back down. He will connect with the people but the political
establishment cannot let him win and will paint him as a
loose cannon that cannot be trusted.  His two very diverse
birth orders will prove them right.


The election of 2016 is now history and Donald Trump is our 45th President.  The straight talk of his #4 birth order reached the ears of the American Public and resonated with them.  He got little support from his party which was part of the establishment he ran against. Both the media and prominent members of his own party spoke out against him. Late in the campaign his use of his #1 birth order kept him on message and acting more "Presidential" served him well. In the future, his Double birthorder should help him confuse his critics and "make deals" with world leaders in the interest of the American people.     


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  2. since he is older and 4th, does that also make him middle?

  3. No it does not. You need to read my book on Double Birth order then everything will become clear. The term middle child is not valid when you understand birth order. Each number or Double number has their own characteristics. The term middle child has been applied to the second born. How can he be middle unless there is a third?

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