Monday, December 3, 2012

Can Birth Order be a Predictor of Presidential Elections?

We have just come through a very contentious Presidential
Campaign. For months the pundits and prognosticators and
pollsters were predicting the outcome. Of course, many got
it right and many got it wrong.  Many said no standing
President has won re-election with unemployment over 8%.
If they had used Birth Order as their guide they would have
picked the winner in the last seven Presidential Elections. Each
of these winners had the higher birth order than their opponent.

There is no doubt that in the last 28years communication of the
candidates ideas through television has been the major 
source of information to the general public.  Many would 
say it is the issues that help the public pick a candidate but 
I would say it’s the candidates ability to communicate with 
his audience. The higher birth order has that ability to make 
their points more believable.

Birth Order Power
There is a hierarchy in the pyramid of power with birth orders.
The oldest or Firstborn usually has the most power over the
younger siblings. The order is 1,2,3,4 and then it starts over
again with number 5 as a lower level number 1.

Double Birth Orders
Double birth orders occur when there are four of more years
separating a child from all others in the family.  This adds the
Only birth order to their ordinal number of birth and increases
their power.

One Only Double Birth Orders
The One/Only double birth order would be represented by a
firstborn that did not have another sibling for at least 4 years. 
This is President Obama as he is separated by five years from
his younger sister. All firstborns start life as Only children so
there is little confusion as to who they are when that have a
double birth order it just adds power and confidence.

Other Types of Double Birth Orders
When you add the Only birth order to a number 2, 3 or 4
birth order you can get the demonstration of two different
people. The reason is that adding the power of an Only
birth order allows the person to switch back and forth
between birth orders. This can be confusing to the public.
Frequently you may hear people say oh “he is much different
in private” and that is true as these people have two
personalities. It can be difficult for them to express a
consistent image and many may think they are not clear on
the issues. Governor Romney has a Four/Only birth order
which has the most extreme difference between the two
birth orders,  The Only child is self confident and appears the
adult while the four is the baby in the family looking to others
for advice.

Presidential Birth Order History
              Winner                         Loser
2012  Barack Obama     1/0   Mitt Romney 4/0
2008  Barack Obama     1/0   John McCain   2
2004  George  W. Bush 1/0   Al Gore 2/0
1996  Bill Clinton            1/0   Bob Dole 2
1992  Bill Clinton            1/0   George H W Bush 2

Elections with Candidates with the Same Birth Orders
This situation is where a few missteps or small events can 
swing the voters in either direction.
               Winner                           Loser
1988  George HW Bush   2    Michael Dukakis  2
                  53.4%                         45.7%
                   Both had older brothers

1964  John Kennedy      2       Richard Nixon     2
                 49.7%                           49.5%
      Both had older brothers that died in their 20’s

1860  Abraham Lincoln 2      Stephen Douglas  2
                 39.8%                            29.5%
          Both had older sisters. There were four candidates
          in this election. Slavery was the issue of the day.

Exceptions to the Birth Order Rule
Charisma can be the explanation for the exception to the birth
order rule. This characteristic is rarely seen in Presidential 
candidates but occasionally it happens. This is
such a strong factor it can overrule birth order.  Ronald
Reagan was said to have this quality. He was a Second
born with an older brother and won the election over
Jimmy Carter a Firstborn.

Birth Order the Predictor
This information should be considered as another factor in
The election process.  No tool can be 100% correct but if
history is a lesson than both parties must add this to their
tools in the selection process if they want to win.

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