Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Anthony Weiner: His Birth Order another View


The news is all a buzz about Congressman Anthony Weiner 
and his photos sent over his twitter account to young women.  
Many will say another politician showing a disregard for the 
rules that others most follow.  Some may see a man going 
through a mid-life crisis.  I would say we need to look at his 
life in the context of Birth Order and we may find a reason 
for his behavior.

A Family of Brothers
Anthony was born September 4, 1964 and was the second 
birth to his Father Morton an attorney and Frances a math 
teacher. He had an older brother Seth born in 1961, three 
years older and a younger brother Jason at least four years 
younger. Sibling rivalry usually occurs between the first 
two children.  When both are boys the testosterone level 
can be high and result in a struggle for the throne.  
Remember Cain and Abel?  Anthony was the second born
and may have developed a more aggressive personality in 
his attempt to dethrone his brother. When there are no girls 
in a family, girls can be a mystery to these boys and the 
fascination may continue all their lives.

Anthony as a Second Born
Some of the characteristics of a true second born is that he is
not the better student but usually a better athlete with a more
outgoing personality than the older brother.  This may have 
been the case with Anthony as he ended up at a technical 
high school and then went on to a local college where he also 
played hockey. Having a name like Weiner would be a focal 
point for jokes and humor at his expense.  As a number Two
birth order he would not take this easily and may also have 
been the reason for a more combative personality.

First Job an Entry into Politics
As a number Two birth order he would always be looking for
a way to better his position in life. His first job out of college
in 1985 was to join the office of Representative Chuck 
Schumer. Chuck called him Weiner Beaner but Anthony kept 
saying that “one day I will have your job”. He was in this 
position for one year when his parents divorced. As a second 
born the stability of this job would have been even more 
important during this time.

Anthony as a First Born
He continued to work in Schumer’s office until 1991.  Always
upward mobile, he ran and won a seat on the New York City
Council in 1992 and stayed until 1998.  It was that year he won
Chuck Schumer’s seat in Congress. In the year 2000, his older
Brother Seth was killed in a hit and run accident. This moved
Anthony into the number One position in the family sibling
order.  When this happens to a family member they have to
take on the role of their older sibling but they still keep the
characteristics of their birth order.  The role they now must
play is just that, an act. They now act like the higher birth order. 
As a Second born Anthony does not like to be told what to do
but does not tell others what to do.  As a First born he feels he
knows best and wants to tell others what to do. He has been
playing this role for eleven years. The drive and power of these
two birth orders may be the reason why he has the highest
turnover rate of staff of any member of Congress. He says,
“I push people pretty hard”

Marriage: Anthony and Huma An Unusual Combination
When looking at birth order and marriage we find the easiest
unions are those with a partner that mimics the birth order and
gender of a sibling in your own family. If the oldest is a boy and
has a sister who is next in line than she would match with an
eldest boy who has a sister in the same position. You might 
say the more things are familiar the easier the marriage.
Anthony is a Second born with only brothers, is Jewish and
Grew up in New York City. Huma is an Only child and a
practicing Muslim. She left the US when she was 2 years
old and grew up in Saudi Arabia. She returned to the US to
attend George Washington University. Like Anthony she has
been involved in politics all her life. When she graduated
college she started as an intern in 1996 at the Clinton White
House and has been Hillary’s most trusted aid ever since.
Former President Clinton officiated at their marriage ceremony
and said, “marrying a politician can be tough because its easy
to distrust them….” What a prophetic statement. As an Only
birth order Huma has the power in this marriage.

Why Anthony will not leave Quietly
As a Second born he does not want to be told what
to do. His job and income are also important to his
survival and he will not let it go easily.  As a
Firstborn he enjoys the power and the ability to
tell others what to do.  This too he does not want
to give up.  Last, he never has held a job in the
private sector so has nothing to fall back to if he
looses his House seat. If a deal is cut, look for the
Clinton’s to be behind the scene with another
government job or a lobbyist position. If this doesn’t
happen he has a history of  never losing an
election.  He is more likely to let the voters decide
his fate. We have not heard the last of Mr. Weiner!

Up Date 
Since this blog was written much has happened to Anthony.
He is now divorced from Huma after they had a son.
His computer was found to have Hillary classified e-mails
and he was convicted of sexting an under-aged woman.
For that he is now serving time in prison. As I said 
at the end of the original  blog.  We have not heard the 
last of Mr. Weiner!

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