Friday, February 23, 2018

The Hearless Murder of Nettie Sachs

This newly released book is the story of Nettie Sachs, an 
immigrant born in Lithuania in 1885. Coming to America
opened a world of opportunities for her. Educated in New
York as a pharmacist she life was an adventure in America.. 
She experienced the Spanish American war, Galveston 
Hurricane of 1900, Louisiana Exposition in St. Louis in 1904, 
ending with bootlegging and speakeasy’s in Chicago. Married 
five times, widowed twice, she gave birth to six children. 
Nettie was murdered by her fifth husband when she was only 
37 years old. Her last father –in –law was envious of her 
wealth and wanted to claim it for his own. He used his son, 
13 years her junior to marry her, then kill her. This true story 
and  the trial for her murder was the headline in papers across
 the country in 1923.

Characters and Birth Order
When stories are told and books are written they develop the 
personalities of their characters with the story.  Without 
knowing it, they all fit their birth order personalities. This is 
especially true when the story is true and not fiction.  This is 
the case with this book. The following are the birth orders of
the main characters.

Our central character is Nettie.  She had four older siblings 
but there was a large age gap between her next older sister 
and Nettie.  This gave Nettie a five/only double birth order.   
The five is a second level #1 so Nettie was a very put together 
woman that was very much in charge. Her Only traits gave 
her the ability to take charge and push forward with great 

Second Husband Louis Zauderer
Louis Zauderer was her second husband. He had a double 
birth order of a 2/1. Louis started the second group of 
children in the family as he had a much older brother.  He
 also had a younger sister a 3/2 who must have dethroned 
him.  She married a very wealthy attorney and their parents 
moved into his house in New York.  Louis never got over 
the dethroning and turned to drugs and alcohol.  He was a 
very unhappy man all his life. He had multiple wife’s after 

Nettie’s best friend Anna
Anna was a third born with older brothers.  She was shy and 
protected by her older brothers.  This made her very timid and 
careful when she was on her own. Laughing on the outside 
but crying on the inside.  When she got older she developed a
very tough exterior to protect her inner self, the number three 
doesn’t want anyone to know how vulnerable they are.

Edward Sacks
This was Nettie’s older brother in Houston.  (He spelled his 
name differently) He had a One/Only double birth order very 
similar to Nettie’s Five/Only.  This was the reason they got 
along so well and he was very supportive of her. He help 
finance  her education, she in turn named her first child for 
him..  Edward was a very successful businessman in Houston.

Dr. Samuel Herskovitz
Sam was Nettie’s third husband.  He was a number four birth 
order.  The baby in the family that everyone wanted to help.   
Women especially were fond of “taking care” of Sam. He had 
a very interesting relationship with an older woman who 
helped him during his medical school education. Sam was a 
driven man especially in his profession but didn’t mind 
taking a back seat to Nettie who had the superior birth order.

Harry Diamond
Harry was Nettie’s fifth husband and her murderer.  He was a 
firstborn that was coddled by his immigrant parents.  He could 
do no wrong and was given anything he wanted.  This 
developed in him an ego and superior attitude.  He felt laws 
were for others and that he was smarter than everyone else.   
A small time wise guy in the 1920’s. His luck ran out when 
he was convicted of Nettie’s murder.

I think you will enjoy this book now that you understand some 
of the character’s birth orders. Real life is sometimes stranger 
than fiction. You can learn more about birth order in my book  
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