Monday, February 19, 2018

Rachel Maddow Her Birth Order: A Study In Sibling Rivalry

                                                     Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow, Television host, writer and political
commentator is seen almost every night on MSNBC 
TV. Maddow became the first openly gay anchor to 
host a major prime-time news program in the United 
States. She was born in Castro Valley California 
April 1, 1973. He father was a former United States 
Air force captain currently a lawyer.  Her mother was 
a school program administrator. She has an older brother.

Sibling Rivalry
Sibling Rivalry is seen primarily as the competition between
the first two siblings.  It’s not a new concept as it was 
discussed in the bible between siblings Cain and Able. The 
gender of the siblings can modify and color the struggle for 
power for the number one position. The effects of this rivalry 
can last a lifetime. The firstborn is usually the student and 
the second born the athlete.  Dethroning occurs if the second 
born becomes the better student as they already are the better 
athlete. The firstborn will then drop out as they now have 
nothing to make them special.  The reverse is also true where 
the firstborn is both the student and athlete.  Then the second 
born may drop out as he has been “kept in line” by the older 
sibling.  Sometimes it appears there is no rivalry at all.  Not 
true, the two siblings may feel secure in their positions or are 
afraid to challenge the other.  The sibling rivalry relationship 
is fluid and he can arise later in life if one of the siblings 
perceives a weakness in the other.
Rachel and Her Brother
Rachel was born in 4-1-1973, three years nine months younger 
than her brother David born 7-11-69. In high school Rachel 
played basketball, volleyball and was a swimmer. David said 
the two of them didn’t have an easy childhood.  It has been 
reported that Rachel use to wear his clothes. As a teenager
she would beat him up although she was three years younger.   
She used to tell his girlfriends that she was more of a man 
then him. He states that he really found it hard to find his own 
identity. Rachel was so focused on his dethroning that early 
on it looks like she was trying to change her gender identity.
There is no doubt that Rachel took the education prize 
from her brother.  She graduated at the top of her high-
school class and gave the commencement speech veering 
from the script and shocking the school administrators. 
She went on to Stanford University and was a recipient
of a Rhodes Scholarship to Lincoln College, Oxford. 
This is where she earned a Doctor of Philosophy in 
Politics. David went to the University of California 
San Diego.

Personal Life
David is single living in San Francisco in 2017.  A story 
is told that his life changed the day his Uncle Bert gave 
him a gun for Christmas while he was still in college.  
He said that was the last time Rachel beat him up, it 
changed his life.  His father says that David has had a 
hard time finding out what he wants to do but is a really 
good kid. Rachel is openly gay having been outed in 
college. Her life partner is Susan Mikula an artist. Their 
first date was at a National Rifle Association event. 
Sibling rivalry never ends.

Sexually Identity
Rachel shows us what can happen when Sibling rivalry 
goes to extremes. Gender identity can be part of the 
dethroning process. When a younger sibling moves up to 
the firstborn position they then have to take on the 
responsibilities of the firstborn. This is the unforeseen 
issue with successful dethroning.

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