Thursday, November 11, 2010

How do you get a Double Birth Order?

It seems that I need to back up a little and explain just exactly how one gets a Double Birth order and just how it affects their birth order number.

If there are four years between siblings both above them and below them, these people
carry the Only birth order along with their number of birth. The addition of the Only
birth order adds power to their own birth order and increases all its characteristics.

If a First born thinks they are always right, then a One/Only really knows he is right and
doesn’t feel he has to defend his position as he knows he is right. If a second born does
not want to be told what to do, then a Two /Only is an immovable object. As we go down the birth order line the Only birth order characteristics are farther apart from that of
the lower birth order numbers.and the “two” personalities of the person become more
evident to those around them.

Why does this Double birth order phenomenon occur? This child is raised like an Only child when the four year separation occurs. They get a lot of parenting and gain lots
of self confidence, just like an Only child can be a miniature adult these Double birth orders also have little fear of adults and authority figures.

These are the typical four birth orders that can pick up the Only to make them a Double Birth Order.

1/0 4yr 2/0 4yr 3/0 4yr 4/0

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