Monday, July 3, 2017

Megyn Kelly:Exposing her Double Birth Order


Megyn Kelly is and has been a rising star in the media. 
She got her start at WJLA-TV an ABC affiliate in 
Washington, D.C.  Kelly was a working attorney at the 
time and was ready for a change. It didn’t take her long 
to be picked up by the Fox News Channel where she 
was one of their rising stars, only to leave Fox for ABC. 
Here she currently has a Sunday show called Sunday 
Night with Megyn Kelly.

Childhood/Birth order
She has two older siblings. Sister Suzanne was born in
1964, next brother Peter born in 1965 and last Megyn
in 1970.  The five year gap between Peter and Megyn
gives her two birth orders. She is the Third born but
because of the five year gap she adds the Only birth
order, making her a Three/Only double birth order.
Three/ Only Double Birth order
A Third born is a very intuitive person and one that
can see the big picture. By big I mean the ills of
humanity and they dream of fixing these problems.
Unfortunately, the Three birth order does not have
the strength to do this. They are very venerable people
that protect themselves by appearing to be tough. 
When in high-school Megyn was bullied and used this
aspect for self-protection.  Fortunately, Megyn is not
just a Three birth order, she gets strength from the 
Only birth order for more power. When you add the
Only birthorder you give the Three added strength 
but also the negative side of an increased ego.  Megyn 
does have this aspect to her personality and can be a
 “Drama Queen”.

Megyn at Work
Before she left Fox News her co-workers were ready
for her to leave. They were tired of her remarks that 
she was a victim of sexually harassment by Roger 
Ailes and Bill O’Reilly. The promotion of her book,
 “Settle for More,” was not doing well and her feminist
attitude was really getting old. The Three birth order 
is very good at finding secrets using their intuitive side 
but the Only birth order gives them the power to 
confront a person. This was seen in the first Presidential 
debate where she went for the dramatic and confronted
Donald Trump. He is a Four/One double birth order. 
(See more on the blog for DonaldTrump) 
She asked him a question about his derogatory
comments about women. She miscalculated his 
response as others have done when he feels the question 
is unfair. Her past experience as an attorney makes her
the perfect person to conduct penetrating interviews. 
This only works if her ego does not get in the way.

Two Marriages
Megyn’s first marriage ended in divorce but her second
marriage to Douglas Brunt seems to be working.Douglas
also has a double birth order.  He, like Megyn, has two
older siblings. He is six years younger than his next
oldest sibling, but has a brother two years younger. This
gives him a Three/One double birth order. Because of
the six-year space between groups of siblings he becomes
the oldest in the “second” group. Megyn has no younger
siblings and is alone in the “second” group adding the
Only birth order. The Three/Only has more power than 
a Three/One. Megyn’s birth order wants power over
others and to be in control.

First Shows on NBC
Megyn has had two guests on her new show. The first was
Vladimir Putin where she was outmaneuvered. 
She didn’t know that Vladimir had the same Three/Only
birth order as she has.  The second interview was with
Alex Jones who feels the Sandy Hook shooting was staged
to promote tougher gun control laws. The critics were
divided on this interview outcome with each side claiming
victory.  Her ratings are still lagging but don’t count
Megyn out. As with other Three/Only’s, Dr. Phil, Suzanne
Somers, Michael Moore and Liberace, her double birth
order feeds on the drama and the spotlight.

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