Thursday, February 12, 2015

Brian Williams: Unmasking His Double Birth Order

When someone in the media shows another side of their  
personality everyone gasps and says, "how could this 
happen." If you are a student of Birth Order, especially Double 
Birth order, you would know in advance that this behavior 
was predictable.

A Problem Comes to Light
It was January 30, 2015 that the managing editor of NBC 
Nightly News since 2004, Brian Williams, was accused 
of “embellishments” on some of his news stories. His 
stories on Iraq and Katrina where he earned a Peabody 
Award, have been found to be full of inaccuracies which
made him look like a hero when he covered these stories.  

His Early Years and Birth Order
Born in 1959 he already had three older siblings.  David born in 
1943, Mary Jane in 1946, and Richard in 1951.  This makes 
Brian the fourth born but is eight years younger than Richard. 
This gives him a Double Birth order of an Only/Four.  He 
picked up this Only birth order as he was home with his mother 
for many years while his siblings were off at school.
Double Birth Orders
When children are spaced more that 4 years apart from any 
other sibling they take on the additional birth order of an 
Only child. They receive like an Only child, extra nurturing 
time.  If the years between siblings is greater than 4 years 
the Only characteristics have a greater influence on the 
person.  Brian is eight years younger than his older sibling 
so he is 80% an Only and 20% a Four.  He still carries the 
characteristics of a fourth born.  These two birth orders are 
the farthest apart in personality characteristics. The Only 
says.“I am in charge”, the Fourth says, “Take care of me”. 
Brian is truly two people that take turns coming out to play.
The Fourth Born
The Fourth born is the baby in the family.  Everyone takes care 
of the baby and they get use to it.  The baby likes attention and 
can get it by being the comedian in the family.  They are not 
afraid of adults as adults are their peer group. Others see them 
as the life of the party and fun to be around. As the baby they 
can be influenced by others when the going gets tough.
Adding the Only Birth Order
The Only birth order is the adult in the room. Because of the 
space between siblings when you add this birth order you get 
a person that appears very confident. They are very strong 
and like making their own rules.  The Only birth order 
intensifies, magnifies and amplifies all the characteristics. 
In Brian’s case it is added to the Fourth birth order. The Only 
birth order masks his Fourth born characteristics and makes 
him appear much more confident than he really is.  Making 
up stories is one way of feeding this need to make himself 
feel important. Something he felt he needed as the youngest.
Career Events
Looking at a life in terms of  birth order sheds light on the 
decisions you make in tune with your path in life. Brain 
dropped out of college while all his older siblings finished 
school. He worked as an intern at the White House while 
Jimmy Carter was President. Started a broadcasting career 
in 1981, joined CBS in 1993 then NBC. One year later he 
was White House  correspondent then  replaced Tom 
Brokaw in 2004 on NBC Nightly News. These jobs 
represented the Only side of his personality.  The Four side 
is shown in his appearances on The Daily Show, Saturday 
Night Live, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The David 
Letterman show and Late Night with Conan O’Brien. He 
has made frequent guest appearances on 30 Rock and was 
on a Sesame Street episode in 2007.

The Masquerade is Over
Brian Williams has been masquerading as an Only birth order 
and received The Walter Cronkite award for his journalism 
excellence.  Walter was a true Only birth order and had the title 
of “The most trusted man in America.” Taking over the reins 
at NBC seemed a perfect fit for Brian. He replaced Tom 
Brokaw a firstborn who approach the position as a no nonsense 
 journalist.  Brian let people see glimpses of his insecure four 
personality but not understanding birth order these 
exaggerations were ignored to the embarrassment of everyone 
involved.  His future would be best served in a position that
is less serious and more comedic.

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