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RuPaul Drag Queen Pop Star Has a Double Birth Order



RuPaul in Drag

Rolling Stone has said that RuPaul “…is this nation’s 
preeminent drag queen pop star.” His rise to stardom took 
over a decade but it was his goal since childhood. He has 
a multimedia career as an actor, singer, author, talk show 
host, radio DJ, and product pitch person.

Siblings and His Birth Order
RuPaul Andre Charles was born November 17, 1960 in 
San Diego, California. He was the third of four children 
and the only boy. A look at the birthdates of his siblings 
will give us his birth order.
Renae Ann Charles (twin) 10-18-1953         #1                            Renetta Ann Charles (twin) 10-18-1953      #2 
                                                                                                                               7  Year Gap
                                                                                                      RuPaul Andre Charles 11-17-1960          #3/1                Rosalind Annette Charles 1-28-1962       #4/2          
Because of the seven-year gap in age between the twins 
and RuPaul he and his younger sister start a second family 
group and he gets a Double Birth Order.  He is the third 
born but the oldest in the second family so he also has a 
#3/1 birth order.

Family Dynamics
What makes his Double Birth order so interesting is that 
he had older twin sisters. Twins get much more attention 
than their other siblings.  Being the firstborns, the twins 
would have gotten the majority of the family’s attention. 
RuPaul had to do something special to make an impact in 
the family. Being the only boy would have helped him 
receive a special place. He may have tried to emulate his 
older twin sisters as he saw them as his older role models.  
 He does say it was his older sister Renetta that taught him 
how to do a runway walk. He felt he was feminine-looking 
from being around girls all the time, he acted feminine too. 
He was always being mistaken for a girl. This is when he 
started wearing his sister’ clothes, the rest is history.

Early Years : Education
When he was seven his parents divorced and he and his 
three sisters lived with their mother. When he was 15 he 
moved to Atlanta Georgia with his older sister Renetta. It 
was there he attended the Northside School of Performing 

The Three/One Double Birth Order
When someone has a Double Birth order they show 
characteristics of both birth orders in a random fashion.   
The Firstborn likes to be the leader and be “in charge”. 
You might say Firstborns have executive abilities. They 
don’t like to make mistakes and have the strength to keep 
on course.  The Third born is the dreamer and is open to 
all possibilities in life. The artist with a desire to spread 
their message to the world. Laughing on the outside but 
crying on the inside is how they project their image and 
protect their inner feelings. Putting these two birth order 
together you can now see RuPaul unmasked.

Personal Life
RuPaul married in 2017 to his longtime partner 
Georges LeBar. They have been together since 1994. 
LeBar is from Australia and is a painter, and also runs 
a 50-acre ranch in Wyoming.  RuPaul describes doing 
drag is a “very, very political” act and “challenges the 
status quo” This is why he feels he will never be 
invited on the more popular shows. He does have a 
star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the first drag 
queen to get such an honor. I am sure he will 
continue with his TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race and 
similar projects. He says that whenever we put on 
clothes we are going in “Drag”, he just chose the 
opposite sex. His goal is to change the word’s view 
of Drag. I would not underestimate RuPaul.

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Aretha Louise Franklin Her Double Birth Order Tells Her Story

                           Aretha Louise Franklin

The Queen of Soul died Aug 16 2018, exactly 41 years 
to the day we lost the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis 
Presley. Franklin got her start at the age 12 in her 
father’s church, she was a soloist with his traveling 
ministry.  Born in Memphis, raised in Detroit, she was a 
mother to two sons by the age of 14. Until her last day 
she remained a fiercely private person, unshakable in 
her faith. She won 18 Grammies and was the first 
woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of 
Fame. Her hits like Respect and Natural Woman made 
her the “Queen”. Behind all of this was a person hiding 
insecurities as told in the book RESPECT co-authored 
by David Ritz. A look at her birth order will give us the 

Aretha’s Double Birth Order
To find her birth order we must look at all her siblings 
that lived with her while she was growing up.

LaVaughn Cavanaugh Franklin  12-24-1935   1/Only 
 (half-brother by her mother)
                          4 year Gap
Emma Varnice Franklin Garrett  3-13-1938         2/1
Cecil L. Franklin                         3-31-1940         3/2
Aretha Louise Franklin            3-25-1942        4/3
Carolyn Ann Franklin                 5-? -1944          5/4 

All the Franklin children have Double Birth orders. This 
makes for a very interesting family group. Those with 
Double birth orders will show characteristics of both of 
their birth orders at random times. This would have 
been an interesting household to say the least. Aretha 
had a 4/3 Double birth order. We can now unmask her 
personality as we look at each of these birth orders. 

The Three Birth Order
The third born is the child that has a keen sense of all 
the people around them. Religion in all its forms are 
a magnet for this person. They are creative and 
intuitive, The Three has a world view and the need to 
reach all people. She reached a wider audience while 
preforming for American Presidents and Pope Francis. 
Creative and artistic, Aretha was a self-taught pianist 
and her voice was truly a gift.  By age seven she could 
play a song perfectly on the piano, after hearing it 
once. Three's are sensitive to others and are easily 
hurt but try not to show it. Laughing on the outside 
but crying on the inside is a way to hide their pain. 
Aretha put the best possible light on her failed 
marriages and her life.   Her singing touched millions 
and she gave each song a deeper meaning with her 
touch of soul. This birth order is open to all the 
possibilities of life and her addictions to sex, alcohol, 
drugs and food some of which were obvious. Aretha 
certainly had a food addiction and was a compulsive 
eater. Seen in her photos, her weight fluctuated 
throughout her life. Her husband Ted White, also her 
manager introduced her to reefers and wine.  She quit 
smoking in 1992 but her younger sister Carolyn 
Franklin said, “She felt she was not good enough as a 
singer, pretty enough as a woman, and not devoted 
enough as a mother”. She could not maintain a 
relationship with another woman, always seeing them 
as competition. Her compulsive spending left her with 
a lot of unpaid bills. The largest debt was to Saks Fifth 
Avenue for $262,000 dollars.
The Fourth Birth Order
The Fourth born is the true baby in the family.  This is 
true even if there are younger siblings. Each birth 
order has its own strategy and the strategy of the first 
child begins again with child number five. The baby in 
the family can be loud to call attention to themselves 
and will act impulsively to a perceived personal attack.   
She once threw a tantrum when BeyoncĂ© described 
Tina Turner as “The Queen”. Throughout her life she 
tortured her sisters, brother, and producers and 
managers showing both rage and jealousies. Educated 
by older siblings the Fourth born can be forgetful and 
outspoken, even as children they are not intimidated 
by adults. Aretha was the only child in her family not 
graduate high-school. She dropped out of school in 
her sophomore year. The Fourth born wants to be 
taken care of and can be the comedian in the family. 
Her father was her “rock” when things went bad with 
her marriages, she always returned home to him. To 
the public she wanted to present an image of an ideal 
marriage but too ended. After she got control of her 
drinking she still didn’t show up for concert dates and 
had to pay the venues for her no shows. This problem 
and the costs of taking care of her father who was in a 
coma for six years after being shot by an intruder, 
made keeping money a constant problem. After he 
died and her marriages all failed she keep firing 
almost everyone who worked for her. In her mind she 
lived a fantasy life. In the end she died without a will. 
She never got back to her attorney, the number four 
leaves the details to others.

Cancer 2010
True to her belief in faith, she told the Associated 
Press in 2013 that she had received a “absolutely 
miraculous” healing after she was diagnosed with an 
illness. While talking to her old friend Smokey 
Robinson she said that doctors are not very well 
acquainted with faith healing. In 2017 talking with the 
Chicago Sun-Times she said, “Faith is very important, 
it certainly has sustained me to this day.” It was 
pancreatic cancer that led to her death. Her privacy 
about her illness is all in keeping with her number 
Three birth order, again laughing on the outside, 
crying on the inside.

The Combined 4/3 Birth Order
Seeing Aretha through the characteristics of her two 
birth orders gives us a truer understanding of her 
motivation and how she dealt with her insecurities. If 
nothing else, her talent and life gave her 

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