Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Baldwin Brothers and Sisters Their Birth Orders

                            Stephen      Billy      Alec       Daniel
                           Jane William Elizabeth Carol Daniel Stephen Alec

                     A Family of Six
                     It is not often that in a family four siblings
                     are in the entertainment business. Of the six
                     Baldwin children the four boys are actors but
                     their two sisters took a more traditional course.
                     Birth order is a tool to unmask personalities
                     and we will use it here to look at each member
                     of this family.

                     Elizabeth Baldwin Keachler #1
                     Born in 1955 she is the eldest of the children.
                     She carries the firstborn birth order.  With so
                     many brothers she would have a hard time
                     keeping her position and may have been
                     dethroned by brother Alec, the second born.
                     She must be a very nurturing firstborn having
                     six children of her own. She is married to a
                     landscaper but finds time to head Stephen
                     Baldwin’s Fan Club. He was the sixth born
                     and older sister is acting like a mother being
                     11yrs older. She probably played this role
                     while they were growing up.

                     Alec Baldwin #2
                     Alec could be the poster boy for a type of
                     number two birth order. Born in 1958 three
                     years younger than his older sister. True to
                     a second born he does not like to be told
                     what to do. His confrontations with reporters
                     is widely known. Outspoken about his liberal
                     political beliefs he does not back down, a trait
                     typical of second borns. He has had many
                     roles but comedy fits this birth order as it
                     makes fun of traditional roles in life. His
                     Capital One commercials and his role on 30
                     Rock showcase his humor. In marriage his
                     ideal match would be someone that has his
                     same birth order of that of his sisters. Sister
                     Elizabeth is a number one and Jane is a number
                      Five.  Five is a second level number One as
                      birth order starts over again after number
                      Four. His first wife Kim Basinger was a
                      Number Three birth order and the first girl in
                      her family. She would have understood Alec
                      as she has a number two brother. Alec would
                      find her difficult to understand since he did
                      not have a number three sister. His new wife,
                      Hilaria Thomas has an unknown birth order. 
                      Let’s hope she is a firstborn with a younger
                      brother. That would be Alec’s perfect match.

                       Daniel Baldwin #3
                       Daniel was born in 1960 two years younger than
                       Alec.  True to the Third-born, acting would come
                       naturally as he really understands people. Many
                       times third-borns get addicted to drugs or alcohol
                       as they are open and willing to try new things.
                       Unfortunately, they are easy prey to addiction.
                       Such is the case with Daniel who fits the
                       Third-born description of laughing on the outside
                        but crying on the inside. His personal life shows
                        the free sprit of the number three. He has four
                        children each with a different mother. Winning
                        the battle with addiction would stabilize his life.

                         William (Billy) Baldwin #4
                         Billy was born in 1963 Three years younger 
                         than older brother Daniel. The fourth child 
                         is the true baby in the family. In high school 
                         and college he was a varsity wrestler. Sports 
                         and games and having fun is what the 
                         number 4 is all about. Before becoming an 
                         actor, Billy worked as a male model for 
                         Calvin Klein. His brother Daniel says “all 
                         the girls liked Billy." Maybe this was 
                         the signal he put out that said “Help Me, I’m 
                         the baby." Brother Alec said that Billy was the 
                         peacemaker when everyone was “going at it 
                         pretty bad”.  Billy refers to himself as the “white 
                         sheep” in the family. He has been married only 
                         once to Chynna Phillips and they have three 
                         children. Chynna’s birth order is a mystery as 
                         she is one of eleven siblings of her father.  
                         Being part of a large family should be second 
                         nature for her, she would fit right in with the 

                          Jane Sasso Baldwin #5
                          Born in 1965 she is two years younger than 
                          Billy. A number 5 starts the birth order 
                          sequence all over again. She is a second level 
                          #1.  This means the characteristics of a 
                          number 1 are softened with the number 5. 
                          She like her sister took a more conventional
                          path in life.  She is a physical therapist and 
                          her husband runs a car dealership.

                          Stephen Baldwin #6
                          Born in 1966 just one year younger than older 
                          sister Jane. As a number 6, he is in the 
                          second group of birth Orders. A #6 is a 
                          second level  #2. Similar to Alec but without 
                          the edge and more subtle.  All children 
                          want to be different. Stephen is a 
                          Republican, completely opposite from Alec  
                          who has campaigned for Democratic  
                          candidates. He is also a born again Christian  
                          something that happened right after 9/11. 
                          He attributes this to helping him kick the  
                          drug habit but being a second level number 
                          two and wanting to be in control of his own 
                          life certainly helped. As the youngest in 
                          the family he has said that their family was 
                          more like The Brady Bunch, but on crack.

                          End The Confusion
                          An interesting family there is not doubt. We 
                          can get a different perspective of the 
                          Baldwins by looking at their birth orders. 
                          When all four brothers are in the same 
                          profession, it is easy to confuse them. By 
                          understanding their birth orders you have a 
                          way to unmask their personalities. You can 
                          now recognized their differences.

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