Monday, July 23, 2012

Tom Cruise::Mimi Nicole & Katie Their Birth Orders

Tom has been in the news again and unfortunately it was
about his personal life and his divorce from Katie Holmes. 
This was his third marriage and it may be time to take a
look at his and his former wife’s birth orders to understand
his marriages.

Tom’s Birth Order
Tom was born July 3, 1962 the third and only boy in his
family.  Everyone was close in age:
Lee Ann   #1   1959
Marian      #2   1961
Tom         #3   1962
Cass        #4    1963

Being the only boy Tom would be expected to act like a
firstborn. He was also nurtured by his sisters something
he would look for in a mate. He is still close to his sisters
and he has said he could live with any of them. His need
to act like a firstborn was something he may have felt
necessary as his single mother raised the family. Tom was
twelve years old when his mother divorced. This attempt
to be the man of the house was only an act as his  number
three birth order makes him a very sensitive person and
not one to give orders. Threes see the world and act very
differently than a firstborn.  Third borns are very open to
new ideas and will follow them with a religious zeal.  This
could be the case with his adoption of Scientology. His first
wife Mimi Rogers said Tom was thinking of becoming a
monk. When he was a student at a Franciscan seminary he
aspired to become a Catholic priest. This fits perfectly with
the world view of a number three and their outreach to
humanity. Laughing on the outside but crying on the inside
would be Tom’s way of coping.  He will try not to show he
has been hurt but his sensitivity is just below the surface.
His ideal match would be a #1, #2 or #4 that had a #3 brother,
which is his birth order.

Wife #1 Mimi Rogers
Mimi was born in 1952 making her six years older than Tom.
She is a firstborn with a younger brother.  This match was good
for Tom as Mimi matched the birth order of his older sister
Lee Ann also a firstborn.  Unfortunately Mimi did not have a
number three brother so this marriage was difficult for her
to understand Tom. She is credited for introducing Tom to
Scientology.  Their marriage lasted three years.

Wife #2 Nicole Kidman
Nicole was born in 1967, the older of two girls.  Her sister
Antonia was born three years later in 1970. This makes the
second firstborn that Tom married, he again matched the
childhood birth order of his older sister Lee Ann. Maybe
he had the feeling that Nicole would be taking care of him
like his older sister.  The problem here is that Nicole had no
brothers in her family and no one in the third birth order
position.  This would have made it difficult for her to
understand Tom.  This marriage lasted 11 years and they
adopted two children. It was during this time that rumors
circulated that the marriage was a cover up for Tom’s
homosexuality. They successfully sued the The Star on
this issue. Maybe his posing like a dominate first born
but acting like a sensitive thridborn gave the wrong

Wife #3 Katie Holmes
Katie was born in 1978 the fifth and last child in her family.
She carries a double birth order since there is a five year
gap between the first three children and the last two.
This is what the birth orders look like in her family.

Tamera                   #1 1968
Holly Ann               #2  1969
Martin Joseph Jr.    #3  1970
           5yr Gap
Nancy Kay           #4/1 1975
Katie                    #5/2 = #1/2  1978

Katie becomes a #1/2 Double Birth order as the fifth born
starts the birth order sequence again. You might say a #5 is
a gentle # 1. She gains the #2 birth order as she is the second
one in the second group of children. A person with this type
of Double Birth order vacillates between the two personalities.
Giving orders like a firstborn but then not wanting to be told
what to do like a second born. You might say that Tom saw
his two older sisters in Katie. She may have seen Tom as she
did her older brother Martin. Martin like Tom is a third born
with two older sisters. Tom matches her family birth order in
number and gender perfectly. This was the first marriage for
Tom to someone who could really understand him.  Maybe
that is why he was so excited, jumping on Oprah’s couch 
when he announced his marriage to Katie. He had finally found
his “soul” mate, but did he? Unfortunately Katie carries two 
birth orders so Tom would never be sure who she was.  He 
was totally blindsided when served with divorce papers. This 
marriage lasted six years.

The Future Mrs. Cruise
I hope this blog information gets to Tom so that his next 
marriage will be his last.  He almost got it right this time so 
next time should be the charm.  As a reader check your own 
birth order and that of your mate or significant other and see 
if you have a perfect match. You can read more about Double 
Birth orders in; Life’s Fingerprint: How Birth Order Affects 
Your Path Throughout Life, by Dr. Robert V.V. Hurst

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