Thursday, June 21, 2012

Matching Your Career Path to Your Birth Order

               Matching Your Career Path to Your Birth Order

                    Its graduation time for most high school 
                    seniors. For some it means on to college 
                    and picking a major, but for others it starts 
                    the hunt to find a job against the backdrop 
                    of high unemployment and a lagging 
                    economy. Many people take a zig zag path 
                    when locating that perfect job that feels just 
                    right. It would be better to know in advance 
                    just who you are and the clear understanding 
                   of the kind of position that is a perfect match. 
                   Understanding birth order can be a big help.

                 Birth Order Theory
                    The concept behind birth order is that each child in a
                 family is different and wants to be. Every birth order
                 has its own pluses and minuses when it comes to
                 characteristics and personality. To find your “true”
                 birth order you must take into consideration:
1.     Your gender in the family.
2.     Were there any spaces of 4 or more years
      between siblings or groups of siblings?
3.     Who you lived with until age 16.
4.     Was there a death of a sibling?
5.     Were there any step of half siblings you lived with?
6.     Were there any multiple births in your family?
7.     Any adopted siblings in the family?
8.  Were any of your siblings handicapped?
                    Taking all the above variables into consideration 
                     you can find your “true” birth order. The details 
                     are in the book, Life’s Fingerprint: How Birth 
                    Order Affects Your Path Throughout Life, by 
                    Dr. Robert V.V. Hurst. Let’s now explore the 
                    birth orders and try to match them with their  
                    perfection position.

                      Only Child
                  Being the only child in your family you grew up in 
                  the world of adults. At school you were the “adult” 
                  in the room and many of your fellow students 
                  looked up to you.  You go on to college with a lot 
                  of self-confidence given to you by your parents. 
                  The world is yours for the taking if you want it.  
                  In anything you do you will rise to the top 
                  managerial position but you can also start a project 
                  entirely on your own. You don’t feel you can fail.  
                  Working alone is no problem and you are not one 
                  to shout orders to those below you. You have a 
                  quiet sense of who you are and learning new 
                  things is not difficult. Books were your first 
                  friends so this is a field that would hold a lot of 
                  interest. You share the company of other Only 
                  birth orders; Walter Cronkite, Lauren Bacall, 
                  Howard Hughes, Jesse Jackson, Jack Lemon, 
                  Charles Lindbergh, Condoleezza Rice, and Betty 

                         First Born
                    The Only child becomes a firstborn with the birth 
                    of the second child in the family. Now he is not 
                    alone but has to work to keep the "throne". If he 
                    hasn't been “dethroned” by a younger sibling 
                    firstborns become high achievers, especially in 
                    school where they had a head start. They try to be 
                    perfect, follow all the rules and even enforce them 
                    with the younger siblings. Valedictorian or Eagle 
                    Scout is all in a day’s work for number One. 
                    There are two types of firstborns, one that loves 
                    giving orders and the other a very nurturing 
                    person who can’t do enough for you. Both are 
                    “in charge” people, they just go about it 
                    differently. They are future CEO’s either in the 
                    home or out in the business world, any place 
                    that they can exercise their power. Politicians, 
                    teachers, publishers, and business owners are 
                    all a good match for a firstborn. Hugh Hefner, 
                    Jimmy Stewart, Sam Walton, Henry Ford, Rush 
                    Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, J.K. Rowling and 
                    Hillary Clinton are all firstborns.

                      Second Born
                      This child doesn’t want to be compared to his older 
                  sibling and will search out a new direction.  Where 
                  the older child is the student, the next in line will be 
                  the athlete, anything to make them different. If the 
                  firstborn takes over the family business the second 
                  child must find something new. The second born 
                  does not want to be told what to do so it is best he 
                  find employment where there is little supervision. 
                  Running his own business is ideal as he will be a 
                  hands off owner, a very different boss than a 
                  firstborn. For these people money is important, 
                  if you have enough no one tells you what to do. 
                  Second borns can have great outgoing 
                  personalities, creating something new and different 
                  is what they love. They always seem to be working 
                  on a project. Warren Buffett, Johnny Carson, Bill 
                  Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Fred Astaire, Martha 
                  Stewart, John Belushi, Paul Newman and Martin 
                  Luther King Jr. are all second borns.

                        Third Born
                    The third born is the birth order that sees the world
                    very differently than the first two births.  They
                    are not into power over others like the first born or
                    money to control their own space which is true of
                    the second born. They see the big picture of life, 
                    the world around them and its people. They are 
                    the sensitive ones that want to save the world. 
                    The creative arts, religion, outdoor work, the 
                    trades using their hands and teaching others are 
                    all are areas that appeal to the third born. Working 
                    with groups of people or creating something 
                    beautiful is what these people love. Tom Hanks, 
                    Madonna, Mother Teresa, Sarah Palin and Marlon 
                    Brando Jr. are all third borns.

                         Fourth Born
                    The fourth born is the true baby in the family and 
                     has been taken care of by his older siblings. They 
                     may get a head start in school if the older siblings 
                     tried to teach them how to read. This birth order 
                     loves to be around people and older people are 
                     not intimidating as that is who they grew up with. 
                     Having fun is the underlying theme with the fourth 
                     born. They are natural salesmen and any sport 
                     interests them. Coaching young athletes is a 
                     perfect match. They know the real world is hard 
                     but can stand up to the challenge. They would 
                     really like work to be play. Dolly Parton, Michael 
                     Jordan, and Kirk Douglas are all fourth borns.

                          Double Birth Orders
                          All the above birth orders can become double birth
                     orders when separated from their siblings by a 
                     space of four years or more. This gives them the
                     characteristics of the Only child added to their 
                     birth order number. If this happens, you add a lot 
                     of power to your number. These people are more 
                     complex because they demonstrate two different 
                     personality characteristics but not at the same 
                     time. Although they are much stronger than the 
                     single birth orders this added power can cause 
                     problems with co-workers who never know 
                     which personality has come to work.

                           Find your “real” birth order and then check on 
                      the characteristics that describe you and who 
                      you really are. In every profession all birth 
                      orders have a place. Knowing who you are 
                      will allow you to pick an area of work that fits 
                      your birth order. In every profession all birth 
                      orders have a place. If law interests you, find 
                      your birth order match in one of the many 
                      diverse areas of law. There are trial attorneys, 
                      family attorneys, those that deal with real estate, 
                      patents, criminal attorneys, and immigration 
                      attorneys, just to name a few. A perfect fit for 
                      each of the birth orders. If education is your 
                      interest you can pick any number of subjects to 
                      teach, English, science, art, coaching and 
                      working in administration all fit different birth 
                      orders.Know your birth order and take a straight 
                      course to your future not a zig zag one. Now 
                      unpack your suitcase and enjoy your time in 
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