Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Birth Orders: Graduation & Career Paths


You have just graduated from college and Mom and Dad said it’s time for
you to get a job. When you came home you found that they had turned your room into a home office for Dad, you knew they were serious. Some of you
had part-time jobs but now it was time to get serious. This would be your last summer without any responsibilities but time is running short and you need a plan. Each birth order has a 
set of personality traits that fit their  “ideal” job but many don’t 
find it until later in life. The zigzag through many jobs. This 
information on your birth order should help you find a more 
direct path to that perfect position. We should also look at 
some of the things you did in college, many should not be 
discussed at the job interview.

The Only Child

Self-confident, not afraid of older people, may be spoiled, and 
not allowed to fail. These are some of the traits of the Only 
child. The world is theirs for the taking as they have been 
“little” adults all their lives. Only’s parents do not turn their 
rooms into an offices. Only’s can work with others but soon 
rise to the top. Working alone is also no problem for them. 
Books were their first friends so anything in this field interests 
them. They can also be interested in History, Art, and 
Publishing.  Starting a business is not out of the question. 
Their parents gave them a lot of self-esteem and confidence. 
When on an interview they may bring up information about the 
year they went to China to study and learn the language. Like 
Laura Bush, another Only, the library could be your new home.

The First Born

The Only child becomes a firstborn when another child enters 
the family. They want to please their parents, do well in school, 
like to be in charge and give orders. They are usually very 
responsible and are hard on themselves to be perfect. This 
birth order wants to be in-charge and many become CEOs. 
They will prepare for their interview and not fail to mention all 
they have accomplished, President of the student body, head 
of their sorority, and their success in enlarging the student 
parking lot. Any place where they can see themselves giving 
orders and helping others to “do the right thing” is perfect. 
School teachers are usually firstborns but so are the heads of 
most large corporations.

The Second Born

Don’t tell them what to do, very competitive, athletic, with an 
outgoing personality. These are some of the traits of the 
second born. In College they may have been on the 
basketball, swim team or the cheerleading squad.  They are 
the team player and the support person in anyone’s 
organization. Money, not power, is their overriding ambition, 
because when you have enough money no one tells you what 
to do. Their goal is to have autonomy over their life, which 
may mean, starting and running their own business.  Bill Gates 
and Warren Buffet did just that and no one tells them what to 
do. At the interview it might be prudent not to mention the 
time you and your friends handcuffed themselves to the library 
door to protest early closing times, you can be very stubborn.

The Third Born

Very sensitive, artistic, creative, intuitive, cares about the world 
and others.  These are some of the traits of the third born.  
Laughing on the outside but crying on the inside so no one 
sees their pain is typical of this birth order. Anything that 
seems to help humanity is of interest to these people.  
Working outdoors with nature, art, drama, nursing are all areas 
where they can excel. Money is not their goal and many are 
thought to be dreamers. Both Mother Teresa and Madonna 
carry this birth order. Depending on the job, you may want to 
tell them about the time when your Kodiak inflatable boat was 
rammed by a Whaling ship when you were volunteering to 
“Save the Whales.”

The Fourth Born

The true baby in the family, outspoken, comedian, loves to 
have fun. This person allows others to take care of them as 
this is what has happened all their lives. Planning for tomorrow 
is not a big concern but the next party or vacation is important. 
Working with large groups of people comes naturally as does 
speaking to their elders as this is what they have done all their 
lives.  They make ideal salespeople and hate a job behind a 
desk. It is all about personal interaction and having fun.  
Michael Jordan and Dolly Parton are both fourth borns and 
are still having fun.  At your interview it may not be the time 
to show off the tattoo you got after winning the tequila shot 
contest at spring break.

 Double Birth Orders

When four or more years separate a child from their older or
younger siblings on either side of them, they pick up an 
additional birth order, that of the Only child.  When you 
combine this with their birth order number you add strength 
to all the characteristics. This Only birth order amplifies, 
magnifies, and intensifies all the birth order traits.  Your job 
options are more varied but center around you. 
Understanding Double Birth Orders is the key to
understanding and unmasking everyone’s personality.

Your Future

What career path you take is of your own choosing. Match it to
your Birth Order and success is yours, you will love your
job.  Pick the wrong one and you will flounder for a while until
you match with the ideal position. Good Luck!

Dr. Robert V.V. Hurst