Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Steve Bannon Unmasking his Double Birth Order

We recently saw the exit from the White House 
west wing of one of President Trumps trusted 
advisors, Steve Bannon. Some say it was because 
of his inability to become part of the team and that 
he was encouraged to leave. Looking at his birth 
order will give us the answers as Steve has a 
Double Birth order.  

Steve’s Double Birth Order  #1/3
Stephen Kevin Bannon was born November 27, 1953 
in Norfolk, Virginia to working class parents. He was
the third child born into his family of five children.

Sharon Anita                1943       #1
Martin Joseph Jr          1947       #2
    year gap
Stephen Kevin            1953      #1/3
Christopher Terrence   1956      #2/4
Mary Elizabeth            1959       #3/5

Steve gets a Double birth order because of the 6 year 
gap between the two groups of siblings.  Having a 
Double birth order gives him characteristics of both 
a firstborn and third born. He is the oldest in the
second group of siblings but the third birth in the family.

Characteristics of the First and Third borns
The firstborn wants to be in charge and be the leader.
They don’t like to make mistakes or admit they are 
wrong. The third born is a master at understanding 
people. They develop this skill early as they have to
understand all the relationships between their siblings. 
They usually have a world view of things and want to 
make a difference when it comes to people’s lives.   
Steve showed his firstborn qualities when he rose to be 
special assistant to the Chief of Naval Operations in 
the Pentagon. He also became the executive chairman 
of Breitbart News. He has shown his third born side 
using his creative gifts to make documentary movies 
always about conservative issues. When someone
has a Double birth order they switch back and forth 
between their birth order personalities. This can be
confusing for co-workers which makes these people 
poor team players.

Other People with the #1/3 Birth order  
To better understand this Double birth order you can 
look at the lives of others with this same combination.
President George Washington, former Speaker of the
House Harry Reed, and progressive talk show host 
Stephanie Miller, all have the #1/3 Double birth order. 
These examples show Birth order does not predict 
ones political affiliation.

President Trump and Steve Bannon
These two men both have Double birth orders.   
President Trump is a #1/4 and Steve Bannon a #1/3.   
Both have the #1 birth order which would give them 
a number of common traits. Having multiple
personality traits both men would cause confusion 
in the White House and there can be room for only
one Double birth order.The President!  

Update Fire and Fury Book          
The new book Fire and Fury about the Donald Trump
White house has Steve Bannon regretting the comments
he made about the President's son, Donald Trump Jr.
Bannon's Double birth order, just like the President's
has gotten him in trouble. Double birth orders show
two different people that may not be on the same page.

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