Thursday, February 20, 2014

Shirley Temple Black: An Only/Three Double Birth Order

Shirley Temple passed away February
 12, 2014. From child actress to US
 Diplomat, was this a life of contrasts
or could we predict it by looking at 
her birth order?

Conception and Birth
Her mother Gertrude wanted a girl
and was told by a fortune teller that 
if her husband had his tonsils out
she would conceive a girl.  Shirley’s 
father was a bank branch manager 
and he did agree to have his tonsils 
removed.  Once removed they grew 

back and Gertrude persuaded him to have them removed a second time. 
Just like the fortune teller had predicted, mom conceived Shirley, born 
April 23, 1928. Shirley had two older brothers, John 12 yrs. older and
George Jr. 8 years older. This gave Shirley the double birth order of an 

What is a Double Birth Order?
When four years or more separate one sibling from all others
they receive the Only birth order characteristics along with their
number at birth.  The Only birth order can amplify, intensify and
magnify the characteristics of their birth number. In Shirley’s case
the birth order number three.

The Only and Three Birth Orders
The 3 birth order gave Shirley her sensitivity and sweetness,
one of its characteristics.  Three’s are the dreamers
and those that try to hide their vulnerability. They desire to
help mankind in some way. The cause is always a cause bigger than
themselves. The Only side of the birth order is the adult in the room. 
Because of the large age gap between siblings, Shirley spent many
years with her mother. As the only girl she got special attention and 
developed the self-esteem of an Only child. The Only characteristic 
gives a child the ability to talk like an adult.  Most child stars have 
this Only birth order either singularly or with another number. When 
you combine an Only with a  number  3  you get the ”Drama Queen, ” 
they like being on stage and in the public eye.

The Only/Three Birth Order
Shirley was known as “little miss one take”. She did her lines
flawlessly and spoke like an adult.  Her audience fell in love with her.
She showed the adorable side of the 3 personality.
One director called her a “50 year old dwarf.” Unfortunately,
she could not parlay her career into adulthood.  What made
her so unique as a child acting like an adult would not carry
over into an adult acting career.

Love at First Sight
Having 8 years between herself and her next sibling gave her
a birth order that was 80% and Only and 20% a Three.  Her
second husband Charles Alden Black was an Only child and
Shirley said it was love at first sight.  I say it was the link with
the Only side of her birth order.  They were married until
his death in 2005

Adult Career
Shirley’s double birth order would not let her hide her
unique talents.  After her movie career was over she
went into politics and served as the Chief of White
House Protocol working behind the scene arranging itineraries
for dignitaries, organizing ceremonies and treaty signings.
She was on stage with all these diplomats and the President.
She took center stage again as ambassador to Czechoslovakia
and Ghana.

Breast Cancer
In 1972 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a
mastectomy.  Following the operation she announced it to the
world to help increase awareness of the problem.  In 1973
she did an article for McCall’s and became one of the first
prominent women to speak openly about breast cancer.
This is the “Drama Queen” not afraid to be on stage but also
showing her need to help others.  Her life demonstrates
how her birth order influenced her actions. She will always
be remembered as a life well lived and as the little girl
on the Good Ship Lollipop.

You can learn more about Double Birth Orders in my book
Life’s Fingerprint: How Birth Order Affects Your Path Throughout
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