Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Double Birth Order of John Wilkes Booth Lincoln's Assassin

April 14, 2015 is the 150 year anniversary of the assignation of President Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theater April 14, 1865.Understanding birth order allows us to recreate and unmask the personality of his assassin. JW Booth who was 26 years old.

The Booth Family
JW Booth was the ninth child in a famous theatrical family.  
 His Father Junius Brutus Booth died in 1852 when John was 
14 years old. He became the oldest male living at their country 
home in Maryland with his mother, two older sisters and a 
younger brother. For the next 3yrs he farmed the land with the 
help of the family slaves. His two older brothers pursued their 
own theatrical careers following in their fathers profession. 
Thespians at this time were the rock stars of their day. 
Traveling across the country performing from New Orleans 
to Chicago, New York and California. The Booths were each    
earning over $20,000 dollars annually which would be $500,000 
dollars today.

John Wilkes Double Birth Order
#1 Janus  Jr.   1821
#2 Rosalie      1823
     Mary Ann          died  1833 Cholera
     Frederick           died  1833  Cholera
     Elizabeth           died  1833  Cholera
     Henry                died  1836 Typhoid

10 year Gap Starts another Family Group
#3/1 Edwin    1833
#4/2 Asia        1835
#5/3 John Wilkes Booth   1838
#6/4 Joseph    1840

John Wilkes double birth order is a #5/3.  The #5 is the 
second level #1birth order.  He shows the traits of a 
firstborn but much more subdued. People with Double 
birth orders are very difficult to unmask as they move 
between both their birth order characteristics. They appear
 one way to some people and completely different to others.

The Third Born Birth Order
The third born is the idealist, dreamer, and visionary.   
They see the World’s problems as something they wish 
to correct.  Nature, music, and understanding people are 
some of their gifts.  They can be laughing on the outside 
but crying on the inside, letting few see their inner turmoil. 
Others see them as sweet and gentle. This birth order may 
dream of slaying dragons but has little power to carry out 
the deed.

The Fifth Born Birth Order
This is the second level #1 birth order.  Like a firstborn
they are high achievers and can’t stand to be wrong.  They 
love to exercise power over others and lead them in their 
direction. Where a #1 is obvious in their command and 
control personality the #5 is much more subtle but still 
wants to be in charge, they have a lighter touch. He 
showed coolness and commanded confidence.

JW Booth the 5th and 3rd birth order
From his teenage years he identified with the South and 
all its principles.  He was described as having intuitive 
intelligence a #3 trait.  He also loved nature and would
throw himself to the ground and inhale the “earth’s healthy 
breath”. He could play the flute and appeared gay on the
surface with a taint of melancholy both #3 traits. He began 
acting at age 17 following his brother’s lead. Fellow actors
 saw him as a gentle man but also captivating showing both 
the #3 and #5 sides of his personality.

The Civil War and the Family
There was a split between all the family members and John 
Wilkes. He was a member of the No Nothing Party that was 
against immigration and for keeping things unchanged in 
America. His brothers played the Northern theaters and he 
the Southern. No one could convince him to change his views 
but because of the theater he could easily move in the North. 
 He played at Ford’s theater and even got his mail there. He
 moved freely in Washington D.C. as his last love interest was
 the daughter of a Senator friend of the President. During the 
war he broke his word to his mother that he would not get 
involved. He became a spy, blockade runner and rebel. At the 
wars end he was convinced that Lincoln was going to become 
King and he must save the nation from this tyrant. At first he 
had a plot to kidnap the President in exchange for prisoners, 
but it did not work out.  Then he organized his group to kill
the President and all the cabinet officers at the same time.

After the Assassination
On the run after he killed the President he firmly believed
what he had done would save the nation.  He felt he owed it
to the South and its people.  Quixotic to the end, his last words
were to his mother. “ Tell my Mother I died for my Country.”
His family could never change his beliefs but loved the side
of him that he showed them.  Without the power of his
Double Birth order he could have never attained his goal.

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