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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux a Birth Order Match?

                                                              Jennifer and Justin

                    Birth Order Matches
                 For those of you that have been following my blogs or
                    have my book; Life’s Fingerprint: How Birth Order
                    Affects Your Path Throughout Life; you know how to
                    find your birth order match. Here is a short review for
                    those who are new to this topic. One of the principles
                    in finding your “love at first sight” is to match up with
                    someone of the opposite gender with your same birth
                    order. A better match is to find someone that matches
                    both the gender and birth order of a sibling in your
                    family.  This is the ideal match that lasts forever!

                    Perfect Matches for the Only Child
                 For this person finding another Only child is possible.
                    Unique to the Only child, who has no siblings, is the
                    affect of their parents birth orders. The Only child
                    merges the birth orders of both parents into their own
                    for a unique new Only flavor. For those that have
                    Double birth orders that carry the Only child
                    characteristics this blending of the parent’s birth orders
                    is critical to understanding this person.

                    Jennifer’s Birth Order
                    Jennifer has a Double Birth Order.  This means that she
                    has four of more years between herself and any other
                    sibling in her family.  In her case she is was born in
                    1969, 10 years younger then her half-brother John
                    Melick born in 1959. This gives her an Only/Two
                    Double Birth order.  She was nurtured at home like
                    an Only child so she acquires “Adult Like” traits.
                    She also gets some traits of a Second born which
                     gives her a sense of privacy and the need to earn
                     money so no one tells her what to do. She is reported
                     to be worth 110 million dollars in 2007 and was rated
                     as one of the top 10 richest women in entertainment.
                     With 10 years separation between Jennifer and her
                     older half brother she becomes 95% Only and 5%
                      a Second born.  Her father has a Three/Only Double
                      Birth order and her mother is a Third born. This gives
                      the Only part of Jennifer’s Double Birth order a lot of
                      Third born flavor and a natural attraction to a Third

                      Jennifer’s and Brad Pitt’s Attraction
                  We have established that Jennifer is a Only/Two
                      Double birth order.  As the first born of her gender
                      in the family she also has a Firstborn flavor that
                      could be the attraction to another Firstborn, in her
                      case husband Brad Pitt. Having been raised by a single
                       parent since the age of 9 when her parents divorced,
                       she picks up a little of her mothers birth order,
                       that of a number Three. The Three is laughing on the
                       outside but crying on the inside. This was the same
                       birth order of Brad’s sister Julie, a number Three who
                       was also the first of her gender in the family.  Jennifer
                       said her relationship with Brad Pitt was very
                       complicated. Looking at their birth orders tells us he
                       had no idea what she was all about. He thought he
                       was getting a Third born like his sister but it was just
                       the outer wrapping. What he really got was and Only/Two
                       who he didn’t understand. Jennifer having an older
                       brother gave her a better understanding of Brad but
                       not enough to make this a lasting match.

                    Justin Theroux and Jennifer
                   Justin is a writer and actor who met Jennifer
                      while filming the comedy Wanderlust in 2010.
                       He has written Iron Man 2, Tropic Thunder, and
                       Rock of Ages. He has acted in Zoolander, Island
                       Emprie, American Psycho and Sex and the City.
                       Justin was born in 1971 two years younger than
                       Jennifer.  In birth order theory age is meaningless,
                       it is the birth order match that matters.  He is a
                       number Three birth order being 3 years younger
                       than his older brother with a sister in between.
                       This gives Jennifer the easy connection as both
                       her parents were Third borns. Bingo, a match for
                       Jennifer and someone she can understand.  For
                       Justin another match as he has a number Two
                       older sister who is no where near as powerful as

                        Will This Marriage Last?
                    I have pointed out the reason for each of them to
                         be attracted to each other. It is not a perfect
                         match but a better one for her than Brad. Jennifer
                         will have the power in this relationship for the
                         strength of her birth order is a hard one to top.
                         If she sees her Dad and Mom in Justin than this
                         should work……

                          Justin and Jennifer did marry but it only lasted
                          two and a half years. The strength of her Double
                          birth order is a hard one to match.  Good luck
                         with you next pick Jennifer.

                         For more information on Perfect Matches go to
                         my website and get
                         a copy of the book.  For those that purchase it
                         from the website I will do a personal analysis
                         for you and help you find that “Perfect Partner”.
                         Dr. Robert V.V. Hurst


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