Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Double Birth Order of Bing Crosby a Four/Two

It’s the holiday season and what a better life to look at than Bing Crosby’s.
He was the most popular crooner of his day and the classic “White Christmas”
is still heard every year. His last recording and his final TV Christmas was with
David Bowie.  His duet with Bowie of “Peace on Earth and The Little Drummer
Boy is listed as one of the 25 most memorable musical moments of the 20th century.
Double Birth Orders
Many people get confused when a Double Birth order consists of two ordinal birth numbers and not an ordinal number combined with that of an Only. We also call this a Family within a Family.  The life of Bing Crosby should clear up any confusion. This is how we find this type of Double birth order.

  Siblings                                           Birth Orders
Larry         1895                                     1
Everett       1896                                     2
                               4 year gap                        This starts another family
Ted            1900                                    3/1
Bing           1903                                   4/2
Catherine    1904                                   5/3
Mary Rose 1906                                    6/4
                               7 year gap                        This starts another family
Bob            1913                                    0/7     (He would be a 7/0 if only a 4 yr gap)

Bing's 4/2 Double Birth Order
If we look at the characteristics of these two birth orders we can see them in his work and interests. His life shows what can happen when you combine the Two and Four birth orders.  The Two wants to control his space and its money that gives him control.  He is also competitive and can be athletic.  He will not be conventional in his thinking and can go where others don't feel comfortable. The Four can be a real charmer as the baby in the family and if work is fun than that is perfect for him.  Having a double birth order allows this person to switch back and forth between these traits; this can cause some confusion for those around him.

A look at his life’s accomplishments from his work that he seemed to do so easily.

1. As of 2000 he still held the number of most Number One hit records 38
 2. Successful in record sales, radio ratings and motion picture grosses.
3. Developed first commercial reel-to-reel tape recorder
4. In 1962 first person to win a Grammy Global Achievement Award
5. Won an Academy Award for Best Actor
6. Has three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
7. Was fired from Paul Whiteman band for “bad” behavior
    (Maybe he didn’t want to be told what to do?)
8.  In tickets sold he is the third most popular actor of all time.
9. Walked away from the radio networks when they would not allow him to
    prerecord his shows on magnetic tape. Was settled out of court with him winning.
    (It is said this allowed him more time for golf)
10. Invested in the first frozen orange juice sold under the brand Minute Maid.
      (With this investment he found a loophole in the tax law so the IRS couldn’t
       tax him at 77%)(Number Two needs money for their independence)
11. Launched the tape recorder revolution in America with Ampex company
12. Financed the development of videotape.
13. Helped establish Del Mar race track in California. Sold his interest in 1946 for   
       almost half a million dollars.

His Athletic achievements and Fun

1.  Part owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team
2.  Member of the World Golf Hall of Fame.  Thought to be one of the
     people most responsible for popularizing the game
3.  Received the William D. Richardson Memorial Trophy for his
     contributions to the game of golf (1950)
4.  Started in 1937 the Crosby Clambake and now known as the
     A&T  Pebble Beach National Pro-Am
5.   He was a two handicap player who competed in both the British and
      U.S. Amateur championships.
6    One of only a few players to ever make a hole in one on the 16th at
      Cypress Point
7.  Wife Kathryn Crosby said at a news conference after Crosby’s death,
     “I can’t think of any better way for a golfer who sings for a living to
      finish the round.
 8.  Died from a massive heart attack after a round of 18 holes of golf near
     Madrid Spain. He and his partner had just defeated their opponents.
     His last words were “That was a great game of golf, fellas”  He had been
     told by his doctor to limit his play to only 9 holes.

Do you know any 4/2 Double birth orders?  These two birth orders are very complementary to each other.  As you can see, it can make for an interesting life.

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