Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tim Kaine and Mike Pence: Their Birth Orders

      Tim Kaine                                     Mike Pence

The 2016 Presidential campaign is well under way and
both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have picked their
Vice Presidential running mates.  Picking a running mate
in politics is not much different than picking a marriage
partner. You first have to have chemistry, then you become
more rational and look at their other qualities. The analysts
try to look deeper into the reason for the selection. They look
at demographics, their stands on various issues, how they
mesh with the Presidential candidate.  This helps fill up the
time and may even bring in a few viewers. However, If you
understand birth order you know that it’s none of those
things, it is “love at first sight.”

Two Types of Love at First Sight
The first type is when you find someone of your same birth 
order. You are twins in more ways than one. You tend to 
think the same way and that makes you feel good.  The 
problem is that only one of you is the “Top Dog,” you both 
can’t fill The same shoes. Not a problem for President and
Vice President. The second kind of “love at first sight” is a 
person that matches the birth order of one of your siblings.   
You grew up with this person so you understand their specific 
birth order. This becomes a very easy relationship, more like 
a family with each person playing a different role.

Runnings Mates from the Past: Evidence
Ronald Reagan a #2  Picked George H.W. Bush a #2 
(Both had older brothers)
George H.W. Bush #2 Picked Dan Quayle a #1
(Matched George’s older brother)
George W. Bush #1/0 Picked Dick Cheney a #1 
(Matching birth orders)
Mitt Romney a #4/0 Picked  Paul Ryan a #4/0  
(Both matched birth orders)
Bill Clinton an #0/1 Picked  Al Gore an  #0/2 
(Gore had the same birth order as Roger Clinton )
Barack Obama a #1/0 Picked Joe Biden a #1
(Both had the firstborn birth order)

Hillary’s pick: Tim Kaine
Tim Kaine is a #1 birth order the same as Hillary.
Hillary had two younger brothers exactly the same as
Tim Kaine.  As firstborns they both want to be in charge
and lead the way. Firstborns have a lot of trouble ever
admitting they are wrong. Hillary had to fight harder to
hold her position with younger brothers.  Tim had the
luxury of holding his position easily being a very good
student. All birth orders have two sides and he shows
the softer side of the #1 birth order. He gets his control
by helping others.  Doing missionary work in Honduras
had a great impact on his life.

Trump’s Pick: Mike Pence
Mike Pence comes from a family of six children.  Mike is
the Third born with two older brothers and one younger.
It was difficult for Trump to match his #1/4 birth order.
Mike does have a #1 brother and a #4 brother making it
easier for him to understand  Donald. In Mike, Donald
matched a sibling in his family.  His sister Elizabeth, she is
the third sibling. Mike almost matches with her. She is 4yrs
older than Donald giving her a #3/0 double birth order. This
is the other type of “love at first sight.” As a Third born Mike
would see the world globally. The saying “laughing on the
outside crying on the inside” is a Third born. They protect
their sensitive side so you don’t always see what you get.
They care about others and can really “feel your pain.”  When
Pence was a high school student he helped twin boys with
muscular dystrophy. Third born Mike would see Politics as
a way to change the world.  He also underwent a spiritual
transformation in college. At one time in his life he was
thinking about the Priesthood. This is not unusual for the
Third born.

Future Debate
There will be a debate between these two men.  I am sure
It will be as interesting as the debates to come between Hillary
and Trump, two more people with very different birth orders.
For more information on both Hillary Clinton and Donald
Trump see their blogs on this site.  For even more information
on birth orders see my book: Life’s Fingerprint: How Birth Order
Affects Your Path Through Life, by Dr. Robert V.V. Hurst.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Celebrity Personalities Unmasked: Kardashian, Trump, Oprah, Putin, Beck, Bush, Rubio, Cruz and Bernie Sanders

Find Your Hidden Personality/Your Double Birth Order
Do people find you difficult to work with saying to you 
that you seem to have two different personalities?
Do you wake up and feel that you are a different 
person today than you were yesterday?
Do you feel your personality is more powerful than 
others that share you same birth order number?
If any of these statements are true than you may have 
one of two types of Double Birth Order.

             How do you get a Double birth order?
Double birth orders happen when the spacing between
successive siblings or groups of siblings is 4 or more
school years.

               Two types of Double Birth Orders
There are two types of Double Birth orders. One is the
combination of a person’s ordinal number of birth with
the qualities of an Only child. Examples: One/Only,
Two/Only, Three/Only, and  Four/Only.

The other type of Double birth order is the combination
of two ordinal birth orders. When the numbers are 
close, 1/2, 2/3, there may be a blending of 
characteristics. When the numbers are far apart, 1/3, 
1/4, the individual will show very different personalities 
without blending the traits of the two birth orders.

     Answer the following questions to find 
     if you have a  Double Birth Order  

1.      How many siblings are in your family?
 (include steps and halves that you lived with) 
2.      What is your number?  (count from oldest to you)
3.      Were you the  FIRSTBORN and your next sibling was
four or more years younger? no, proceed to #4               
yes, add an ONLY # to your birth order and stop here.
4.      Did you have any siblings older than you with handicaps
or died before you were 16yrs old? no, proceed to #6.              
yes, move yourself up 1 B/O# for each death or severe
5.      Did the death or handicap of the sibling older than you
create a gap of 4 or more years between you and your
next oldest sibling? no, proceed to #12         
yes, proceed to #6
6.      Is the sibling who is immediately older than you,
older by 4 or more years? no, proceed to #7          
yes, add a Only # to your B/O#  and proceed to #11
7.      Did you have 2 older siblings?  Where was the 4 or 
      more year gap between ages?  no, proceed to #8                  
 yes, Between 1&2?   Add a #2 to your B/O# proceed 
 to #12
                      yes, Between 2& me?  Add a #1 to your B/O# proceed 
                      to #12
8.      Did you have 3 older siblings? Where was the 4 or
       more gap between ages?  no, proceed to #9      
 yes, Between 1&2?    Add a #3 to your B/O# proceed
 to #12
                      yes, Between 2&3?    Add a #2 to your B/O# proceed 
                      to #12
                      yes, Between 3& me?  Add a #1 to your B/O# proceed
                      to #12
9.      Did you have 4 older siblings? Where was the 4 or 
       more year gap between ages? no, proceed to #10          
 yes, Between 1&2?    Add a  #4 to your B/O# proceed 
 to #12
                      yes, Between  2&3?   Add a  #3 to your B/O# proceed
                      to #12
                      yes, Between  3&4?   Add a  #2 to your B/O# proceed 
                      to #12
                      yes, Between  4& me?  Add a  #1 to your B/O# 
                      proceed to #12
10.    Did you have 5 older siblings?  Where was the 4 or 
       more year gap between ages? no, proceed to #11         
        yes, Between 1&2 Add a #4 to your B/O# proceed 
        to #1
        yes, Between 2&3 Add a #3 to your B/O# proceed to
        yes, Between 3&4 Add a #2 to your B/O# proceed to
        yes, Between 4&5 add a #1 to your B/O# proceed 
        to #1
        yes, Between 5& me add a #2 to tour B/O# proceed 
        to #12
11.  Do you have an immediate younger sibling no more
 than 3 years younger?  no, proceed to #12          
 yes, add a #1 to your B/O#   (remove the ONLY number)
12.  Is your next younger sibling more than 4 years 
       younger? no, nothing changes              
         yes, replace any secondary # with an Only number to 
         your Birth Order number.. 

        For all of those people who’s birth order number
        is 5 or greater you have a 2nd or 3rd  level Birth 
        Order and all the characteristics for your birth 
        orders are muted. Examples:   5=1  6=2  7=3  
        8=4   9=1  10=2  11=3  12=4 
     The following people have Double Birth orders that 
                        add the Only Characteristic: (0)
    Sylvester Stallone    Sean Connery        Monica Lewinsky
    Bill Clinton               Judge Judy             Mick Jagger 
    Jon Bon Jovi            Barack Obama       Bernie Sanders
    Britney Spears         Ellen DeGeneres    Jerry Springer
    Jennifer Aniston      Brian Williams       Howard Stern 
    Adolf Hitler               Robin Williams      Suzanne Somers
    Oprah Winfrey         John Wayne            Valdimir  Putin
    Eli Manning              Dr. Phil McGraw     Billy Carter 
    Honey Boo Boo       Paul Ryan               Ted Cruz

      The following people have Double Birth orders
                  with only Ordinal Numbers: (1,2,3,4)
    Walt Disney         Donald Trump          Khloe Kardashian 
    Will Smith            Robert Kardashian  Harry Reid
    Princess Diana   Kim Jong-un             Glenn Beck
    Jeb Bush             Marco Rubio             Katie Couric

  To find the Double Birth orders of these people and learn
  more about yours contact me, Dr. Robert V.V. Hurst through
  my website at  www.lifesfingerprint.com  Even better, buy my
  book   Life’s Fingerprint: How Birth Order Affects Your Path
  Throughout Life.

   For the first 10 people to send me an e-mail I will give you the code
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