Friday, January 27, 2017

James Comey: His Birth Order Explains his Actions


Presidential Election 2016
We may not have heard the name James Comey
if it had not been for the highly contested Presidential
Election. Hillary Clinton’s emails were an issue
brought to light by the Benghazi hearings. FBI director
James Comey was put in the center of the issue when
the US Attorney General meet with Bill Clinton during
the ongoing investigation. This meeting caused Loretta
Lynch the Attorney General, to excuse herself from
making any decisions on the case. She gave the FBI
director Comey the decision to determine if prosecution
was warranted. How he handled the situation can be
more clearly understood if we look at his birth order.
Unmasking Personalities
Birth order can predict someone’s personality if we find
their “real” birth order. To do so we must look at several
factors as explained in earlier blogs “How to find your
true Birth Order.” The gender and spacing of siblings 
are two major factors. In addition, illness, death of a 
sibling, step-siblings, and multiple births, twins and
triplets also influence the finding of your “real” birth 
Sibling Rivalry
Sibling rivalry is usually strongest between the first two
siblings. The firstborn wants to keep the throne and the
second born wants to ascend the throne. The firstborn
has a head start in school and uses this advantage to
claim the intellectual position among his siblings.  If he
holds this advantage, the second born becomes the 
athlete as a way to be different and increase his worth 
in the family.  Should the firstborn have difficulty in 
school, the second born is ready to move up and 
defeat the firstborn. In response to this dethroning the 
firstborn may drop out of the race. The reverse is also 
true should the firstborn claim both the intellectual and 
the athletic positions, then number two may drop out.
James Comey’s Siblings
The oldest in the family is Patricia Comey Preston 
6-4-58. She is a banker. Second born was James Brien
Comey 12-14-60 current FBI director. Third is Peter
Comey 6-5-62 who works in construction and 
real-estate. Last is Christopher Comey10-18-65 a 
neurosurgeon. With this gender arrangement the 
oldest, a female, may not have acted like a first born, 
telling her brothers what to do as they outnumbered 
her 3-1. The brothers may have interacted like a group 
of three children leaving the oldest, Patricia, to her 
unique position as the only girl. If this was true, James 
Comey would have characteristics of both a second 
born, his order of birth, and firstborn, the leader of the 
three boys in the family.4
Firstborn and Second Born Characteristics
Jim was born the second in the family.  This is the child 
that does not want to be told what to do.  He sees the 
world clearly as things are right or wrong.  This may 
have led Jim to study theology in college. Growing up 
he was an altar boy and delivered newspapers.  At age 
16 both he and his brother were held at gunpoint by an 
intruder, they escaped. In college Jim at 6ft 8, played 
basketball, football and ultimate Frisbee, the second 
born as an athlete. While serving as U.S. Deputy 
Attorney General during the George W. Bush 
administration he opposed the White House and their 
attempt to pass domestic surveillance laws. He did this 
while his boss, John Ashcroft, was hospitalized. He 
showed the second born characteristic, “don’t tell me 
what to do.” Jim is also the firstborn boy in the family 
and the leader of his two younger brothers.  The 
firstborn likes to lead and give orders. They don’t like
to be wrong. Because of this, it may look like the 
firstborn is on both sides of an issue. Jim has been in 
charge of large groups of attorney’s as a U.S. Attorney 
in New York and Virginia. He was also General 
counsel for Lockheed Martin, and Deputy Attorney 
General under George W. Bush and now FBI director.
The Controversy
On July 4, 2016 he announced that the FBI 
recommended no criminal charges be filed against 
Hillary Clinton.  He then read a statement listing her 
“extremely careless” behavior. The Democrats 
cheered. On October 28, 2016 Carlos Danger, aka 
Anthony Abedin Weiner was found to have classified 
emails on his computer. Comey announced that these 
additional emails would reopen the investigation. 
The Republicans cheered. Comey acted on his own 
against advice by the Justice Department. Two’s don’t 
like to be told what to do!
Comey to Continue as FBI Director
It may look like Comey’s behavior is that of a man 
pulled in different directions by political influence.  If 
you understand his birth order you now see he may be 
truly independent as the FBI director should be. The 
winner of the election Donald J.Trump, has asked
Comey to continue on at the FBI. Trump greeted him 
at the White House and in true Trump prospective said 
to him, “You’ve become more famous than me.”  
 Time will tell.

May 9, 2017 Looks like this number 2 has succeeded in
upsetting both the Democrats and Republicans. Trump
fired him today! Said he was not doing a good job 
leading the FBI.  If most of the FBI are firstborns they
would not understand the number 2 side of Comey's
personality. They would not see him as a competent 

Update April 26, 2018
Comey is now on a book tour promoting his book about
his time with the FBI and the Clinton and Trump 
controversies. It points to the fact that a #2 birth order 
should have not been the leader of the FBI.  You can't 
have a lower birth order command respect from those 
with higher birth orders.  His second in command 
McCabe a #3 birth order was even more ill-suited for 
the job.  When a #2 and a #3 try to act like #1's they 
overdo it, a sham performance.We can all see the result.
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