Friday, January 31, 2014

Robert Gates former Secretary of Defense:His Double Birth Order

Robert Gates former Secretary of Defense: His Double Birth Order

Making the rounds of all the talk shows this week has been
 Robert Michael Gates promoting his autobiography Duty 
where he gives us an insight into the Obama administration. 
He has had a history of government service,serving as the 
15th Director of the CIA and in various positions under 
eight US Presidents from Nixon to Obama.  With all these 
years in public service 1967-2011 you would think it would 
be easy to find out the information to determine his birth 
order, well it wasn’t.  I guess the CIA is a master at 
protecting their employees and their families, but not from
this birth order detective.

We know he went to Wichita East High and graduated in 1961.
He was a straight A student and achieved the rank of Eagle 
Scout. He sang in the boy’s choir and at one time put together 
a collection of animal brains, maybe an early sign he would 
work for the CIA. College was William and Mary in Virginia 
graduating in 1965.  Next it was Indiana University where he
earned a master’s degree in 1965.  It was here he met his
future wife Becky who he married in 1966.  He received a 
doctorate in Russian and Soviet history from Georgetown 
University in 1974.

It was at Indiana University in 1965 that he was recruited by 
the CIA. After two years of service in the US Air Force he 
joined the National Security Council under Richard Nixon. 
Deputy Director of the CIA in 1982,  Deputy national security 
director 1989-1991 under George H.W. Bush.  Director of
CIA 1991-1992. In 1999 he began working at Texas A&M 
becoming its President three years later. In 2006 he was 
appointed secretary of defense by President George W Bush 
and kept in this position by President Obama until 2009
when he resigned.

The Only/Two Birth Order
Robert Gates was born September 25th 1943 in Wichita 
Kansas. When he was born he had an older brother Jim at
least 6 years older who became a school principal.  This 
makes Robert Gates an Only/Two double birth order.  He
would show Only characteristics  60% of the time those 
of a Two 40% .  This Only/Two would be the person that 
would be asked to take charge of things but could also keep 
secrets.  The Only side of his birth order would allow him
to work with One’s and Only’s.  In the White House our
President Obama is a One/Only double birth order, Joe
 Biden a One birth order. Valerie Jarrett a close adviser to 
the President is an Only birth order.  At times the Two side 
of his personality would resent anyone telling him what to 
do but he would keep it to himself.  The number Two sees 
things in clear terms of right and wrong, good and bad and
when what he perceives an injustice taking place will no 
longer keep his silence.  This may have been the reason he 
left his position and wrote his book. He was shocked when
given an "order" by Obama and Biden about Afghanistan. It
showed him they didn't understand the military and it was
"unnecessary and insulting".  Never underestimate this birth 
order from trying to make things right.

A Two/Only Speaks his mind
Now that he is no longer in the government he felt no restriction
to say what has been on his mind.  Nicknamed Yoda by the 
Obama administration probably because of his silence when
he became angry.  As he has said in a recent interview “When 
I get angry I get quieter” Accusing the President of an 
uncommitted policy In Afghanistan, he had to sit in meetings
where the staff made negative comments about the prior 
administration of which he was a part. This shows the strength
 of the Only/Two. Don’t rule him out as a possible Vice-
Presidential pick in the next Presidential election.  This birth 
order is content with a support role and doesn’t crave the 
attention and center stage of a number One.

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