Sunday, September 14, 2014

Joan Rivers a #2 Birth Order that was in Control

We lost Joan Rivers September 4th 2014 and now
we get a chance to see her life in terms of her birth
order. Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Grandmother
and Comedian are roles she has played. Her birth
order influenced them all.

Early Years
Born Joan Molinsky June 8, 1933 in Brooklyn N.Y. to
Jewish immigrant parents.  Two years earlier her sister
Barbara was born. Both girls did well in school and
both earned Phi Beta Kappa Honors at their respective
colleges. Barbara went on to law school and became
one of its youngest graduates. She later attended
medical school and married Dr. Edward Waxler, a
cardiologist, they had two children.

The #2 Birth Order
The Second born is the child that is characterized as
Stubborn only because they want to control their own
space. This birth order instinctively wants to dethrone
their older sibling. First, they copy everything they do.
Later, if they see dethroning is impossible they
strike out in a completely different direction. At an
early age they develop a work ethic and can’t seem
to stay still, always having a project. Money is very
important to them for the security it brings not in
the wealth itself.  With enough money people
can’t tell you what to do. This is true of both Bill Gates
and Warren Buffett two of the richest men in the
world. At the time of her death Forbes estimated
Joan's net worth between 150 and 290 million
dollars.  Second borns also have a belief system
that is hard to change for they see thingsnot on a
personal level  but have their own standards of
what is right and wrong. The Second born may go
right when the others go left. They will rarely back
down when they take a position.  Joan would never
apologize for her jokes even if they were in bad taste.

Joan as a Second Born
She started early in her life doing anything to “make
a living”.  Her big break was the Johnny Carson show.
They hit it off right away; Johnny was also a #2 birth
order.  She made the mistake of taking an offer for
a show that was in direct competition with Johnny
and that ended the relationship. The Second born has
a value system you don’t want to cross.  Johnny was
the first guest on her show but afterwards forbid any
guests on his show that were guests on Joan’s show.
Johnny a #2 would never talk to her again. Soon after
her show was cancelled by Fox. Broke, she reinvented
herself by started a company and selling her line of
clothes and jewelry on the QVC shopping network.
It is estimated she earned 50 million a year from QVC.
She said, “There is nothing I won’t do, humiliation does
not exist in my vocabulary” She may have also
controlled things in her marriage.  She married Edgar
her 2nd husband a few days after they were introduced.
At the time he was a TV producer. As a #1 he may have
been dethroned by his younger brother, an engineer
for the Navy. Life was a struggle for Edgar, the butt
of many of Joan’s jokes. They were married for 22
years. He committed suicide soon after the marriage
had trouble and he and Joan were separated. This
happened in 1987 after Fox fired her when she
challenged their decision to fire him as the producer
of her show.

Working to the End
In her last years Joan was co-hosting the E! celebrity
Fashion Show Fashion Police, as well as the reality
series Joan & Melissa Joan Knows Best? Her
self–deprecating humor and the plastic surgery she
felt she needed to stay In show business will not be
forgotten. She refusedto bow to political correctness.
“Don’t tell me what to do” says the Second born.
Now. “Can we talk?”

For more information on birth order visit or buy the book Life’s 
Fingerprint: How Birth Order Affects Your Path 
Throughout Life by Dr. Robert V.V. Hurst