Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Royal Wedding for Prince William and Kate Middleton

There was a little lighter news today with the announcement that Prince William
and Kate Middleton will marry next spring or summer. Their eight year relationship
started their first year in college. Prince William is the firstborn and the British press
use to refer to him and his brother Harry as the heir and the spare.Kate is also the
firstborn with a sister Pippa a few years younger and brother James four years
 younger than Pippa.

Kate sounds like a very high achieving firstborn called an A-grade student and
excelled in both hockey and tennis. Being both the student and athlete didn’t give
 sister Pippa much of a chance to “dethrone” her. With these two firstborns getting
together you see one type of “Love at first sight” as they both share a number one
birth order.  They both see a mirror image of themselves. The problem here is that
they both will have a problem admitting to each other that they made a mistake.
They also may both want to lead so someone is going to find themselves number two.
This may be easier for the Royals as one can be King and the other Queen.

This marriage may be one of equals not like the marriage of Charles and Diana.
This was a difficult marriage that we all saw fall apart in the public media. Charles
a firstborn married Diana a 3/1 double birth order. She had two sisters more than
4 years older then herself and her younger brother. This created a family within a
family and another type of Double birth order. Diana had two very distinct
personalities both a sensitive caring number three and a want to be in charge number
one. If you look back on her life you will see these two sides to her personality.

The most interesting side of the William and Kate union will be her little brother
James. He carries the Double birth order of a Three/Only. I predict a lot of drama
here that the Royals will be trying to tone down and cover up. Already he is being
investigated by the Financial Services Authority into an investment company where
he works. His previous experience was running a cake making company.He now is
development manager for a company that buys rain forest land for clients who in return
receive carbon credits to trade on the global market. The future headlines will be
interesting for the future King of England’s brother-in–law.

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