Monday, April 15, 2013

Understanding Kim Jong-Un and his Double Birth Order


                                                   Kim Jong -Un

Unmasking Personalities
When you understand someone’s birth order you get
the opportunity to unmask their personality.  Every birth
order has both positive and negative qualities and this is
why different people with the same birth orders do not
always act the same. When people have double birth
orders they are very confusing. They demonstrate
characteristics from both birth orders in a random fashion. 
This makes unmasking their personality very difficult.

Prediction of New North Korean Leader
On March 1, 2011 I wrote a blog about Kim Jong –il
then the current leader of North Korea. I made a
prediction using the birth order of his children to
pick his successor.  I looked for the child that would
most match the father’s birth order, that of a #2. 
The answer was Kim Jong-Un a four/two double
birth order. He was declared supreme leader December
28th 2011 following the funeral of his father.

How do you get a Four/Two Double birth order?
In order to get this birth order you must have two
groups of children separated by at least 4years.  In
this case the separation was 10 years.  The first
two children were born in
1971  #1 Kim Jong-Nam
1974 #2  Kim Sol-song
     10yr gap
 1981 #3/1  Kim-Jong-chul  (Third birth but oldest in 2nd family)
 1983 #4/2  Kim Jong-Un
      4yr gap

 1987 #5/0  Kim  Yo-jong

Kim Jong-Un number 2 and 4 personalities traits
The second child does not want to be told what to do.
The more you tell them the more stubborn they get even
though they know they are wrong. The battle with their
older sibling is their first taste of conflict and it looks
like Kim Jong-Un dethroned his older brother. In school
it has been said Kim was a competitive basketball player
and did not like to lose.

The fourth born is the true baby in the family.  Playing
games and letting other take care of the details is this
birth order’s traits. They also don’t want to grow up and
if it is not fun they don’t want to do it.  It is said Kim
is obsessed with basketball and computer games, likes
to drink and party. All this fits his birth orders.

Difficulty with World Leaders
Why are the world’s leaders so in the dark about Kim?
It is that most of them were elected not part of a family
dynasty. Most leaders are firstborns, like to give orders
and don’t really understand their younger siblings. They
feel the world revolves around them. Kim confuses them
with his #2 and #4 birth order traits ,something with
which they have little experience. Younger siblings
always know how to aggravate their older siblings.

Will Kim Jong –Un send up a Missile or Bomb?
No one knows if he plans to lead his country into
National suicide but this author says it is likely.
His number 4 birth order is no match for his aggressive
#2 traits as #4 sees this all as a game and #2 won’t give
in to outside pressure.

Update 8-14-17 
Kim Jong-Un has met his match with Donald Trump,
both have double birth orders. Kim a 4/2 Trump a
4/1.  Trump will be more measured but Kim will not
back down to pressure. Don't tell a number 2 what to
do. I expect a missile launch tomorrow but it could
be cancelled if Kim feels he gained somethimg from
his show of force.  Trump won't fire the first shot.

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