Saturday, December 11, 2010

President’s Obama and Clinton a study in Double Birth Order

On Friday December 10, 2010 we all were witness to a very unusual event,
Two Presidents having a news conference sharing the podium.  This joint conference in itself was not what most people noticed.  It was the current President letting a former President run the news conference and then excusing himself, saying his wife was waiting for him. This left Bill Clinton to continue with reporters for another 30 minutes.

Double Birth Orders
Double birth orders occur when there are at least 4 school years between adjacent siblings. The greater the number of years the more like an Only child you become and less like your number of birth.  The Only child can be the most adult like of the birth orders. At a 4 yr separation you are 50% an Only and 50% your number of birth.

One Only and Only One.
From the aspect of birth order this behavior between Clinton and Obama was not at all unusual.  The strongest birth order is always in charge and that was Bill Clinton. Bill has a Double birth order of an Only/One having a step brother Roger 10yrs younger giving Bill more Only power. Obama is a One/Only birth order being only 6years older than his half/sister.  To the outside observer this acquiescence of the podium seems odd but not odd at all from the perspective of Double Birth Order theory.

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