Wednesday, October 25, 2017

George Soros: A Tale of Two Brothers Sibling Rivalry

                       George Soros

When there is funding for progressive liberal organizations
 the name George Soros is usually in the news.  Just who is 
this man and what does his birth order say about his 
behavior. A look at his older brother and their early life will 
give us the answer.

Double Birth Orders
When four years or more separate siblings they receive 
increased nurturing from both parents because of the years 
of separation.  This gives the child a Double birth order.   
His number of birth plus the self-confidence of the Only 
child. This magnifies and intensifies both the positive and 
negative characteristics of their birth order number.

Two Boys Sibling Rivalry
Born Gyorgy Schwartz August 12, 1930 to a Jewish 
attorney father. He gave up his Jewish heritage during 
World War I as a Russian POW. He now had a worldview 
of globalization. His mother was from a Jewish family of a 
well-to-do fabric owner. His older brother Paul, was born 
June 5, 1926 four years earlier.  This gave both the boys 
Double birth orders. Paul was a One/Only and George is 
a Two/Only. The family lived an upper class cultured 
lifestyle with vacations in Austria and a summer home 
on the Danube River. George complained that Paul got 
all the attention and the boys were rivals. Paul writes that 
they had “a pretty bad relationship” as youngsters.

The Two/Only Birth Order
The second born child does not want to be told what to do.   
When you add the power of the Only birth order you get 
an immovable object. This second child will not back 
down even if he knows he is wrong. The second child 
always tries to be different from the firstborn in order to 
gain their own identity.  Unusually they choose athletics 
as their older sibling is years ahead in school. This was 
not true for George as Paul was both the student and athlete.   
Paul was an Olympic skier, and number two on the Austrian 
National Tennis Team. Another way that the number two 
can control his life is to have a lot of money, then no one 
can tell him what to do.  This indeed was the course that 
George followed.

Family Changes Name
Tivadar Schwartz, their father, changed the family name to 
Soros in 1936 as Hungary began aligning itself with fascist 
powers and anti-Semitism spread. The family though not 
religious tried to pass as Christians during the Nazis 
occupation. The Nazis didn’t care that you followed the 
Jewish religion, only if you had the DNA.

George’s Teenage Years
George’s life changed drastically when he was 14 years old. 
The year was 1944 and the Nazi’s had entered Hungary. His 
father Tivadar decided it was best for the family to live 
separately in order to survive the concentration camps where 
all people with a Jewish heritage were being sent.  He bribed 
a government official to become George’s Godfather and for 
George to live with him. He changed his name to Sandor Kiss. 
This official’s job was seizing the property of Jews that were 
sent to the concentration camps. George went with him, 
undercover with his Christian identity. Soros wrote that 
working with the Nazi’s never bothered him. He said “this 
was the most exciting time of my life.” The two/only birth 
order can be very self-centered.

George flees to England
At age 17 with the help of his father, George fled communist 
Hungary telling authorities he was going to a conference in 
Switzerland, Instead, he went to London. This is where he 
enrolled in school with the help of a distant relative.  During 
this time, he was very poor and approached a Jewish charity, 
among others, for help, He was turned down. Second borns 
never forget. He later received an advance degree from the 
London School of Economics. One of his professors was the 
philosopher Karl Popper and his book The Open Society and 
Its Enemies was read by George. Popper, like George, had 
Jewish roots, all his grandparents were Jewish. Karl parents 
had adopted the Lutheran religion before he was born. When 
George graduated he couldn’t get a job and had to work selling 
fancy goods for a wholesaler. He felt this was the lowest time 
in his life and he never wanted to be poor again. Eventually, 
he secured a bank position with the help of a Hungarian

George Comes to New York
In 1956 he moved to New York City working with various 
investment firms. He started his hedge fund in 1969 ending 
it in 2011 when he didn’t want to follow the new disclosure 
rules set up by the Federal Government. True to the behavior 
of a second born, not wanting anyone to tell him what to do. 
The family fortune is now estimated at 26 billion dollars held 
in the private foundation.

Two Foundations Two Brothers
To prove that sibling rivalry never ends we only have to look 
at the foundations that Paul and George started.  Paul started 
the Paul and Daisy Fellowships for Young Americans.  He 
gives up to $90,000 dollars for two years of graduate work 
for students with foreign ancestry. They must uphold the 
American Constitution and Bill or Rights.  George started 
the Open Society Policy Center and has transferred over 18 
billion dollars to fund it. This money is being used to fund
over 239 liberal progressive organizations in the United 
States and is operating in 60 countries around the world.   
In contrast to his older brother, his foundation is meant to
undermine governments in order to promote his and Karl 
Popper’s view of a single world government.

The Wrath of the Two/Only
Birth order is not predictive of political preference. It can 
unmask someone’s personality characteristics. As a young 
child George had sibling rivalry issues with his older brother. 
As a young boy he was influenced by his father and his 
worldview. George grew up at a time when governments
were in turmoil. He could not trust the politicians and saw 
firsthand how a person’s life and wealth could be taken from 
them.  He was a man without a country and identity. This was 
also true of Karl Popper who moved from country to country. 
George saw the crimes the Nazi’s committed against the 
Jewish population.  It could have been him even though he 
did not practice his religion. When he reached out for help 
as a student the Jewish charity turned him down. Any one 
of these things could have been the trigger to develop his 
dis-trust in governments and his open society view, free
expression and respect for individual rights. Now at age 87 
we have not hear the last from him.

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Monday, September 25, 2017

Presidential Advisors Valerie Jarrett & Kellyanne Conway


Every US President seeks counsel from a select few of his 
closest most trusted confidants.  They go by a variety of 
titles. Senior Advisor, Counselor, and White House Chief
 Strategist.  Whichever title you use they all share one 
thing in common, the trust of the President. Valerie 
Jarrett served President Barack Obama, and Kellyanne 
Conway Donald Trump.  These two seemly different 
people have one thing in common, their birth order. They 
are both Only Children.

The Only Birth Order
The only child has no siblings. They are at the top of 
the birth order power list. Their interactions are with 
adults so as children they can be very “adult like”. 
This trait endears them to their teachers and students
 with lower birth orders look up to them. They have 
no fear of adults as they are their peer group.  
 Self-confidence is their calling card. As with all birth
 orders there can be another side to the Only child.   
They can be very demanding and self-centered as the 
world revolves around them. The Only birth order is 
“flavored” by their two parent’s birth orders and have 
a blending of traits so all Only children and not identical.

Valarie Jarrett Early Years
 Born in Shiraz Iran where her parents were working 
as part of a program for American physicians to help 
developing countries. She spent the first six years of her 
life here. Next she lived in England for one year before 
the family moved back to Chicago. Valarie did 
undergraduate work at Stanford and received her law 
degree from the University of Michigan.

Valarie’s Career & Marriage
Valarie married in 1982 divorced in 1988 she has one
child. She worked with two private law firms specializing 
in commercial real estate. In 1987 she worked for the city
 of Chicago’s Law Department under Mayor Harold 
Washington.  After his death she worked with Mayor 
Richard M. Daley becoming Deputy Chief of Staff. She 
became a Senior Advisor to President Obama January 

Valarie’s Obama Connection
She met Barack Obama while interviewing his fiancĂ©e 
Michelle Robinson for a position in the Mayor’s office.
 She describes her relationship with the President as 
fraternal.  “I don’t have brother.” She says “so he is 
like family to me.” Obama says “I trust her completely. 
He and Jarrett “talk every day about a whole range 
of issues.” Jarrett is straight-talking fiercely loyal, 
well-connected, discreet, disciplined, protective 
confidant and surrogate sibling. She never raises her 
voice, never loses her temper but pushes back when 
she has to, all positive traits of an Only child. All 
perfect qualities for a Presidential advisor.

Kellyanne Conway Early Years
Born in 1967 in Camden, New Jersey.  Her parents 
divorced when she was two years old. She was raised 
by her mother, grandmother and two unmarried 
aunts all living under the same roof. There was no 
alimony or child support, her mother “had to figure
 it out. “For eight summers she worked on a blueberry 
farm. At 16 she won the New Jersey Blueberry Princess 
pageant.  At 20 she won the World Champion Blueberry 
Packing competition. She says, “Everything I learned 
about life and business started on that farm.” She 
graduated magna cum laude from Trinity College in 1989.
 She earned her law degree for George Washington
 University in 1992.

Kellyanne’s Career & Marriage
She entered the polling business with Wirthlin Group, 
and Luntz Research before starting her own Polling 
company in 1995 when she was 28 years old. Her 
company has worked with a large number of American 
companies.  Clients have been American Express, 
Vaseline, Hasbro.  She has worked for Congressman 
Jack Kemp, Fred Thompson, Newt Gingrich, Mick 
Pence, and Ted Cruz.

Kellyanne’s Trump Connection
She became friendly with Trump while sitting on 
the building’s condo board. The Trump campaign
 hired her in July 2016 as an expert on female 
consumers and voters. They were expecting her 
to advise Trump on how to better appeal to female 
voters.  In August 2016 Conway became the third 
and final Trump campaign manager. The first 
woman to run a Republican presidential campaign. 
She married George Conway III in 2001 an attorney.   
The couple has four children.

Two Only Children Perfect Fit for Two Presidents
Birth order has nothing to do with one’s political 
preference but whatever your party it is your life’s 
experiences that give you your view of the world.   
These advisors with their only birth orders have the
 power to direct their President like a parent helps
 a child with their decisions.  Valerie had just the 
right background to fit with her President’s view. 
Born outside the United States and guided by highly 
educated professional parents with deep political roots 
in Chicago, Valerie saw the world like the President 
she advised.  Kellyanne with her blue-collar roots and 
entrepreneurial spirit in many ways fits with her 
President’s view of America. She made her way largely 
on her own from humble beginnings showing the 
promise that America gives to all. Her advice to her 
President will match his slogan Make America Great 

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