Sunday, June 10, 2018

Mister Rogers: His Double Birth Order Tells His Story!

When you hear the name “Mister Rogers” up pops an image 
of a really nice adult that talks to children.  His show “Mister 
Rogers Neighborhood” ran for 33years on public television. It’s 
theme of music, stories, guests, and characters all designed to 
deliver a message to both adults and children was his gift to 
many. His message was one of universal. What can his birth 
order tell us about the man, Fred Rogers.
Fred was born March 20, 1928 in Latrobe Pennsylvania to 
James and Nancy Rodgers. James was an accountant- banker 
and Nancy a stay at home mom. He was their firstborn and 
Only child until they adopted a daughter 11 years later.  Her 
name was Elaine Crozier and he loved her dearly. Fred 
recounts that he was a sickly child and spent a lot of time at 
home. His maternal grandfather also lived with the family 
and like his mother, played the piano.  They taught Fred to 
play the piano at an early age.  While recuperating from his 
many illnesses, Fred found entertainment in music and the 
use of puppets to make up stories. Only children can be 
their own best friend.
The Only Child
All firstborns are Only children until the next sibling arrives.  
The Only child grows up in an adult world.  Adults are his 
peers. He tends to follow in the footsteps of adults not his 
own generation.  In Fred’s case it was his grandfather that 
had an enormous influence on his life. Retired from the 
railroad but living in the same house he became Fred’s 
friend and teacher. Parents of Only children are very 
protective.  As an adult his mother made all of his cardigan 
sweaters that he wore on the show. Only children are also 
an amalgam of their parent’s birth orders and that is why no 
two Only children are alike.  In the movie “Willy Wonka: 
The Chocolate Factory,” we saw two types of Only children.  
 One, very adult like and responsible and the others spoiled 
children. Fred was the responsible type who felt no fear of 
being dethroned by his younger sibling. His adult role as a 
father figure to millions fits right in with his birth order.
The Only/One Birth Order
Raised as an Only child for 11 years before the family adopted 
his sister makes Fred an Only/One Double birth order.  He is 
more an Only child than a Firstborn as the eleven years makes 
a difference.  He never felt threatened by his younger sister 
and instead was supportive of her, more like a parent.  With 
such a secure position in the family he could be gentle and 
caring and not feel threatened.  In real life, it is said, he was 
the same person that the kids saw on screen.
After high school Fred got his Bachelor’s degree in music 
composition from Rollins College in 1951 and a divinity 
degree from the Pittsburgh theological Seminary in 1962. 
His special mission was to keep doing what he was doing 
on television to reach as many children as possible with his 
message of tolerance and love. His show premiered on 
February 19, 1968 and ran until August 31, 2001.  He had 
been displeased at the way television addressed children and 
wanted to make a change. This was his calling as a 
Presbyterian minister. He was a progressive pacifist all his 
life and it showed.
Fred and Joanne Byrd married in 1952.  They met at 
college where she was a music major and became a 
professional pianist. They had two sons James and 
John and three grandsons. They were married 50 years 
until his death in 2003.
There have been only a few times that Mr. Rogers had 
to speak up about his image. In 1985 Burger King used 
an actor to impersonate Mister Rogers calling him Mister 
Rodney. Fred contacted the Senior Vice President and 
he pulled the ad. Johnny Carson did a parody skit called, 
“Mister Rambo’s Neighborhood.” Fred complained and 
Johnny publicly apologized. He had no trouble with the 
parody done by Eddie Murphy on Saturday Night Live 
“Mister Robinson’s Neighborhood”. He found it funny 
and affectionate. The fact that it was aired around midnight 
when his viewers would be in bed was another reason he 
ok’d it.  In 1998 he filled suit against a Texas store using 
his likeness on T-shirts which contained a handgun and the 
slogan Welcome to my “hood”. He got the Tee Shirts 
removed and destroyed. He is also credited with saving the 
VCR in his testimony for the Supreme Court that he 
thought it beneficial that children could tape his program. 
Last, the rumor that he was a Navy Seal or Marine sniper 
is false.  He never served in the military.  
 His Legacy
Fred died of stomach cancer February 27, 2003. He leaves 
behind several generations of children that learned so much 
from his program. He was truly the parental figure that 
portrayed the best in parenting.
We will all remember that, “It’s a Beautiful Day in the 
and “You made this a special day just by being Yourself.”

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Monday, March 26, 2018

Kim Yo-Jong Her Birth Order Unmasks Her


It was the Olympics in South Korea of 2018 that the world got 
their first good look at the younger sister of Kim Jong-Un, the 
dictator of North Korea. This was the first time that a member 
of the ruling Kim dynasty had visited South Korea since the 
Korean War. Although the US media fawned over her 
appearance it is her birth order that will unmask her. It will 
answer why her brother selected her to represent the country 
and play a part in his regime. She is currently the Director of 
the Propaganda and Agitation Department of the Worker’s 
Party of Korea.

Kim Yo-Jong is the daughter of him Jong-il (Blog 3-1-11)
and his wife Ko Yong-Hui, born September 26, 1987.  She and 
her brother Kim Jong-Un (Blog 4-15-13 ) have the same father 
and mother. She and her brother were both in Switzerland at 
the same time studying together from 1996-2000. Their time 
together in a foreign country surly helped their relationship as 
they had to depend on each other.

Her Double Birth Order                                                                                   
In order to get a Double birth order the interval between 
siblings or groups of sibling must be four or more years.   
Kim Yo-Jong has a Five/Only birth order. Looking at her 
siblings show us how this was calculated.

#1 Kim Jong Nam  1971  Mother Mistress Song Hye Rim
#2 Kim Sol Song   1974   Mother Kim Young Suk
                   10 Year Gap
#3/1 Kim Joung Chal  1981  Mother Ko Young Hui
#4/2 Kim Jong-Un   1983  Current dictator
                  4 Year Gap
#5/0 Kim Yo-Jong  1987  (A five is a 2nd level #1)

Birth Order Characteristics of the 5/0
As the fifth child, she starts the birth order series again, 
having characteristics of a firstborn.  This second group 
of birth orders has more muted personality traits then their 
counterparts in the first group.  If the firstborn wants to 
be in charge, the fifth born will not charge right in and 
take over.  They would be content to wait for an opening 
and then an invitation. Her Only birth order will give her 
great strength to carry out any task without needing 
approval.  This is the adult in the room and she would be 
strong but not impulsive.

Characteristics of Kim Jong-Un 2/4 Double Birth Order
The #2 birth order is often referred to as the “middle” child 
as he seems to want to go his own way. This child does not 
want to be told what to do and appears stubborn. This was 
the birth order that Kim Jong-Un shared with his father Kim 
Jong-il and why he was picked to succeed him. This birth 
order number is very competitive and they want to control
their own space.  In his case the country of North Korea. 
They can appear to be a rebel but can cover up this personality 
trait with an outgoing personality.  The four birth order is the 
real baby in the family and their life is centered around fun.  
They are outspoken like a child and appear to be very 
self-centered and their own cheerleader.

 Kim Yo-Jong and Kim Jong-Un
Her brother is lucky to have his sister by his side.  She would 
be the voice of reason and not be impulsive.  He on the other 
hand with his Two/Four double birth order will be much more 
volatile than Kim Yo-Jong.

Future Negotiations with President Donald Trump
President Trump shares the #4 birth order with Kim Jong-Un.  
They both have Double birth orders as Trump is a #1/4 and 
Kim a #2/4.  This childlike impulsive #4 birth order will give 
the two of them a starting point of agreement but Trump’s #1 
birth order will try to overpower Kim’s #2.  This is where we
should hope his sister Kim Yo-Jong influences her brother to 
be reasonable which she could do.  Only time will tell.

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Friday, February 23, 2018

The Hearless Murder of Nettie Sachs

This newly released book is the story of Nettie Sachs, an 
immigrant born in Lithuania in 1885. Coming to America
opened a world of opportunities for her. Educated in New
York as a pharmacist she life was an adventure in America.. 
She experienced the Spanish American war, Galveston 
Hurricane of 1900, Louisiana Exposition in St. Louis in 1904, 
ending with bootlegging and speakeasy’s in Chicago. Married 
five times, widowed twice, she gave birth to six children. 
Nettie was murdered by her fifth husband when she was only 
37 years old. Her last father –in –law was envious of her 
wealth and wanted to claim it for his own. He used his son, 
13 years her junior to marry her, then kill her. This true story 
and  the trial for her murder was the headline in papers across
 the country in 1923.

Characters and Birth Order
When stories are told and books are written they develop the 
personalities of their characters with the story.  Without 
knowing it, they all fit their birth order personalities. This is 
especially true when the story is true and not fiction.  This is 
the case with this book. The following are the birth orders of
the main characters.

Our central character is Nettie.  She had four older siblings 
but there was a large age gap between her next older sister 
and Nettie.  This gave Nettie a five/only double birth order.   
The five is a second level #1 so Nettie was a very put together 
woman that was very much in charge. Her Only traits gave 
her the ability to take charge and push forward with great 

Second Husband Louis Zauderer
Louis Zauderer was her second husband. He had a double 
birth order of a 2/1. Louis started the second group of 
children in the family as he had a much older brother.  He
 also had a younger sister a 3/2 who must have dethroned 
him.  She married a very wealthy attorney and their parents 
moved into his house in New York.  Louis never got over 
the dethroning and turned to drugs and alcohol.  He was a 
very unhappy man all his life. He had multiple wife’s after 

Nettie’s best friend Anna
Anna was a third born with older brothers.  She was shy and 
protected by her older brothers.  This made her very timid and 
careful when she was on her own. Laughing on the outside 
but crying on the inside.  When she got older she developed a
very tough exterior to protect her inner self, the number three 
doesn’t want anyone to know how vulnerable they are.

Edward Sacks
This was Nettie’s older brother in Houston.  (He spelled his 
name differently) He had a One/Only double birth order very 
similar to Nettie’s Five/Only.  This was the reason they got 
along so well and he was very supportive of her. He help 
finance  her education, she in turn named her first child for 
him..  Edward was a very successful businessman in Houston.

Dr. Samuel Herskovitz
Sam was Nettie’s third husband.  He was a number four birth 
order.  The baby in the family that everyone wanted to help.   
Women especially were fond of “taking care” of Sam. He had 
a very interesting relationship with an older woman who 
helped him during his medical school education. Sam was a 
driven man especially in his profession but didn’t mind 
taking a back seat to Nettie who had the superior birth order.

Harry Diamond
Harry was Nettie’s fifth husband and her murderer.  He was a 
firstborn that was coddled by his immigrant parents.  He could 
do no wrong and was given anything he wanted.  This 
developed in him an ego and superior attitude.  He felt laws 
were for others and that he was smarter than everyone else.   
A small time wise guy in the 1920’s. His luck ran out when 
he was convicted of Nettie’s murder.

I think you will enjoy this book now that you understand some 
of the character’s birth orders. Real life is sometimes stranger 
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