Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Colin Kaepernick: His Birth Order Reveals his Behavior

Colin Kaepernick

Colin the Activist



For anyone that follows football or the news you could not have missed the controversy surrounding the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback. Starting in the 2016 season he did not stand for the national anthem but instead either sat or went down on one knee. He said he was protesting the treatment of Blacks in America and wanted to bring the issue to everyone's attention. This action has since put him in the spotlight and his football career in jeopardy. If we look at this birth order, it will reveal his actions.

Colin's Early Life 

 Colin was born in Wisconsin to a destitute white mother and African American father. He was adopted by the Kaepernick family when he was 5 days old. The Kaepernicks had lost two babies to heart aliments prior to his adoption. Colin now took the role of the third born child in the family.

Kyle                     1977                 One/Only

          4 years

Devon                  1981                 Two/Only

          6 years

Colin                    1987                Three/Only 

Because of the spacing between the children they all have Double birth orders. Their number at birth plus the Only birth order. They each had the undivided attention of the parents for the years they were at home while their older siblings were in school. This is where they get the added power of the Only birth order that magnifies and intensifies their ordinal birth order number.

The Characteristics of the Only and Third Birth Orders

All birth orders have both positive and negative characteristics. The Only child can be very responsible and adult like or demanding and spoiled getting everything he wants. The Only has the power of an adult and the confidence to withstand criticism. The Third born understands people very well, can be religious and have a world view of humanity. They will not want to be in the limelight and cover their sensitivity with laughing on the outside but crying on the inside. On the negative side they can identify with their cause and reflect the injustice on themselves personally. 

The Three/Only Double Birth Order

When we combine these two birth orders we power up all the characteristics of the third born to save the world as the Three/Only is not afraid to take center stage for their cause. It's really all about themselves and they use their understanding of others to manipulate them for their own self-centered purpose. They use the issue to create the drama. Growing up in a white family and being a mixed race Colin may not have identified with that side of himself until it was brought to his attention by his activist girlfriend. 

Colin's Activism who has the Power

His support for Black Lives Matter began when he started dating Nessa Diab a DJ and radio personality that frequently speaks about racial injustices. She, like Colin, is of mixed racial parentage. Most interesting is that she too is a Three/Only Double birth order. She has two brothers both over 17 years older than herself. She has the power in this relationship as the 17 year gap between siblings gives her more of the Only power than Colin, he has only a 6 year gap.

Team Work and the Three/Only 

When someone has a Double birth order those around them never know which birth order they are seeing. This makes them difficult to read and does not make them a unifying force for a team. Colin has said, "To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way....." Not something you would want your quarterback to say who should be the leader of the your team. His new world view will make him toxic to any team that may hire him. If he does not play football he may find another stage in which to promote his cause.

Up Date 9-4-18

Today it was announced by the Nike Company that Colin is going to be their spokesman for their products with the slogan "Just do it." We will see how this marketing campaign plays out.  Colin is also in litigation with the NFL as he feels the league has colluded with the teams, as none have chosen him to play.  

For more information about Double Birth Orders 

 You can find this in my book. Life's Fingerprint:How Birth Order Affects Your Path Throughout Life by Dr. Robert V.V. Hurst or visit our website www.lifesfingerprint.com or blog http://Doublebirthorder.blogspot.com