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Petraeus, Broadwell and the Tampa Twins: A Birth Order Analysis

                      General David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell

The year 2012 would not have been complete without a sex
scandal at the highest level of Government. General David 
Petraeus resigned from his post as the head of the CIA 
when it was revealed that he was having an affair with his 
biographer. This information was made public just after the 
election though many thought that this investigation which 
was started by the FBI in June was suppressed for political 
reasons.  A look at all the birth orders of all the players 
should give us a little more insight into their behavior.

Double Birth Orders
All the players in this affair have Double birth orders. This 
occurs when there is a space of four or more years 
between a sibling or a group of siblings. 
Here are examples of both types.

Ordinal #’s     Double/ Only        Mixed            Mixed
 Sibling   1        Sibling  1/0         Sibling  1/0     Sibling 1
 Sibling   2           4yr                      4yr             Sibling 2  
 Sibling   3        Sibling  2/0         Sibling  2/1        4yr
 Sibling   4            4yr                 Sibling  3/2     Sibling 3/1
                        Sibling  3/0         Sibling  4/3     Sibling 4/2

People with Double birth orders can show more complex
personalities than those with only single birth orders. When
coupled with the Only birth order they increase the intensity and
power of their own birth number and its characteristics. People
with double ordinal numbers are hard to pin down as they shift
between their two birth orders, one personality to another.

General David Petraeus 2/0
Born in Cornwall, N.Y. November 7, 1952 he has an older 
sister Carol, born in 1947. Since 5 years separate them he 
carries a two/only double birth order. People with this double 
birth order have an enormous amount of control over their 
own lives. As a number two they don’t seek the top position 
but like the low profile support role. Many times they are 
elevated to the top position but this is an uncomfortable spot. 
The two/only birth order has the ability to focus and solve 
problems. They have a high pain threshold which is one of 
their unique characteristics.  The secretive nature of the 
number two birth order is increased with the addition of the 
Only birth order.

In high school David was known as an excellent student but not
the valedictorian.  He played soccer but was not the captain of 
the team but a team player. At West Point he was at the top of 
his class and very active in sports even though he was smaller 
then most of his classmates.  He could push himself and did, 
getting both a masters and doctorate degrees in just a few 
short years. He prides himself on his fitness coming back 
quickly from a shattered pelvis and a bullet wound to the chest. 
He often challenges younger soldiers to push up contests.

This scandal would be devastating for a person with this birth
order. The need for secrecy in his private affairs has been lost.
To these people it is a window into their world that they would
prefer to remain closed.

Holly Knowlton Petraeus 4/3
His wife Holly, was the daughter of the Superintendent of West
Point, a four-star general. They married just after his 
graduation. She has a four/three double birth order. She has 
three older brothers, the first separated from the three 
younger siblings by four years.This gives all the younger 
siblings double birth orders without the addition of the Only 

This affair would come as a complete shock to a person with 
this double birth order combination.  The four is the baby in 
the family and feels others look out for them.  The three is the 
sensitive intuitive person that has great empathy for others.  
She would have a hard time understanding how she could be 

Paula Broadwell  3/0
Paula Broadwell, the mistress biographer, was born in 
Bismarck North Dakota in 1972. She was the third child 
with two older brothers.  She was 4 years younger than 
her second brother giving her the three/only double birth 
order. This is the birth order of the “drama” queen and a 
person who is not shy and has a big personality, they go 
after what they want.  In high school she was a basketball 
star, homecoming queen, and valedictorian. She was 
voted “most likely to be remembered” by her classmates.
She shares this birth order with both Shirley Temple and 
Suzanne Somers both strong women and very dramatic. 
The three/only is a person that wants it all. When Paula 
felt her relationship was threatened by Jill Kelley she is said 
to have sent threatening e-mails which exposed the affair.  
The power of the Only when added to the number three 
birth order makes for a very emotional person. David 
Petraeus had no first hand experience with this type of 
person as no one in his family had this birth order 
combination. Both Broadwell and Petraeus are West Point 
grads and each share the Only birth order, they had to feel 
the power each possessed. 

Jill Kelly  3/1
Born Jill Khawam is the oldest of twin girls. She has two older
siblings, her second, a brother, is 4 years older than the twins. 
The twins were the third birth so this starts the next group of 
children. Jill is the oldest she carries the One birth order along 
with her three. She had been a volunteer social liaison for the 
local military facility, the MacDill Air Force Base in Florida
This is how she became friends with the Petraeus family.  Her 
family immigrated from Lebanon, some think that her 
relationship with the military may not be what it appears. She 
shares the number three birth order with Paula but her second 
birth order that of a One is not nearly as strong as Paula’s Only.

Natalie Khawam 4/2
Natalie is Jill’s younger twin sister.  She too has a double birth 
order but it is quite different than her sister’s.  The four is the 
baby in the family but the two says don’t tell me what to do. 
All birth orders can have both positive and negative 
expressions. It appears Natalie has been demonstrating the 
negative. The Judge in her custody case said he could not 
believe anything she said. As an attorney herself she was
caught lying under oath. She lives with her sister Kelly and
participates in the parties.

Making Sense of it all
Scandals always have many twists and turns but from the view 
point of birth order we can start to make some connections. 
David Petraeus as the secretive two/only birth order has to be 
mortified that this extramarital affair was made public.  This will 
hurt him to his very core beliefs. His mistress, Paula Broadwell 
connected with him in both his love of the military and the 
power in both their double birth orders. We all make choices 
and sometime we don’t know why. The interesting finding is 
that all the women including his wife Holly have double birth 
orders making them more complex than single birth order 
people. More fascinating is that one of their double birth 
orders was always the same, the sensitive number three. 
Could this be the subliminal connection?

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