Friday, April 24, 2015

Does Rihanna have a Double Birth Order?


Rihanna, the Barbadian singer, actress and fashion designer 
was born February 20, 1988 in Saint Michael, Barbados.  
Her career started at the age of 15 when she was discovered 
by record producer Evan Rogers. She has risen to the top of the music 

industry and fashion world in just 10 years. What propelled
her to this level of success?  A look at her birth order will
give us the answer.

Early Family Life
Robyn Rihanna Fenty was the oldest of three children of 
Monica and Ronald Fenty.  She was a child full of life and 
liked being the center of attention posing for the camera 
when family pictures were taken.  Her mother Monica was 
a make-up artist and Robyn learned early how to apply 
makeup. Her father, Ronald is a clothes designer and he 
and Rihanna would sell them at a stall in the open market 
in Barbados. She has two younger brothers Rorrey 2yrs 
younger and Rajad eight years younger.

Older Siblings
Rihanna has three older siblings from her father’s earlier affairs,
each has a different mother. She meet Candy the oldest when 
she was 15 and Candy was 24. Samantha is 7 years older 
than Rihanna and remembers braiding her hair when she was 
3 years old.  The youngest is Jamie and he is 4 years older 
than Rihanna.  There is no information when he first met her 
but extended families in Barbados are not uncommon.  
Rihanna gets together with all hersiblings when she returns 
to Barbados.

Her Birth Order
If we look at her birth family we see she is the firstborn with two
younger brothers.  She certainly has demonstrated the traits of
the first born, looking after her younger brothers and getting
a lot of attention. There has been mentioned a fight with her
younger brother Rorrey.  This is a natural occurrence for the
firstborn to defend her throne. Her father was a known alcoholic
and addicted to crack cocaine.  She has described abuse in the
family. Her parents divorced then she was 14.  As the firstborn 
with an addicted father she would be an overachiever as she 
would feel some responsibility for the problem.  Of course she 
had nothing to do with the cause of his problem, but it is 
common for firstborn children to feel responsibility when these 
problems occur.  If we look at her older half/siblings she 
becomes the fourth birth. This number is added to her #1 birth   
order giving her a 4/1 double birth order.  The four birth order is the  
playful child that wants to have 
fun and others look out for them. This combination of birth 
orders may be the reason she has been so successful. 
Leaving Barbados at 15 and moving to the US with another 
family was a way she could escape her situation.

Chris Brown
In 2009 her boyfriend Chris Brown was arrested on suspicion of
making criminal threats. He was also charged with assault as 
photos showed the visible injuries sustained by Rihanna. 
Picking boy-friends may go back to her experiences with her 
abusive father.  Let’s hope she has progressed past this 
problem in her life.

For having worked only 10 years in the entertainment industry
she has achieved great success.  She holds the Guinness 
World Record for digital single sales of 58 million in 2012.  
She is the 2nd best selling female artist only behind Madonna. 
She received the Fashion Icon Lifetime achievement award in 
2014. In 2006 she started the Believe Foundation to help 
terminally ill children.  Many more awards have come her way.

The Future
The future looks bright for Rihanna.  Balancing her two birth 
orders has been easy for her.  Taking charge as a #1 and 
entertaining and having fun as a #4 seems to be in balance 
for her. She shares this double birth order with none other
 than Walt Disney and Donald Trump.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Robert Durst: Sibling Rivalry & Birth Order

The multi-millionaire firstborn son of the real-estate developer 
Seymour Durst has been a suspect to the disappearance of his 
wife Kathleen and linked to the death of Susan Berman 
daughter of a mafia boss. He was arrested in Galveston Texas 
after body parts of his elderly neighbor were found in the Bay. 
He was acquitted of his murder. Cross dressing, shop lifting 
and urinating in public are but a few of the obvious signs of 
his anti-social behavior.

Sibling Rivalry
Sibling rivalry is a natural occurrence especially between the
first two siblings.  This happens in nature all the time, the first
born being stronger pushes the younger siblings aside to get
more of the food. Be they birds, foxes, or humans, moving to
the top or defending your position on the “throne” is a never
ending job. When the first born comes into the world he has 
no competition and little understanding of the fight that is
about to come when the second sibling arrives. If he loses 
this fight and his position, he may completely drop out. Many 
times there is no competition and usually is the result of 
gender. Oldest boy with younger sister is an example. When 
the genders are the same more rivalry is possible. The Bible 
tells the story of the brothers Cain and Able the first to take
this natural rivalry to the next level, murder!

Early Years
Robert was born in    1943    #1
Douglas                     1944    #2
Wendy Susan            1947     #3
Thomas Gregory      1950     #4

There is less than 2 years between the first two boys.  When
Robert was 7 their mother died falling from the roof of their
home, a possible suicide in 1950. Robert said he witnessed this
but others deny he did.  Seymour, his father, never remarried
so it is safe to assume the children had plenty of time to sort
things out themselves with hired help doing much of the
parenting.  It is the interaction between siblings that account
for much of a child’s personality development.

Rivalry Issues
As the boys grew up it was obvious to all that they were acting
out or going beyond simple sibling rivalry. The same year their
mother died Robert shoved his brother Douglas onto the ice
at a skating rink and broke his wrist. This was just the beginning
as fights were always breaking out between them. His father
sought the advice of counselors to help solve the problem.
Douglas remembers fighting with Robert until an incident when
he was 14yrs old and he was now bigger than Robert.  That he
says was their last physical fight. Robert seemed to drop out,
his high school year book shows only his picture with no
mention of extracurricular activities.

Adults Rivalry Continues
The boys finished college and took positions in their
father’s real-estate company. In college Robert took
 a counter cultural path. Drugs and meditation were
his interests. He did come back and take a position with
the company and at times could be very charming, and
a seemingly normal person. There was always tension in
the office between the boys. Douglas kept a piece of pipe
on his desk as Robert kept a sharpened plumber’s wrench.
It was in 1994 after a number of incidents at the office
where Robert had urinated in his brother’s and uncles
waste baskets that the family decided to have Douglas
succeed Seymour as the head of the family business. 
Robert knew what was about to happened and had moved
out of the office. He never showed up for the meeting that
would officially dethrone him.

A Continuing Problem
Both of Robert’s brothers fear for their lives as Robert said,
“I have a score to settle”.  They have both given the police
evidence of his stalking their homes. This expression of
sibling rivalry rising to the level of pathology can happen.
A little competition between siblings is good as it prepares
them for life in the real world.  Unresolved dethroning
of a firstborn can be lethal to everyone.

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