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Birth Orders of Bachmann Cain Gingrich Huntsman Paul Perry Romney and Santorum the Republican Candidates for President

                         The Candidates

The race is on for the nomination of a Republican to
challenge our incumbent President Barack Obama.  In
previous blogs I have reviewed his birth order.  He has a
One/Only double birth order as 6 years separate him 
from his younger stepsister.  For much of his teenage 
years he lived with his grandparents as an Only child in 
Hawaii. As you read this blog keep in mind that if one of 
these candidates wants to win they will need to debate 
our current President who has a One/Only birth order.

There are eight candidates that have risen and fallen in
the polls as they have been vetted by both the media and
their opponents. We have had a few glimpses into their
personal lives but these have been just a snapshot of 
who they are. With birth order we can get their life’s 

Can Birth Order be a Predictor of Elections?

To answer this question we need to take a look at past
Presidential elections.  I have found that since the 
election of Ronald Reagan the candidate with the 
higher birth order has always won the election. When 
Ronald Reagan, a second born with an older brother 
defeated Jimmy Carter a firstborn, the Country was 
experiencing record inflation and high unemployment 
and Ronald Reagan was a very charismatic challenger.

Birth Order Analysis

To those of you that have my book Life’s Fingerprint: 
How Birth Order Affects Your Path Throughout Life, 
you can find all the characteristics of the birth orders 
explained in detail. For those who are unfamiliar with 
this book you need to understand that the gender of the 
siblings is one of the defining aspects as to how each 
person develops birth order characteristics.  In my 
analysis I will give you the gender of each candidate’s 
next closest sibling.  Next I will give a few of the 
personality characteristics of their birth order and 
then show examples in their life where they have 
expressed these traits and how it may affect their 
ability to get elected.

Looking at the Candidates

In order to be completely fair I am going to approach 
each candidate in alphabetical order.  A discussion of 
their birth order and the characteristics that they will 
show to the public and those that they will try to keep 
hidden and a few more items of interest. I will also 
assess both their chance to be nominated and their 
chance of winning the Presidency.

Michele Bachmann #2

Michele Bachmann is a second born.  She has a brother
that is two years older, David and two younger brothers.
As the only girl in the family she has a special place.  She
also has the ability to understand the other gender and
is prepared to function in a male dominated arena.
Life began idyllic for Michele but at age 14 her parents
divorced. Her mother remarried three years later. 
Michele was both a straight A student and a cheerleader 
in school. She won Miss Congeniality in the Anoka 
County beauty pageant. As a high achieving second 
born I suspect she dethroned her older brother as she 
was both the student and the athlete.  Second borns 
have a very clear sense of right and wrong so she will 
stick to her ideology. After high school she worked 
with an evangelist youth group and went to Beer 
Sheva Israel to work. A graduate of Oral Roberts’ 
Law School she worked as an attorney for the US 
Treasury Department. Currently a member of the 
House of Representatives. This number two will not 
be told what to do.  Her strong unyielding positions 
will  make her un-electable to both the majority in 
her party and to the general public.

Herman Cain  #1

Herman is the older brother to Thurman by 18 months.
Thurman died in 1999 so Herman moves up to function 
as an Only birth order. Because he has no sisters the 
female gender can be a mystery to this firstborn.  He 
will have difficulty reading this gender but would be 
curious none the less. The firstborn is usually the better 
student in school. This was certainly true for Mr. Cain.  
It does not appear his throne was threatened by his 
younger brother.  In fact, he may not have let Thurman 
excel in anything.  He writes that Thurman died too 
soon as the result of alcohol and drug abuse. Herman 
was the achiever, a mathematician for the Navy, 
computer system  analyst for Coke, VP of Pillsbury, 
CEO of Godfathers Pizza, Chairman of the National 
Restaurant Association, Chairman of the Kansas City 
Federal Reserve board, writer and public speaker. 
Firstborns love to give orders and are the natural CEO, 
they don’t like to be wrong and have difficulty admitting 
any error.  His recent bout with the media on sexual 
harassment charges showed his inability to admit to any 
wrongdoing. Although a leader with a high drive, the ego 
of this firstborn will not allow him to admit his mistakes 
which backs him into an irreversible position that even 
his keen sense of humor won’t resolve.  His chances for 
the nomination and the election are slim now that the 
public has seen how he reacts to a crisis.   

Newt Gingrich #1/0

Newt is our first double birth order on our list.  Newt was
born to a teenage mother whose husband divorced her
three days after Newt was born.  She remarried the 
following year Newt.  This is how he gets the One/Only 
double birth order. People with this combination can 
reach people in two generations giving them both the 
adult view of the Only child and a more contemporary 
view of the younger generation. They don’t take 
criticism as personally as the firstborn. Newt would 
be a match for the debate with our current President 
as they both share the same birth order. They have 
a calm approach and rarely get ruffled .  We have seen 
this time and again as Newt has been challenged with 
changing his position on a number of issues. Former 
Speaker of the House of Representatives he has been 
an insider in Washington for years and this means he 
has a record. Smooth talking and excellent debating 
skills may not be able to gloss over his past history.  
Because he has one of the higher birth orders of this 
group and one that matches Barack Obama, his 
chances for the nomination are high and he could 
actually win the Presidency.

John Huntsman #1/0

John Huntsman is another One/Only birth order.  He is 
one of nine children, the second was a sister Kathleen 
Ann who was six years younger. His life really shows 
the independence of this birth order position. He started 
life as a high achiever reaching the rank of Eagle scout 
at age 15. Growing up in Palo Alto, California may have 
given this baby boomer a different view of what is 
important in life. As a teenager he was the keyboard
man in the rock band Wizard. In anger, he dropped out 
of High School in his senior year before graduation 
because he lost the school election for Class President.  
He spent the next year playing with his band and 
supporting himself as a dishwasher. Looking back he 
started to think of himself as a “loser” but later he got 
his GED and college education. 
After college he served as a Mormon Missionary in 
Taiwan for two years becoming fluent in the Chinese 
language.  He has served under Presidents in both 
parties which may make his party think twice about him. 
His independence as a One/Only will give him the 
staying power but this man with the unusual 
background has yet to catch on with his party. If 
more moderate views become popular his brand would 
increase. As a One/Only he would be a match to debate 
the current President but because of his stand on the 
issues his nomination is not likely.

Ron Ernest Paul #3

Ron Paul is the third of five boys all born within 7 years.
The story of his life shows he moved up in birth order to
the number two position. Moving brother David number
two into the three position.  David is now employed as 
the assistant pastor at the Trinity Lutheran Church in 
Grand Rapids Michigan. Ron always had a job while 
he was growing up from inspecting milk bottles, a 
paper route, and working in a local drug store.  Earning 
money gives the second born a level of independence 
that is so important to the control of their own space.  
A track star in high school he was also on the wrestling 
and swimming teams. After college he entered the 
military and ended his service as an obstetrician.  
During the course of his practice he delivered over 
4,000 babies. He is a constitutionalist and has never 
wavered from his convictions.  His brothers describe 
him growing up as a very stubborn young boy,
another characteristic of a second born. Although he 
mayhave moved up in birth order he still carries a few
characteristics of the third born.  He sees life with a very
altruistic view, the big picture, and that is why he is so
different from the other candidates. He also appears to 
have a very stern appearance but that is just the shield 
that the third born puts up to protect himself. Having no 
girls in his family gives him a blind spot to the subtleties 
of the female gender.  He will have difficulty getting their 
vote and have them see his side of the issues.  As a 
functioning number two he is not going to compromise 
his position but hopes others will see the “light”.  I score 
him low on getting the nomination and although 
knowledgeable on the issues he would have difficulty in 
a debate with the President.

Rick Perry #2

Rick Perry is the second born with a sister Milla two 
years older.  As a boy Rick was another high 
achieving second born as he reached the level of Eagle 
Scout.  Growing up in West Texas it was easy for him 
to dethrone his older sister. He grew up in Paint Creek, 
Texas, worked on the ranch and went to a school 
having only 13 other students in his graduating class.  
An athlete at school he played six man football.  He then
went on to Texas A&M.  He was elected twice to serve 
as an Aggie Yell leader and was a member of the Aggie 
Corps of Cadets. His grades prevented him from 
enrolling in veterinary school but instead he joined the 
Air Force. Returning to Texas he worked on the ranch 
until he entered politics as a Democrat and changed to 
the Republican party in 1990.  After George W. Bush 
became President he served out the remainder of his 
term as the Governor of Texas. He then won three full 
terms as governor, a record that will be hard to beat.  
As an elevated second born he has functioned well in 
the first born leadership position. His style is still more 
of a second born, working with others to find solutions, 
not telling people what to do.  As a conservative and 
second born he will not compromise his basic positions. 
Some have compared him to Ronald Reagan, another
number two birth order.  If he does get the nomination, 
which is not out of the question, he will have a difficult 
time in a debate with a One/Only President.  His good 
old boy West Texas practical manner may work for 
him as he does not appear artificial and he will not 
waver on his positions.  In his favor, as it was with 
Reagan, is the high level of unemployment in the 
country. His track record with the Texas economy 
shows what he can really do.  If he can show a more 
charismatic personality and get the people to rally 
behind him he could win the nomination. With all this 
in place he is the antithesis of our current President 
and could actually win the Presidency.

Mitt Romney 4/0

Mitt Romney is the fourth child in his family. He was born 
after his mother was told she could no longer carry a 
baby, the risks were too high.  This explained the shock 
when the news came that Willard Mitt Romney was 
born. He was named Willard after a family friend that 
established the Marriott chain of hotels and a cousin Mitt 
who was the star quarterback for the Chicago Bears. He 
has two older sisters and one older brother all spaced 
three years apart.  Mitt was born 6 years after the third 
child G. Scott Romney. This gives Mitt the double birth 
order of a four/only.  He is very different from all his 
older siblings that have single ordinal birth orders.  With 
six years between siblings Mitt is 60% an Only child and 
40% a fourth born.  These two birth orders are the 
farthest apart so he will show very different behavior 
when the different birth orders come into play. The Only 
side gives him a very controlled adult like approach 
where he feels in charge and has a lot of confidence.  
The four birth order is the baby in the family and the 
traits are very different. When you combine these two 
birth orders you get a child not afraid to talk to older 
adults and who appears very confident.  In reality, 
the baby has people taking care of him and does not 
want to make the big decisions.  The baby likes to 
have fun and play. If not an athlete he would love to 
follow sports. This was true for Mitt, in high school 
he was the manager of the ice hockey team but in his 
final year he ran track. Not a great student but had 
strong social skills.  As a child he enjoyed playing 
pranks on others. These two contrasting birth orders 
may be the reason why he is accused of changing 
positions on issues. This type of person is hard to pin 
down as he has a tendency to yield to the pressure 
and please others. He is not the idealistic type so 
appears more moderate. Former Governor of 
Massachusetts he made his fortune in the consulting 
business helping turn around companies. He describes 
himself as a numbers cruncher.  He is well connected 
in the party as his father served in the Nixon White 
House.  He may not be a charismatic candidate 
but may have too big an organizational lead for anyone 
to catch him.  As part of the “old guard” he has good 
chance to be nominated by his party. In a debate with 
our current President he would succeed if he uses the 
Only side of his double birth order.

Rick Santorum #2

Rick Santorum is the second of three children in his 
family, one year younger than his sister Barbara. 
Here is another example of an elevated second born 
to the firstborn position just by virtue of his gender. 
This elevation gives him the need to lead and becoming
Senator from Pennsylvania gave him that outlet.  If 
someone is a second born they never lose the basic 
characteristics, they just get modified.  Rick is a firm 
believer in his own convictions and doesn’t change 
them easily. Growing up his parents worked for the
Veterans Administration and the family was transferred 
several times before settling in Pennsylvania
Transferring from school to school and living at a 
Veterans Hospital could be an unsettling experience for a 
child.  Making new friends and fitting in would be 
something this number two would have to excel. He is
 known for his very conservative stands on the issues. 
So far he has not caught fire on the campaign trail.  
Could it be this number two, projecting as a number 
one, just doesn't come across to the public in a way that 
they trust his him?  He seems a long shot for the 
nomination as well as the Presidency.

A Charismatic Leader is What America Needs 

The US economy with its 9% unemployment and 
massive 15 trillion dollar debt is in need of a 
charismatic leader. I can recall three Presidents 
that displayed this characteristic, Abraham 
Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.  
They united the American people behind a 
common cause.  They had something else in
common, they were all second borns.  Will one 
of these eight contenders emerge to carry the 
banner?  If so, look to the candidates with the 
number two birth order.  They present the 
idealism and strength not to compromise 
their principles. We cannot ignore the birth 
order of the candidates to select the winner. 
Newt Gingrich has the highest birth order 
as a One/Only with Mitt Romney the next 
highest as a Four/Only. This will be a battle 
to the very end with these two and whoever
meets Barack Obama will know that they
have met their match!

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Is Anyone out There?

Hello Readers,
I've been writing this blog for some time now and
have covered a range of topics.  People in the news, 
politicians and celebrities.  I have also covered the 
topics of finding your "true" birth order so you can 
follow the blogs with an understanding of double 
birth order. I have also given you information on 
finding your "soul" mate and how to make it through 
Thanksgiving and the holidays with your family.
My question to you, my readers, is where do you 
want me to go from here?  Shall I continue to cover 
people in the news or do you want a more interactive 
site where you can send in comments and questions 
about your relationships and have me give you their 
birth order implications?
With your answers let me know if you have read my 
book Life's Fingerprint: How Birth Order Affects 
Your Path Throughout Life.

Thank you I am looking forward to your comments.

Dr. Robert V.V. Hurst

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Eric Holder the Overachieving Firstborn Brother

                                                 Eric Holder

Birth of the Boys
Eric Himpton Holder Jr. was born January 1, 1951
the firstborn child to Eric Himpton Holder Sr. a native
of Barbados who arrived in the United States at the age
of eleven and Miriam Yearwood Holder whose parents
were born in Barbados. Eighteen months later his brother
William Yearwood Holder would be born. 

Sibling Rivalry
What happens between the first two siblings depends on
a number of issues.  The spacing between them and their
genders are the most important issues.  If the spacing is
four years or more there is little interaction between them
and little sibling rivalry.  With less than four years spacing
an attempt by the second born to dethrone the first born is
always possible. The Holder boys were closely spaced at
eighteen months so the stage was set for a the battle to take
the throne.  This is the classic Cain and Abel story told in
the bible of brother against brother.  Usually the firstborn
is better in school and the second born becomes the athlete
with more social skills. What happens when the firstborn is
both the student and athlete? Then the firstborn is very secure
and instead of having a conflict with his younger brother he
is supportive.

The Firstborn
There are several types of firstborns that develop in response
to the gender of the sibling younger them themselves. Each
tries to hold their position as top dog in the family hierarchy.
They all try to be high achievers in school. The firstborn child
tends to relate to the parent with the most power and this was
his father who was 21 years older than his mother. They also
enforce the family rules and are the leaders or CEO’s of the
birth order sequence.  They try not to upset the establishment
or the way things are done. Firstborns don’t like to make
mistakes and when they do they tend to find excuses why they
were right. Making a mistake goes to their very core for as
children they were always suppose to be perfect. Firstborns
will follow the rules but would rather be the one that makes them.

Ricky and Billy Holder
These were the names given to the boys by their friends and
neighbors as they were growing up. In fourth grade Ricky or
Eric was given a test to identify gifted students and he went on
to study at another school leaving the school he shared with
his brother.  Basketball and even baseball were both interests
to Eric (Ricky) and by ninth grade he was 6ft 3inches and had
a smooth three point shot and an easy dunk shot.  I don’t know
how his younger brother reacted to his brother the high
achiever but it must have put Eric at ease with his position in
the family. Eric did comment that his younger brother was
much “cooler” them himself in his taste in clothes and music
and he had to work to be cool too. Eric described himself
as an “egg head”.

Middle Class Environment
The boys grew up in a middle class neighborhood in
East Elmhurst, Queens.  This neighborhood was in
transition during the time the boys were growing up.
It had been a Jewish community that slowly changed
to a predominantly black neighborhood. Today the
family home has a market value of $417,000 dollars.
The family had a new Cadillac every year so things
must have been good for the Holder family.
Most of his parent’s friends were from the Caribbean
Islands and their children first generation Americans.
This gave Eric a different slant on being Black as his
parent’s friends came from Islands where the majority
were Black. Fitting into the American Black experience
was a learned one for Eric.

Finding His Identity
In the fourth grade in his local school he was selected
to participate in a program for gifted students. From here
he went on to Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan. This
was huge his younger brother said as its students were
primarily white and Jewish. He graduated 363 in a class
of 721 boys. There is no question his younger brother was
not going to dethrone him academically. He has said he lived
in two worlds, the White world and White friends in school and
his Black friends and his Black world at home  When in Jr.
High he read the autobiography of Malcolm X which gave him
a clearer view of life as a Black man. While in college he
played “big brother” to less advantaged Black children and
took them to NY City to show them what was outside their
world. He then went on to Columbia where he played freshman
basketball and was co-captain of his team. Got an AB degree
in History and a Law degree from Columbia. He further
identified with the American Black experience when he married
the sister of Vivian Malone Jones who led the effort to
integrate the University of Alabama

Work History the Boys go in Different Directions
Eric worked for the NAACP legal Defense fund during the
Summer of his college years . After graduation he joined the
US Justice Department Public Integrity Section.  Appointed
by President Ronald Reagan to serve as judge of the Superior
Court of the District of Columbia in 1988.  Was Deputy
Attorney General under Janet Reno in the Clinton
administration. He became US Attorney for the District of
Columbia under President Clinton. He was the senior legal
adviser to Barack Obama  during his presidential campaign
and severed as its co-chair. In December 2008 he was
nominee for Attorney General under President Obama.
He became the 82nd Attorney General and the first African
American. His younger brother William became a Port
Authority Police Officer and retired in 1999. He now owns
six McDonald franchises and plays a lot of golf.

Controversies in His Career
Eric Holder the very nice man who just wants to follow the
rules and do things right has been involved in a number of
controversial decisions in his legal career. He was the
gatekeeper of the pardons under Clinton where Susan
Rosenberg and Linda Evans both former Weather
Underground members were pardoned. He also was involved
with the Mark Rich pardon. The fact that the Rich family had
given at least 1.5 million to Clinton interests may have had an
influence on getting his pardon. Holder was very involved in
the pardon of the 16 members of the Armed Forces of 
National Liberation whose mission was to secure Puerto Rico’s
independence. He has condemned the Guantanamo Bay 
detention Center. On April 23, 2010 the Arizona immigration 
law was passed.  In a May 13th house hearing he admitted that 
he had not read the statute. Holder also dropped the case 
against the Black Panther Party for voter intimidation. 
Currently he is being questioned about the ATF program 
“Fast and Furious” where guns were sold to straw buyers 
who in turn transported them across the Mexican border to 
the drug lords.

How will Eric Holder Address his Current Controversies?
Because of his birth order we have unmasked his real
personality. The firstborn that does not want to be
confrontational and carry out the requests of his superior. 
Look for him to not take direct responsibility for anything. 
He will have a lapse of memory or someone else was in 
charge. His nice guy helpful nature landed him the top 
spot in the justice department but it is Eric who will have 
to take a stand or stand down.

Dr. Robert V.V. Hurst is the author of Life’s Fingerprint: How
Birth Order Affects Your Path Throughout Life. Find out more
about birth order and how it will help you unmask your 
personality and those in your life. You may also want to visit  
my website  @

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Understanding Birth Order to Find Your Perfect Match

The Goal: A Happy Marriage Forever
Talk to someone who is about to get married and although 
they think they have found that one true love the statistics 
for a long and happy marriage are not in their favor. Today 
51% of all first marriages end in divorce. A single person 
looking for a mate will ask the question, “How many frogs 
do I have to kiss before I find my Prince or Princess?” A 
lot fewer if you use birth order in your search.  Shakespeare 
coined the phase, Love is Blind, and that is the way most 
people search to find a mate, but if you understand birth 
order you will enter all relationships knowing much more 
about the other person than just their name.  

What is a Soul Mate?
How many times have you heard someone say they are 
looking for their Soul Mate? Just what is a Soul Mate?  
The classic meaning of Soul Mate came from Greek 
mythology.  The story is our ancestors had 2 heads 
and 4 arms.  They offended a god who punished them 
by splitting them in half.  This was the creation of humans.  
Now we are condemned to spend the rest of our lives 
looking for the other half, our Soul Mate. The more modern
definition from the dictionary says “One of Two persons 
compatible with each other in disposition, point of view, 
or sensitivity”. Compared to the Greeks this is a much easier 
goal to reach. Others view the term Soul Mate differently, 
if you believe in reincarnation or personal karmic growth.  
Twin Flames are two people that share the same soul, while 
other Soul Mates are people that come into your life to clear 
up karma or to finish unfinished business.  Anyway you see 
it, Soul Mates are there for a reason, birth order may be the 
tool to find yours.

Birth Orders and Love at First Sight
Type one
There appear to be two kinds of “Love at First Sight”.  The first 
is when you meet someone with you exact same birth order.  
You are now seeing yourself in their reflection.  It is another 
YOU and you understand each other so well.  The problem 
is that there can only be one image in a mirror at a time so 
someone must step out of the picture.  Of course, you can 
share and divide up the authority in the relationship. The 
recent marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton is just 
this type of “Love at First Sight” as both are first borns. At 
the wedding, or maybe before, Prince Harry and Pippa 
Middleton made a similar connection as both are second 

Type two
The second kind of “Love at First Sight” is when you meet 
someone that matches exactly by number and gender one 
of the siblings in your family. This works because you have 
had at least 16 years to understand this other birth order. 
Now when you see this birth order in another person the 
unexpected is not there. A perfect example of this type of 
love is George H.W. Bush and Barbara. Their first meeting 
was at a college dance and at least one of them knew they 
were meant for each other.  George is a number two with a 
younger sister, a number three.  Barbara is a number three 
with an older brother, a number two. Barbara loves telling 
this story to her grandchildren just to get their reactions.

Is Age Important?
The age of your partner does not seem to have the influence 
that you might think.  This may be why the May-December 
marriages, a term used to describe two people that are many 
years apart in age, are successful. Charlie Chaplin and Oona 
O’Neill were both Two/Only double birth orders.  They were 
36yrs apart in age but that didn't stop them from raising eight 
children and staying together until Charlie died at age eighty-
eight. Actress Susan Sarandon is fourteen years older than 
her companion, Tim Robbins.  He is a fourth-born with a 
sister in the number one position.  Susan is a firstborn that 
has many younger brothers one in the fourth position, 
another match.

Here are a few more examples of May December couples
Bing Crosby and Kathryn Grandstaff  30 years apart     
John Derek and Bo (Mary Collins)  30 years apart 
Rodney Dangerfield and Joan Child  31 years apart
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher 15 years apart

Can Only Children Find A Birth Order Match?
This birth order theory also works for Only children.  This is
because Onlies come in many flavors. They are the merging
of the birth orders of their parents.  The person with an Only
birth order will be attracted to a person that shares the same
birth order as one of their parents. They really have two options
one for each parent’s birth order.

Double Birth Orders and Partners
Matching double birth orders is really very tricky.  Double
birth orders occur when there are 4 or more years of spacing
between siblings or groups of siblings.  Find out more about 
this in my book, Life’s Fingerprint. Prince Charles a firstborn 
and Princess Di a Three/One birth order is the couple we all 
saw in action and if you understood birth order would know 
why this union was difficult. Princess Di was really two people, 
as a number One she wanted to be in charge. As a sensitive 
Third born she saw the suffering in the world and wanted to 
help. We saw her two personalities throughout her life and it 
made great press.  With a double birth order you get two 

Changing Birth Orders with the Death of a Sibling
When a sibling dies that is older than you, everyone in the 
family moves up in birth order. You still have your original 
birth order but you are expected to act like your new birth 
order.  This is what happened to Arnold Schwarzenegger. 
He began life as a second born with an older brother.  When 
his brother died in an auto accident Arnold moved up to the 
Only position. If we look at his life, he went from body 
builder to student to actor to Governor of California.  Was 
he just acting the part of an Only being in charge and making 
his own rules?  When he met Maria Shriver another second 
born in 1977 at a charity tennis tournament, the “love a first 
sight” may have been in play but in the 25 years of marriage 
a  different person may have emerged and the love died.

A Match for Everyone
There is a perfect match for everyone if you know your “True” 
birth order and the birth order of your chosen one. Double birth 
orders add   another element to your partner, you get two for 
the price of one, so don’t rely on just your number of birth. You 
can see all the different birth order combinations and find your 
magic number in my book, Life’s Fingerprint. Get it from my 
website and I will help you find your birth order and maybe 
your Soul Mate.