Thursday, January 18, 2018

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: Their Birth Orders

         Prince Harry and Meghan

The British Royal family is in the news with the upcoming 
marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  The mystery
of attraction and the enduring stability of a marriage or 
relationship has eluded men and women from the beginning
of time.  Not anymore. By using birth order theory, we can
reveal the answer to this question. Prepare to be enlightened.
Love at First Sight
Is there such a thing as love at first sight?  The answer is 
yes.  Using birth order we find there are two types. The first 
one is the most exciting, when you meet someone with your 
exact same birth order.  You see life the same and react to 
others in a similar manner.  In a sense, you are seeing yourself
in a mirror. The attraction is intense. The problem begins 
when you both want to occupy the same space.  There can 
only be one image in the mirror at a time.  This strong initial 
attraction can become a lifetime commitment as soon as the 
two people decide who is the one that will be in the mirror, 
and learn to give and take in the relationship.  The second 
type of love at first sight is when you meet someone with the 
exact birth order position of one of your siblings.  Gender 
makes a difference, it must be an exact match for birth order 
and gender. If the gender is different then you see the person 
in the light of a different gender.  This type of love at first sight 
is not as exciting as the first type, but is comfortable and long 

Prince Harry a Second Born
Prince Harry is the second born.  As a child his brother was 
referred to as the heir and Harry the spare. The Second born 
is sometimes referred to as the middle child, this only applies
if there are three children. In reality, a second child’s 
personality does not need a third child to develop. The second 
child wants to be as different as he can be from his older 
sibling.This is the child that you don’t tell what to do. He is 
usually more athletic than his older sibling who would be the 
better student. At Eton College, Harry’s former teachers said 
he was a weak student but excelled in sports, particularly polo 
and rugby. After school he entered the Royal Military 
Academy becoming an accomplished Apache helicopter pilot. 
On the personal side, he has earned a reputation for being 
rebellious having the press label him a “wild child”. During a 
holiday in Las Vegas he was photographed naked playing strip 
billiards. Marrying an American woman, and one of mixed-race, 
is just another way this second born is showing that he is 
different from his older brother.

Harry’s Girls Friends
It has been reported that Harry has had two significant 
relationships. The first was Chelsy Davy from South Africa, 
this lasted for five years. She was quite an athlete and her 
birth order was the same as Harry’s, a number two.  This 
would have been a natural love at first sight for both of 
them. Obviously they never worked out who would be the 
one image in the mirror.  Harry had a shorter relationship 
with Cressida Bonas of only two years. She was from 
England and of a royal lineage. She was the fifth of the five 
siblings she lived with.  There is a four-year gap between 
Cressida and her next oldest sibling.  This gives her the 
Double birth order of a five/only.  Birth order numbers repeat 
after number four so a five is much like a number one but a 
little less pushy. She gets the Only birth order because of the
time she spent at home while her older siblings were at school. 
Her relationship with Harry was almost the other type of love 
at first sight. Harry does have a firstborn brother, but Cressida 
has a second born sister. Not a perfect match for either of 

Meghan Markle
Harry is now engaged to Meghan Markle. Meghan has a 
Double birth order. She has two older siblings 12 and 15 
years her senior. This makes her a Third born but because 
of the large gap in age from her older siblings she also 
gets the Only birth order. She interacted with her older 
siblings while she was growing up but lived in a different 
household. The Only/Three birth order gives her multiple 
characteristics. The Only side gives her self-confidence 
and a much more adult personality than Harry.  Her three 
side gives her an ability to read people and situations.  
You might say she can easily manipulate people with this 
very strong but subtle double birth order. She likes to be
 center stage and she usually gets what she wants. Her next 
older sibling is a boy and makes an exact birth order match 
with Harry.
Harry and Meghan
Harry must be fascinated by Meghan as he has no idea how 
someone with an Only/Three birth order behaves. He had no
girls in his family and no one in the three position. He cannot
possibly understand her and that may be why he is so 
attracted to her. Meghan has a brother in the number two 
position, this allows her to understand Harry. This gives her 
an advantage. It will take Harry some time to unmask 
Meghan’s real personality.

Princess Diana 
Harry's mother Princess Diana was a 3/1 double birth order.
This may give Harry an little insight into the Three 
personality.  A Three/One is nothing like a Only/Three.

Marriage Longevity
All birth order combinations can work; some just take more 
work. Understanding your spouse is easier if you have grown 
up with a sibling of the same birth order. For Harry, this is 
going to be difficult, he has no sisters and no third sibling. He
may never understand Meghan.  For her, the prize, her Prince, 
may be difficult to control or manipulate. If she tries to tell 
Harry what to do, it may be the end of the marriage. Having 
an older brother that is also a number two will be very helpful 
to her. For Harry, he will be marrying two people, an Only and 
a Three. This should make things interesting and should keep 
both Harry and Meghan at the top of their game.

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