Thursday, November 30, 2017

Judge Roy Moore His Birth Order Defines HIm


For readers that are new to birth order theory you should know 
that all birth orders have both positive and negative 
characteristics. A trait thought by some to be positive may be 
negative to someone else. Every birth order has these two 
aspects. A look at Judge Roy Moore’s birth order will allow 
you to see him more clearly. 

Early Years
Roy Stewart Moore was born February 11, 1947, the eldest of 
five children. Jerry his next younger sibling turned 69 this year 
so the boys were very close in age. His next younger siblings 
were Nancy 1953, Michael 1956, and Toni 1959. Their father, 
Roy Baxter Moore was a farmer and construction worker. A 
strict disciplinarian, the children wished for the hickory stick 
rather than his hour-long lectures. The family was so poor that 
they didn’t have indoor plumbing until Roy’s senior year in 
high-school. His mother said, “Roy was a studious child. I 
never got any trouble out of that boy, he’s always loved going 
to church. He never went outside. I’d find him studying in his 
room at 3am in the morning. Kids use to make fun of him.
”Moore worked various jobs during his school years from 
picking vegetables, to stock boy, to lunchroom worker. He 
graduated in 1965 with straight A’s and won election as 
president of the student government. After graduation he 
won an appointment to the U.S. Military Academy at 
West Point.

Firstborn Birth Oder
Roy is the firstborn; this is the child that likes to enforce the 
family rules.  There is a lot of pressure on this position to 
succeed in anything they do. Failure is not an option as it 
has a direct effect on their ego. Many firstborns drop out if 
the pressure is too great. They also have to protect their 
throne from the next younger sibling.  Firstborns are already 
ahead of their siblings in school; this leaves only athletics
for the younger sibling to create his identity in the family. 
Roy's brother seems to have taken this opportunity to be 
different as he was a stand out football player. Roy never 
had time to participate in sports.Working and studying 
didn’t give Roy much time for a social life.  His religious 
upbringing may have put this aspect of his life on the back 
burner or ignored, leaving him socially inept. Firstborns 
believe that they know what is right, and love to give 
orders to others.

West Point and Vietnam
West Point would seem like a perfect fit for this firstborn 
rule enforcer. He got stronger as he survived intimidation 
by the underclassmen. He was seen as very conservative 
and intolerant of people with different points of view. It 
was at West Point that he participated in sports. He became 
proficient on the pommel horse, helping the gymnastics 
team beat Navy. Graduating in 1971 Captain Moore took 
command of the 188th Company, 504th Battalion 
supervising a military stockade. He says he was “shocked” 
by the lack of discipline and set about to correct this. 
The soldiers under his command called him “Captain 
America,” not as a compliment. He recalls sleeping on 
sandbags so his own men wouldn’t take the opportunity
 to roll a grenade under his cot as his men had threatened 
him with fragging.

Professional Career
Returning from Vietnam he entered the Alabama Law 
School and graduated in 1977. His first job was deputy 
district attorney for Etowah County. He ran for Circuit 
Judge in 1982 and lost.  For a firstborn this is devastating. 
He moved to Texas and learned the skill of kickboxing. 
He became so good the he beat a much younger man in
 a contest. “It was a symbolic victory and one I needed,” 
Moore wrote. “It was a physical contest not a political 
competition.” Still upset with his first political loss he
traveled to Australia and worked on a cattle ranch for a 
year. He returned home in 1986, ran for district attorney, 
and lost again.  He joined the Republican party in 1992 
and was appointed as a Circuit Judge after the sitting 
Judge died. He won this seat in the next election. Problems 
began in 1994 with the display of the Ten Commandments
in the Court House. This went on for years and brought 
him a lot of statewide attention.  He won a spot on the
Alabama Supreme court in 2000 but was subsequently 
twice removed from office.

Political Positions
His political positions are a reflection of his belief that
 “We must return God to our public life and restore the 
moral foundation of our law.” He is anti-homosexual, 
same-sex marriage, Muslim, and against abortion.

Women and Marriage
Roy married Kayla Kisor in 1985.  He was 38 and Kayla 
24, a 14yr age difference. He first saw her when she was 
a teenager at a dance recital. They meet again after she 
was divorced from her first husband. This interest in 
younger women has surfaced in his present campaign for 
the Senate. Three women have accused him of sexual 
assault when they were aged 14 to 28.  He has not denied 
having approached or dated teenagers over the age of 16.
 (The age of consent in Alabama). Firstborns have great 
difficulty admitting they did anything wrong.

The Real Roy Moore
It appears that Roy Moore is a very high achieving Firstborn.   
He has taken the trait of following the rules to an extreme
 degree.  In his mind there appears to be fusion of religious 
beliefs superseding those of the American Constitution.   
Some firstborns are so focused on the rules that they lack
 the ability to see or weigh other opinions different than 
their own. He is a staunch evangelical Christian and Baptist. 
Moore said, “Our rights come from God. The Constitution
 was founded upon God. It is the fallen nature of man that the 
Constitution meant to restrain. It appears in his quest for rules 
that he feels he is enforcing the rules of God and therefore 
cannot be wrong. This may have blinded him to leave any 
room for rational argument. The voters of Alabama will make 
the call. Roy would leave it in the hands of God.

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