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The Birth Orders of the Kardashian Family

There are not many families that can stay in the forefront of the 
news like the Kardashian’s.  Their father Robert, now 
deceased, was a good friend of OJ Simpson and one 
of his defense attorneys. Before Robert Kardashian’s 
death in 2003  the Olympian decathlon champion Bruce 
Jenner married his former wife in 1991

Kourtney #1
The oldest of the Kardashian sisters is Kourtney born April 18, 
1979. She is one year older than her younger sister making 
her a firstborn or a number One birth order. She was the 
least accepting of her new stepfather and wore black for 
the first year of her mother’s new marriage, she was 12 
years old at the time. In this first position she would be the 
natural student in the family.  She has graduated from the 
University of Arizona with a degree in Theater Arts and a 
minor in Spanish, the first and only sister to get a college degree.

Holding on to the #1 Position
Kourtney will have to fight like all firstborns to hold this position 
in the family.  She brought the first grandchild into the family 
December 14, 2009, Mason Dash Disick, son of boyfriend 
Scott Disick.  At this time I do not have the information on 
Scott’s birth order but do know he has a brother David that 
is a photographer. It is possible that Scott is a firstborn like 

Kim #2
Sister Kim is a Second born, birth date October 21, 1980. 
True to her birth order Kim started working early in life at 
her father’s music marketing firm, Movie Tunes. She has 
done modeling, released a workout DVD, and has her own 
perfume line. She owns a clothing boutique called D-A-S-H
with her sisters. She has also had a line of shoes and jewelry. 
As a number Two money is a source to freedom and she 
doesn’t mind working for it.

Personal Life
She was first married to music producer Damon Thomas but 
divorced in 2004.  As a number Two Kim would not like to 
be told what to do. She has had an on again off again 
relationship with NFL player Reggie Bush a One/Only birth 
order. Other men have come and gone but now she is
engaged to be married to Kris Humphries a power forward 
for the New Jersey Nets basketball team.  Kris has two older 
sisters which makes him a number Three birth order. With
birth orders the higher birth order number has the greater  
power.  An Only birth order has the greatest power. Kim 
is a number Two and Kris is a number Three.  Even though 
he is six foot nine and she is only five foot two we know 
where the power really rests with this couple.  The fact that 
she is five years older than Kris can make the power even 
greater. This will be an easier marriage for Kris since he has 
a sister with the same birth order as Kim, a number Two. For 
Kim this will be a more difficult marriage.

Khloe #3/1
The third sister is Khloe born June 27, 1984. Because of the 
four year gap between herself and older sister Kim she starts 
the second group of children in the family. She takes on the 
qualities of a Firstborn child as well as a Third born. This 
gives her the Double birth order of a Three/One. People with 
this birth order tend to have lives that may be seen by some to 
be split. You might say they can be two different people as 
they have two different birth orders. She would appear to 
have mood swings but it is just another birth order taking 
over.  As a number One she wants to be in charge and give 
orders to others. As a number Three she has a soft spot for 
others in need and sees life in less of a materialistic view 
than her older sisters. This was the birth order of Princess 
Di who showed the world her two sides. She tried being a 
number One with the Royal family and a number Three as 
she got involved with clearing land mines and other 
humanitarian efforts. Khloe has appeared naked in a PETA 
ad against the fur industry. Khloe’s older sister Kim has 
been targeted by PETA for wearing furs. All children in a 
family want to be different and their family is no different. 
Third borns can have a weakness for mood altering 
substances. Khloe has been arrested for drunk driving and 
served jail time in 2008.

Personal Life
She is the tallest of all her sisters at 5ft. 10 inches. She 
married Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom in 
2009. Lamar’s biography shows that he was raised by 
his grandmother and may be an Only child.  His father 
died a heroin addict and his mother died of colon 
cancer when he was just twelve years old. As an Only 
he would have the upper hand in the birth order power 
game over Khloe.  However, with a Double birth order 
Khloe will keep him on his toes.

Rob #4/2
Robert Kardashian is the first and only boy in the family and is 
the fourth born, March 17, 1987. He is the second child in this 
second family so carries the Four/two Double  birth order.  
These two birth orders are much more compatable with each 
other than those of his older sister who has a Three/One 
Double birth order. As a two Robert would not want to be told 
what to do. As a Four he would want to play, have fun and let 
someone else worry about the details.  This we will see as he
moves into an adult role in the family.

As the youngest child he can be educated by his older 
siblings. He and his older sister Kourtney are the only 
Kardashian’s to graduate from college. He graduated 
from the University of Southern California’s Marshall 
School of Business in May 2009.

This family has catapulted itself into the news. I expect we will 
hear about them for a long time to come.  Watch carefully the 
Kardashian's with Double birth orders as they are not as 
predicable as those with just one birth order. To find out more
about birth orders especially those with Double birth orders go
to my website.

Divorce a Footnote
Since the posting of this blog on June 22, 2011 Kim and Kris 
married but 72 days later we find they are getting a divorce.  
As I said in the blog this will be a difficult marriage for Kim.  
As a second born she does not want to be told what to do 
and money for her security is a big issue. Although Kris is a 
third born with a second born sister he didn't see any of this 
coming as Kim does not have a third born brother. She didn't
understand Khris and never will. This marriage was difficult to 
begin with if only they had read the blog in June.

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